In the stains...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Seeing deeper than i want to...

Laughter, time, years of love.

 Never did I get enough.

Now the chance is gone for good.

 Never to say the things I though for years I could..

I didn't say as much as I wanted to.

But now I never can.

Alone in my bed, never to hold her again.

Angry at God for the pain I endure,

Takin away what I thought was so sure.

I sit quietly staring down at the stains....

The red is so clears, though the tears well again....

I've lost my love.... An untimely disaster.

Never to reclaim her, from now till the life after.

Does she look down on me? From heavens gates waiting?

She probably alks through, only slightly hesitating...

Why!, God, Why! did you take her from me?

The only person who ever pulled love out of me?

My anger and rage threaten to consume...

Submitted: October 17, 2009

© Copyright 2021 awalkonrazorblades. All rights reserved.

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