That's Not Me...

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Random thoughts of madness...

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



As a river changes direction,

as a trees roots reach for the sun,

as it's branches part the earth...

just as your heart beats in the palm of

your hand, as your fist shakes...

deep within your chest...

As four legs become

two! As you're left holding just one

shoe... To swat at the flies

that whispered such lies!

you're left remembering two hearts,

that once beat as one...

Two hands, grasping!

reaching! Around and

around your world spun!

Now... your dreams become

tangible, your life becomes

a dream, a life that was so

beautiful,so perfect, is being

ripped apart at the seams...

Your mind is sailing out,

upon a dark and

turbulent sea... your reaching

out for a me, that isn't me...

Your mind is in a haze! Filled

with madness! confusion!

a never ending maze...

Lost in fantasy, devoid of reality,

you walk backwards into a wall of

despair, You feel alone, with so

much to share... you're reaching

out for a me that just isn't there...

Sitting in the corner, shaking

back and forth, feeling hopeless,

pulling at your dry and brittle hair

your jaw is swollen, your teeth

are cracked, you're pulled deeper

into your manic attack...

Hey you! Hey, over here!

Tea is on, I have a fire

roaring and cookies to share

Your drool doesn't bother me

why should I care...

They're playing are song,

Take my hand, welcome back

to reality...

Sorry, You can't stay long!

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