The Rose and You...

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Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



Lying next to you,

my hand gently brushes

back your raven black hair...

I'm lost in your beauty,

for I can only stare...

I look into your beautiful hazel

eyes, they always seem to

pull me deeper, to mesmerize...

Pulling you close, so close,

I feel your heart beating

against my chest...

time slows, ture love grows...

If we look, this feeling shows...

a love that flows,

only god truly knows...

Every moment you fall deeper

into my heart, with every breath

you fall to depths that have never

been touched...

You've touched my soul, you

have reached and taken hold...

It took an amazing, beautiful

woman like you, holding me,

touching me, supporting me,

looking back at me, loving me,

to open loves door...

It took a woman like you,

to open my heart, my soul,

my life... you have shown

me there's so much more...

When I gaze upon you,

I see a brilliant red rose,

the morning sun reflecting

upon it's soft, curving petals...

I see your lips, your smile,

I see your form, the gentle

curve of your neck, the shape

of your waist, your hips,

your breast, I see your perfect legs...

I hear your voice, your laughter,

in the wind as it dances upon

the surface of the rose...

I'm now grasping at memories,

memories of your love..

I feel the thorns dig

deeper into my skin,

ripping at my flesh...

Tearing my at my heart..

Bleeding, I cry out...


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