A Diffrent Cinderella story

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Christina goes through a hard life. Not knowing what love is. Then a nice handsome guy comes and could she fall in love with him?

Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



Once upon a time there was a girl her name was Christina. I know what you might think this is the same story that has been read by many years but it's not it's different. Let me just tell you the story.

And it stars like this: Once upon a time there live a girl named Christina. When she was little she lost her Father. Her mother remarried a cruel guy, named Ivan. He was a filthy rich. He owned 20 hotels around the world, from Europe to South America. That's why her mom liked him. He also had two sons, Kevin and John Two very spoiled teens.

Christina and her mom were under a lot of debt and never had money. It was also just them two. Her dad died of cancer when she was only four. The social security checks her mom would get from her dad wouldn't be enough. Christina was already 15 so she worked at McDonald. She despised that job. She just hated her life. Her mother was also always drunk and spent all their money on drugs. She was just a lone wolf.

When her mother married Ivan, Christina tried to kill herself. After three years of Ivan and her mom being married, her mom passed away, she was 19. Her mother died of drug overdose. For her luck Christina had to stay with her step-dad and her two evil step-brothers. Her step-father made her do everything. He made her clean their whole entire mansion. If she missed a corner she would be whipped. She was now 20 and still couldn't leave the house because her step-dad didn't permit it. She had a secret scholarship to Juilliard for her ballet dancing.She danced since she was three. It was her escape from home and everything in her life. When she danced it was like she was the only person in the world. it was her natural high.

Christina not only had to clean her house but had to work in one of the hotels. When she was working she found a very handsome blond guy named Tom. Tom was everything she ever wanted, someone to love. He would go to the pool everyday and she would pretend to clean near the pool to see him. Tom would always says hi to her but she just acted like a fool. Tom liked Christina back, so he decided to ask her to his Senior Prom. Tom was two years younger than her. She accepted the invitation. The next day Ivan found out and made her clean even more things so she couldn't go. One of the other maids, named Maria helped her clean the house and got her a dress. Maria was probably the only friend Christina had in her whole entire life. The dress was a strapless and reddish-pink with a lace going around it and a flower by the waist. She didn't worry about who was going to be there because she didn't go to school. She still put a mask on because she remembered Kevin and John went to the school and they were seniors.

Maria helped her get her dream come true told her she must be back by midnight or they could both get in trouble. Christina had the most wonderful time of her life at the dance until she saw Kevin and John. They could ruin her whole entire dance. She only had five more minutes to enjoy it but instead she just left. She didn't have the time to have her kiss or her happy ending. The next day when she went to work she didn't see Tom. when that happened she swore Ivan could have killed him. Instead she saw Ivan and he seemed furious. He looked like he was going to kill her. She ran and ran but couldn't loose him she was terrified. She decided to jump in the pool and she couldn't swim so if it wasn't for Tom she could have died. She didn't know it before but Tom was the lifeguard. She was already unconscious, Tom saved her life by giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. She was taken to the hospital to make sure she was fine and her brain didn't die a little. At the hospital Tom would see her everyday with a new present. One of the days she was in the hospital the police came to her to ask her questions if she was ever abused by Ivan. She responded truthfully, yes. At the end Ivan went to jail and Kevin and John are know homeless. She know goes to Juilliard. She has won many recitals and competitions that she could go professionally. Tom engaged to her and they are both living together with a new baby aboard. They want that baby to live happily ever after.

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