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Its a story of planet Ace and its new hero ACE RANGER who gets the band of secrets but do he got success in helping planet Ace from............Wiertad

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Ace Ranger
IT WAS THE YEAR 1972, ON PLANET "ACE",There was a great war between a king and a vampire on planet ACE.This war was only held due to band of secrets.That was not a simple band,It tells all the secrets,It has so much powers.The king of planet ACE had that band and a big and planet ACE's most powerful vampire was fighting with him to get the band of secrets.The king thought that if vampire named “WIERTAD” get the band so he and people of planet ACE will make WIERTAD's servants. The king was so scared. because his soldiers was losed . He continued fighting with the Wiertad but at last Wiertad won.
Wiertad was going to take the band from king but the king fastly send it to Planet EARTH with magic of band. Wiertad became so angry. Without band of secrets the king was nothing. Wiertad made the king his servant and ordered whole planet Ace's people to obey him. Every one did the same because WIERTAD was so powerful, no one want himself to die. The king was in the jail he everytime remain praying that someone get the band from earth and save planet ACE. His only reason to send the to Earth was he was injured and losed and he was thinking that if Wiertad took the band so the whole Universe will be Wiertad's servant.
Wiertad was still so powerful without band. But the Band Of Secrets was the most powerful thing on whole universe , it had the power to conquer universe it can defeat anyone with its magic power. now the band was on Earth but no one on earth had seen it..............
25 YEARS LATER.............
ON PLANET EARTH ....... There lived a boy named ALEX. He was 18 years old. That was his first day in college. He reached there at time. an then when he went into his class a boy stopped him said: Whats your name boy? huh you are trying yourself show handsome?" Alex replied : Well ! My name is Alex. That boy said : ohhhhh! dont be smart, im the boss of the class , no one messes with me and my friends so you must have understand??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Alex replied : Yeah! but this college is not only yours!"
That replied : My name is Reed AND NO ONE REPLIES LIKE THIS TO ME! you are die kid!"
Reed step ahed and pushed Alex that the bell rang.... Alex said : I dont want to fight and well the bell has already rang. Alex went aways but Reed said " i'll see you later !!!!!!!!!!!!
when Alex was coming back to his home he saw somthing shining in the trees. He stopped his cycle and started moving towards the shine and when he went so near to the shine the shine finished and what he saw?????? He saw there THE BAND OF SECRETS....
Alex dont knew that what it reall was but he wore it on his wrist. It looked pretty good because it was so shiny. The band had an A button on it. Alex pushed that button and then suddenly without a lot shine Alex reached PLANET ACE. He was scared that where is he? It was night on planet Ace. Alex stand up and looked around , He saw four people. there names were JIM, DORA, MANDY, RELY. Alex was chowked to saw that those people had four hands and one boy(Jim) had two wings and a peak. Alex stepped ahead asked from those people:" Hi! i am Alex, Which place is this??????" Mandy replied: This is Ace. hey......... where are your other two hands, Jim asked. Alex replied: which two hands.? and what is Ace??
Dora replied : If you dont know anything about Planet Ace so how you get there?
Alex said : I saw this thing (by pointing the band on his wrist) i wear it and then i reached here. Alex showed them the Band of Secrets . When Rely saw it she took Alex 's hand and started running towards Dora's house. Everyone followed her. They reached Dora's house. Alex said : hey! what are you doing? She replied :Look! the thing in your wrist is The Band of Secrets and It has the power to conquer whole universe it is so powerful. Dora told the whole event which was happened when Wiertad tried to get the band to Alex . Alex understand everything . He knew everything about planet Ace . Jim said: you can save us from Wiertad by using band's powers. Alex said : I will save you but how can i? i can get killed i have family of my parents and one brother. Mandy said : you will have to do this. nothing will happen to you if you used band of secrets. Alex said: ok! but how to activate band's powers? Rely replied : oh ! i know! just push that A button and you will be powerful...... Alex pushed that button and
....and ........and...................a lot shine came and he started feeling powerful....his clothes changed and he started looking like a hero. he had the powers of magic of band of secrets. Mandy said: wow.! you are looking like a hero, now try flying and shooting with fingers and try to made a magical sword and a magical shield.
Alex did the same but when he tried to fly his losed his balance , when he try to shoot with his hands he had no grip. Mandy said: you will have to practice of fighting , if you go in front of Wiertad like this he will fire you. Dora shouted: oh no, he cannot fight Wiertad because Wiertad will take his Band of Secrets. Alex remembered that his parents will have being worried about him. he cannot stay there. Alex told this to four of them. Mandy said: dont worry, you came here with magic when you will return the time would be the same where you left. Alex said: Are you sure? Mandy replied: yeah why not! . Alex said: ok! i will live here and practice everyday to fight. Jim said: This is called a real hero...............!
Alex started practicing of fight against Wiertad on planet Ace.
MANY DAYS PASSED, Alex was now expert in fighting , he learned to fly and made magical swords and finger shoots and magic tricks and powerful punches and kicks and he learned ninja also. He was now a real hero............
Next day , Alex went on thinking about his hero name he went aways thinking and thinking but found no heroic name for himself. In the evening , Mandy and Alex went on a walk. Alex asked: When are we fighting Wiertad? Mandy replied : oh! you think you can fight him?
Alex replied : yes. Mandy replied: Wiertad is the most powerful vampire on planet Ace you cannot fight him easily.Suddenly a loud voice came. It was the voice of a dragon. That dragon was killing people and firing that place.people shouted and started running towards there houses. Mandy said: Oh no! This is Wiertad's dragon , SICKCHOWK, This is time for you Alex to fight this dragon! Alex said : Ok! and he activated the band of secrets andf started flying. He changed his costume with magic. He made him look like a hero and fly ahead and made a magical sword and threw it towards the Sickchowk (dragon). Sickchowk fired Alex but Alex saved himself by making a Magical shield.Alex put a sword in sickchowk's neck and cut it down. the dragon dead and all the people started callin :Alex is a hero , he saved us, he saved us. Everyone said him a hero. Alex was so happy. People named him ACE RANGER BECAUSE HE WAS A HERO////
Alex asked : I am Ace Ranger??
People shouted : Yes ! you are our hero you killed Sickchowk.
Mandy announced: Yes! Ace Ranger is our hero and now he will save us from Wiertad.
Alex said: Oh really... I cant believe I am ACE RANGER the planet Ace's hero. Alex was now Ace Ranger and he was a hero...................!
After returning dora's home and saw in tv news that People are saying: A new hero has risen, ACE RANGER THE SUPERHERO. Wiertad was ruling Planet Ace that time, When he heard that there's a hero named ACE RANGER to kill him and he had the band of secrets. Wiertad was so angry because his dragon was died and band of secrets was of Ace ranger. Ace Ranger was in Dora's house. Jim said: Wiertad will come to take back band of secrets. Rely said : Yes but Ace Ranger can fight him. Next day, Wiertad went to Ace Ranger to take back band. He shouted : Ace Ranger, You are dead give me the band of secrets. Alex came out of house and turned into Ace Ranger. and started flying into air. Wiertad shouted :give it to me. Ace Ranger said: No I cant , It doesnt belongs to you Wiertad! Wiertad shouted: What do you say>........ and began to punch Ace Ranger.
Ace Ranger saved himself and kick Wiertad. Wiertad said: How dare you. and flied and shooted Ace ranger. Ace Ranger went far away due to shooting of Wiertad.He stand up and opened magical sword and started fighting with Wiertad. both of them fought a very serious war. and at last Wiertad lose and went away flying and saying: You were lucky this time! All the people around that place shouted : ACE RANGER! ACE
Ace Ranger said: Oh great..............! I am the hero .... Wiertad went straight to Witches's cave and said all witches to give him powers.... Witches said :No we will
not do this. Wiertad warned them: " if you dont do this so i will killllllllllllll you,..........!
All the witches was scared from Wiertad they said : ahhh why not!
All the witches started to gather around Wiertad and giving him powers and powers and poiwers powersssss
On the other side Alex was going to king's jail to free thier old merciful king. Alex reached Wiertad's castle started freeing all the prisoners and then they reached king they freed him. The king was so happy because his wish was completed. The king said: Your very very thank you Ace Ranger, You freed me. Alex was not wanting to give back the band to king but he have to because the band was of king. Alex said: your majesty this is your band..
The king said: What ? are you giving it back to me? i dont deserves this band.... because due to me the whole planet Ace remain in prison of Wiertad for 25 years...... you saved us this are Ace ranger and you have the right to wear it............
Alex was so happy at this. he wore the band and honored the king by making a beautiful crown of the universe ,ever. Alex said : you are the king of planet Ace. The king said : ahhh........i am so old by remaining in prison....
Alex said : no problem.......! Alex activated the band and turned into Ace Ranger. Ace Ranger did a magic by which The king's oldness finished and he made a young man again...Jim : Welcome back your majesty..... Suddenly a voice came: hahahahaahahaha..... Your days are finished Ace Ranger.......! It was Wiertad. He bacame so powerful with the powers of witches. He shooted Ace Ranger and hurted Ace Ranger very much and then suddenly Ace Ranger stand up and opened a shield and sword and started flying into air. Wiertad stepped ahead and tried to put his sword in Ace Ranger's neck but Ace ranger saved himself with shield and punched Wiertad fastly and then kicked him and shooted him with fire.
Wiertad fell down but he standed up fastly and began to hurt Ace Ranger with powers Of Witches Ace ranger was being hurted badly Wiertad kicked him and threw fire on him. Ace Ranger was so painful. all the prisoners,who was freed by Ace Ranger, stepped ahead and started fighting Wiertad Wiertad made an electronic wave which cause everyone to hurt.
Alll of them was worried. Suddenly Ace Ranger stand up and began to turn his power increasable and then suddenly Ace Ranger activated ultra power mode by he became so powerful. Ace Ranger Flied into the air and started burning his power was increasing he was becaming so powerful and then Wiertad attacked Ace Ranger witdh his full power of sword and when wiertad reached so near to Ace Ranger Ace Ranger get aside and put his magical sword into Wiertad's neck and punched him and kicked him, rushed and cut him down Wiertad was on the way to lose because Ace Ranger has beaten him very much and then Ace Ranger cutted Wiertad's head and fired his body. Wiertad was dead. Everyone's mouth remain opened because Wiertad , the
creature who was most powerful was dead...
Mandy said slowly : HE HE DID IT.......................!
Everyone shouted: Hey Ace Ranger killed Wiertad Ace Ranger Won He saved Planet Ace Ace Ranger Is Greaat............................................!
The whole Planet Ace was respecting and thanking Ace Ranger because he has saved Planet Ace.. The king thanked Ace Ranger many times and anounced: Ace Ranger is the hero and today he will be awarded with the most powerful thing band of secrets..........!the king continued: we will not take back band of secrets from Ace Ranger because he saved us.................!
Ace Ranger was so happy he returned to his real home on planet EARTH and told all the event to his parents , his parents first not believed but then they had proud on thier
When Alex went to his school next day, Reed holded him punched Alex, Alex turned on the band and kicked Reed. Reed went far away and after that day no one tried to mess with Ace Ranger, (Alex) and Ace Ranger was so happy and he continued finishing crime on planet

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