when teenage becomes all about building future with the stones of knowledge, something escapes from life and it's hard to bring it on later. you might realize without much effort that something missing is adventure, but again all you can do is give a sigh of discontent and move on dumping this thought ........


With the calories in us waiting to be used up, legs ready to run miles and we ourselves full of energy, courage and enthusiasm. There is something missing. Is it our shoes? Cycle? Shots? A picnic? Or something else.

I sat under the lamp light in the day to find out the freaking reason for this zeal and emptiness that has blanketed the ignited me. When I was lost in deep thoughts a vexing bang sound disturbed my meditation. At first I thought it was my neighbor’s cylinder but the I saw a boy laying flat on the road with his cycle over him and a sturdy tree laughing at him. I ran to help, but as I reached the stairs, I thought he’ll get up on his own and holding a model of hypocrisy, took an about turn and it was somewhere between that turn I got the answer of my unanswered question.

That something missing is a ‘hazardous enterprise’. I asked myself, when was the last time you fell from your cycle? When did you climb a tree, burn a whole notebook, or a dog chased you? Though all these questions are a kind of weird but that’s what adventure is all about. It is about experience you’d like to have in order to know what it feels like being a real man. I wouldn’t hesitate to put my name on the list of people who blame the education or this jeopardy. In this teen age when we are supposed to be in the playground kicking some footballs, we keep running pens on blank papers hoping that doing this would work wonders. Another argument is if today we do not, then tomorrow we cannot. This is the age when you got to break some bones of yours and others so that when you grow up your stories will start with ‘When I was a child, I………..’ I’m not a devotee of illiteracy but I’m against making a Stephen Hawking of a proper functioning body. Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons to keep us stuck to our books and some not so good ones to allow us to live our life but still it’s better to cry when you feel like crying than to control your emotions and it’s better to express your feelings instead of dying with suppressed thoughts and emotions you always carried with you.

So, here I’m saying it all through my pen, although this won’t help as it isn’t supposed to. In nutshell, I’m not a pessimist but a realistic lad who has concluded after 4 years of teenage that the ‘Adventure is Lost’ and no coincidental event is going to take the responsibility to bring it back.

Submitted: June 17, 2012

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