Against Society

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Submitted: August 08, 2009

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Submitted: August 08, 2009



Deep Lacerations,

Causing internal bleeding,

My eyes glaze over,

And my strength is fleeting......

All this is caused,  by the stares of others.

Judgemental elders,....

And fearful mothers.

How can you look at me,...

And decide who I am?

Never speaking to me,...

Like you don't  give a damn.

You look at me hating,...

Because you don't see,

My heart inside is beautiful,

Just say "Hello" to me.

I'm filled with such knowledge,

Intellect, and love.

My soul flies with wings,

Of the angels above.

Yet you see me and hate springs to life on you face,

Not because of my deeds, or any disgrace.

You just judge me on basis of how it is I look.

I implore you, kind person, read more into this book.

You might find just what it is you have been looking for,

I garauntee you'll find someone like never before.

But there you stand staring, and you lose my respect.

And we both keep on walking, hating, having not ever spoken yet.....

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