Mother, thanks for ur love nd care

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A mother is the one whose love and care never diminishes, whether her child is in a cradle or has grown up living with his own family, for all that she does, we ought to thank her and be the best for her for she dedicates her life for her child's good.


When I was young I didn’t know

What I’m doing is nothing to boast.

To delight me you bought new toys,

I threw them away to rejoice.

Now I realize I erred, my mother.

So hit me and beat me for what I have done

Don’t let me hurt you again as what I did is wrong.


I still remember in the playground

Sitting on the swing, I was going up and down.

You were cautious so I won’t get hurt

I shouted don’t you dare to stop

Till I touch the stars

But now I realize you just cared about me mother.

Forgive me I apologize my every word was hard

Don’t let me hurt you again as what I did is wrong.


In the morning, you woke up.

Before the sun did, to get me dressed up.

You made the breakfast with your heart in it,

I dashed it upon the floor saying “I don’t wanna eat”

I had hurt you again but you didn’t complain

Now I realize those were the best meal I could ever get, mother.

I regret not twigging the grandeur of that food

I won’t ever hurt you again, though I have been stubborn and rude.


How often did you scold me but I held a model of hypocrisy.

I thought you should be the one to inure

My absurd behavior was something to adore.

You stayed nonchalant rectifying my mistakes

Sermonizing my lies I did exaggerate

But now I realize your words were worth being engraved

 I condemn not listening to you, I was vicious

The next time you say a word as this breath it’ll be precious.


You’re divine you’re the almighty

I have given you a lot of grief and anxiety.

But now I realize what was wrong

I will never-ever scorn.

Your love has melted my heart

You’re the adytum deep inside

I promise I won’t vex you again

You’re the god I pray, everyday, my mother. 

Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Ellen Michelle

Great poem hun x

Thu, June 28th, 2012 10:10pm


glad you liked it

Fri, June 29th, 2012 8:25am

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