Don't Kill Yourself

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This this a poem dedicated to all those who lost Their life the one that is most resent that I know of is this kid named Mitchell Wilson he was only 11 years old wen he took this life away because of bullying.I know how it feels to be bulllied and if you do it STOP cuz u might cost someones life. Don't end your life if you don't feel appreciate it just yell or say that you don't care that is what i do. I'm 14 so i know how most teens feel when they are bullied.

i wrote this from the top of my head so it might not be as good as my others

Submitted: September 29, 2011

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Submitted: September 29, 2011



Suicide,why do you have to come into my head
Suicide,why can't i stop thinking about it

Why didd someone have to hurt me?

Why do bullies cut me?
they make me feel like poop
they make me cut me
They make me think of killing myself

They dont want me here
I'm just 11
I can't just go
I will not go
I will not proceed.
I don't want people to miss me
I don't even think people will miss me. 

I am alone
I feel like i don't belong
I feel like no one needs me here in this world
I shouldn't put this bag over my head
I will just yell 
not die. 

I'm scared of going to school
I'm scared of takeing out my garbage
I'm scared you will come and get me.




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