Mysterious Warrior - Part 2

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I sensed a presence behind me but before I could look a body pressed up against my back and I could feel the sharp armor pressing against me. I didn't even have time to blink as I felt the cold blades of a forearm guard pressing against my neck...

Submitted: January 07, 2010

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Submitted: January 07, 2010



I gradually became aware of a hard lumpy mattress underneath my back. Then I groaned in pain as my legs woke up. They're not really use to walking two days straight at a solid pace. I manage to pry my eyes open and am greeted by the sight of low rafters tied together supporting a framework of clay shingles. I look around and take in the small room of which my bed occupies almost half of. My few things lay in the corner. My shoes beside my bed. A low doorway with a rough woven blanket hanging down. Light is seeping in through the joints in the rough lumber walls. I sit up and my muscles scream in pain again. I hear a familiar grunt in the next room and hear them come over and draw back the blanket. A familiar face peers in.

“Took you long enough. You've missed half the day already.” My mysterious warrior rumbles to me.

“Ya well I'm sure you've done this a few times in your hey day.” I shoot back at him.

“Yes I did. Once. Now get up we got things to do.”

I roll my eyes at the closed divider and I get out of bed and stretch gingerly popping all my joints. I stop midway though my stretching and stare at my right hand. The palm was stained black. Not like just ink spilled on your hand black. It was black black. I scraped it with my fingernail but nothing came off. I put my shoes on and wandered into the next room inspecting my hand once more. The main room was a little bigger then the bedroom. Enough room for a low table, a fireplace in a corner, and three other doorways one of which was open and leading outside. I stoop through the low doorway and just stand, stupefied by the sight that lay before me. Warriors everywhere. Just like my mysterious warrior. But not just men but women to, all dressed in the same brutal armor. At first I thought that they were getting ready for battle but as I looked on I realized that they were just going about their everyday tasks. Just minding their own business.

I sensed a presence behind me but before I could look a body pressed up against my back and I could feel the sharp armor pressing against me. I didn't even have time to blink as I felt the cold blades of a forearm guard pressing against my neck. A shiver ran up my spine but I did my best not to even move a muscle. We stood there for what seemed like hours as people just passed us by, paying us no heed. The pressure on my neck never even twitched, I couldn't even feel their breath on my neck. Suddenly a womans voice said right into my ear,

“Most men would have at least tried to grab my arm by now.” She whispered into my ear.

“I am not most men.” I replied trying to move as little as possible. “Besides the fact that I'll only slice my fingers off if I try that.”

I waited counting my pounding heart beats.

“Follow me.” She said curtly, and the pressure left my throat.

I take a deep breath and try to calm my heart and turn to look at the warrior who had caught me by surprise. I did a double take. She didn't even come up to my shoulders. I didn't have time to think about it as I rushed to catch up before I lost her. She started leading me through the village at a brisk pace. I started looking around a little bit more and I noticed something. Everyones armor was actually completely different. Well sure, there was the basic design. But everyone's was made differently. Some people had designs etched into the blades. Some had wild tassels flying everywhere. Paint, number of blades, size of blades, you name it, it was unique. We started to pass through what seemed to be a more industrial section and I could see into the open fronted structures. There was a few people working in every place. Some where working metal, some were working leather, some were preparing food. Everywhere we went though, I felt as if I were invisible. No one acknowledged my presence.

I looked ahead again and I noticed that we were nearing a larger structure then the rest. A thought occurred to me.. Where's the king??

We arrived at the large structure and my guide thrust the double doors apart. We entered into a small antechamber were we were greeted by a mountain of a man. I don't exaggerate mountain by and meaning of the word either. I couldn't help but stare and he wasn't even wearing much armor. He was bare chested, exposing his enormous pectoral muscles and solid torso. He was wearing shorts cinched by a wide leather belt. The only weapon on him was his shin guards which formed into spikes jutting up from the knee. His biceps were bigger then my thighs and I'm quite certain he could crush my skull with one hand. He was clean shaved and completely bald, but the thing that really caught my attention was that he was blindfolded. He cocked his head and I knew without a doubt that he was looking at me. He lifted one massive arm and pointed towards a bench to one side. I moved over to the bench and sat the whole time his invisible gaze following me.

I finally tore my gaze off of him and looked at my surroundings. I noticed my guide had disappeared as silently as she had came. There were elaborate tapestries covering the walls depicting what looked like battle scenes. I recognized the unique look of the elite warriors throughout the scenes. I followed the flow of the pictures seeing what basically looked like a rebellion in which the elite warriors ended up ruling over the land. There was something that nagged me about one of the main figures but I couldn't put my finger on it.

My musings were interrupted as I heard heated argument coming from the closed room. I looked up at the guard towering over me. I could have sworn he never twitched a muscle the whole time I was there. I jumped as he suddenly moved to one side and opened the door with one massive hand. He turned his head slightly towards me so I stood up and took a deep breath and stepped through the door.

It was a large room, but my wandering eyes were quickly drawn to the the four men before me. I took a double take as I realized one of the men was a woman. Besides the other two, of whom I assumed were leaders of some sort, was my mysterious warrior, standing off to one side looking none to pleased. I was a little surprised by the appearance of this council as they were dressed no differently then anyone else in the camp. No distinguishing marks of any kind. Their faces were hard, showing no emotion, lined with long years of wisdom with a few scars thrown in. The woman spoke first.

“Who are you and what land have you come from?” Her voice startled me. I expected it to be rough and.. well manly. Instead it was a melodious voice with hard undertones. The kind of voice that makes you stop and listen in wonder and you find yourself responding before you realize it. The voice of authority.

I gave myself a mental shake and collected my thoughts again. I decided to play along for now.

“My name is Andrew and I come from a land called America.”

This brought no outward reaction but I could feel the mood get a little more tense.

“How did you come to be here?” the man on the right demanded, he was a man used to getting answers.

I glanced over at my warrior but he just stood staring stonily at the wall behind me.

“I was talking a walk in the woods near my home when I came across my friend here while he was playing tag with a few soldiers.”

This elicited a snort from my newly declared friend and the elder on the right shot him a glare.

Suddenly the woman took a quick step towards me quicker then I could blink and snatched my right hand, holding it in a iron grip. Before I could protest a wicked looking knife appeared her hand and she drew a shallow cut across my black palm. I winced in pain but before I could protest I stared in astonishment as the cut oozed black blood.

She let go and stepped back to the others as I stared in confusion at my hand. I noticed they were all watching me intently to see my reaction. I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“Since you so bluntly broached the subject, what is wrong with my hand – I didn't have this a few days ago.”

The elder in the middle spoke in a voice so deep I felt my chest rumble. “Think back. In these past few days, what has happened to you that has been a little... out of the ordinary.”

“Well if you mean besides wandering into a completely foreign forest and meeting a warrior dressed in the weirdest armor I have ever seen, who is being attacked by four guys right out of the dark ages, then walking for two days to a camp filled with the scariest people I have ever seen.. I have absolutely no idea – but since you asked me, I have to assume you already know the answer.”

The only answer I received was their intense stares.

I sighed and tried to think back. What had I done that I don't usually do. Jumping into the middle of a battle right out of.... It struck me.

“The knife. The knife did this to me.”

The only response I got was a single nod from the elder in the middle. Before I could ask anything more the woman spoke up again.

“You will go with the schlemiel -”

“You will not call me that!” My warrior shouted. I could have cut the tension with a knife.

My warrior paused and looked away for a moment, and when he spoke again, it felt like the temperature had dropped below freezing.

“I was following orders. I did as I was commanded, which is more then any of you did. Now look who are the fools. The boy is here, prophecy has been fulfilled, I will reclaim my name.”

His words left my head spinning as I stared at him. The implications of what he had just said shocked me to the core. My lungs were screaming and I finally remembered to breathe.

“So be it. You alone carry your words, no one else.” The middle elder turned to me and continued, “heed our words, earn the name you carry, prove yourself to us and we will prove ourselves to you. Do not fail us.”

My knees threatened to give out as the three elders turned and left through a door in the back of the room. I stood there staring at the door.


I looked over at him in a daze. “What?”

“My name is Bryce.” His brow together in concern as he looked at me. “You ok? You don't look to well.”

That was the last thing I heard before my head hit the floor.

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