The Very Last (One Last Time)

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this is the fourth and final short story in my short story series..... this one is about Britanny's point of view from when she meets Matt Tanner to her own death..... (from Britanny’s journal/diary)

Submitted: April 14, 2008

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Submitted: April 14, 2008



"So this is Britanny. My best friend Cassie tried to hook me up with this guy, Matt Tanner. Her attempt worked. This is the 15th guy she has tried to hook me up with to make me feel better about my life. This worked. We went on out first date to El Amor, it's spanish for love. But anyway, I really like him. On like the 5th date we had, can you believe it, sex. When he was fucking me, I could feel the orgasm flow through my body like a big blow of wind has swept me down off my feet. Well anyway, like 2 months later I find out, Matt Tanner made me pregnant!!! I didn't want to be a victim of teen pregnancy as soon as I heard of it in Middle school, but as a Senior in High School, I was totally a victim. Matt wanted this to happen. I just couldn't believe it. I was crying so hard at the 8 month mark. I didn't want to feel the pain of birthing a child, but i had to go through with it, at the 8 month mark, it had to happen. Cassie came with me to the hospital when it was time. The doctor told me that it wasn't too late to get numbed, so i was cheering in my mind for joy. When I was finally numb and starting the cycle, I couldn't help but think why isn't Matt here to help me through all the pressure of pushing out this baby but then I found out he was 'studying'. \"\" !!!!!

The popular girl, as a senior in high school, Meredith Broadview, came to my house one hot summer afternoon in September to see my baby boy, Brad. But then I think she was playing with him. Since when had Meredith been nice to me? Um......... NEVER!!!!!!!!! I was so surprised. But then, every girl in my grade was popping up at my house to see Brad. Then in September exactly one month after Brad was born, Matt asked me to marry him. I said yes, and we got married on Valentine’s day the next year (2009). When we were married Matt would Sexually harass me. He would rape me when I got home form work, and then he would always try to touch parts of my body I didn’t want him to touch. This went on until Brad was ten years old. A week before Brad’s tenth or eleventh (I could never keep track) birthday I got him a brand new cell phone. And 6 days later when nobady was home, I took Matt’s gun and shot myself right trough the heart. While I was shooting the trigger I was thinking of Brad the whole damn time!!!! I was thinking of what was best for him. The day before his birthday, his present was, finding out I was dead, and his cell phone.”

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