The Almost Suicide

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Submitted: August 08, 2009

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Submitted: August 08, 2009



I look at the bottle of pills,

I can end it all right now...

Nobody really cares.

I can escape, this can be how.

It won't hurt a bit...

I can just swallow, wait, and die....

Nobody will even take the time to stop,

and wonder- "Why?"...

1...2...3................-- 20 will do..

Better yet I'll make it 45, make sure this shit is through...

Hanfull, by handfull, theyslowly disappear,

Because no-ones here to save me,

To make me wanna stay here.

Now I sit thinking.. "When willthe endcome?"

A voice inside starts screaming "What have you done?"

I don't want to die, where this is from I don't know.

But Intensely I see that I have to get up and go.

I don't like hospitals, not even the pretty nurse.

I don't like the judgemental stares even worse.

I don't like to drink the shit that makes me throw up.

I don't even like thinking that I might really give a fuck.

Oh boy, here's my family, acting caring and fake.

They didn't say that when they beat me,

When, my innocense, they decided to take.


To this i flash back, from 24 to 16.

Only 8 years ago? It seems much longer to me.

The cause of my anger,

The cause of my rage.

I'm glad I closed that chapter, and started a new page.

I'm glad that I did it, but I'm glad that I went.

Without that I wouldn't be writing,

Poetry wouldn't be how I vent.....

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