The Golden Bridge...

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Regrets run deep, writing brings small relief from the mistakes I've made...

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



Look at my heart

not with your mind,

do you really see me?

Adonia, look past my tears...

Please, don’t turn away!

Really, see my heart…

touch it, feel it…

Don't turn away,

from what you see,

from what you feel...

If there's tears...

let them fall, I'll catch them...

Do you see my sorrow,

Do you feel my anguish,

regrets, my sadness...

do you see my love for you?

do you feel my love for you?

do you see and feel the joy and happiness

you bring me... do you truly

see? Can you truly feel?

You know my heart!

you held it, you

hold it... it beats for you

and will never beat for another...

Look into your heart

What do you see?

What do you feel?

Do you see love,

Do you feel it's eternal fire...

can you touch compassion,

do you embrace tenderness,

empathy, patience,

and understanding...

Does forgiveness lay deep

within, can you feel it?

Adonia... take my hand,

and trust, don’t be

afraid, let all insecurties

fade into the nothingness

in which they belong...

Cross this bridge of

life with me…

look down at the river

of our emotions, see and

touchour fears, our hopes,

dreams, deepest desires,

passions, feel our love...

See the broken hearts

that beat within our chest

Feel the broken hearts,

lost and yearning to

be as one, to beat as one...

Cross the bridge

of life...leave the mind

enter the heart…

The bridge, isour

Spiritual awakening

lets cross together,

Walking slowly

together, forever...

in spirit, in love...

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