Missing What Should Have Been

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Went through a lot with someone...

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



What would it have been like?

You and I raising a son or daughter...

Changing diapers, oh the joys

I remember doing that with both

of my boys...

What would we have heard

a Ma Ma or Da Da first?

Then watching the first step,

To saving baby teeth...

Going to that first day of school,

teaching them all the rules...

there would have been so many photos,

so many laughs, so many cries...

Who would the baby look like?

If it was a girl, I bet she would

have had your smile,

your laughter, your big

beautiful hazel eyes, your

perfect lips and mouth,

your cute little nose,

and of course your

perfect toes... most

important, she'd have your

heart and she'd be so so


If it was a boy, would he have

looked like me? Been tall,

have my smile, my dimples,

my hazel eyes, my expressions

and my passions for art... hopefully

not my temper and I'm sure he'd

be smart...

No matter what, the child would

have been loved, been our angel,

a part of you and I... you'll have to forgive

me, this part is making me cry...

The child would have been brought

into this world out of true love

the kind of love that you just

don't find, the kind of love

you cherish, and thank god

you were able to experience...

Now, instead of a baby, my

regrets are swathed in a cloth

made of shame...

please realize it's not you I

blame... it's I, the man who

felt loves flame so intensely,

aman who's past leaves

himwallowing in a life ofregrets

who must walk alone, thinking

about that little boy or girl that

will never be held, bounced on my

knee, call me dad, be held close,

kissed, tickled or told how much

they're loved...

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