Ten Days of frenziness and disconsolness

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Dussehra, an indian extravagant festival, has enough in it to be praised and adored, but irony abounds seeing the way it is celebrated....

Yippee, hurrah… “that’s you”. Booooo…….. “This is me”. No it is not pet name of yours and mine but words or better to say your feelings that flow through you at the time of ‘Dusshera’ {might have been originated from the sentence ‘dus sir wala hara’- Dusshera}. I thought of claiming that I‘m an intellectual person but unable to understand the reason for these 10 days of joy, filled me with zeal and emptiness and ultimately made me realise that I’m no more than a numbskull. This article here is to automatically bring you in my category.

Let us begin with a question, ‘do you know how many brothers Ravana had? Or what his middle name was? Or if any of his (grand)n  son is still alive? Of course you don’t. You might give a cunning smile by answering the 1st one but you certainly don’t know the answer to the 2nd or 3rd one’s answer. There was a king. His wife sent his son Ram to 14 years of exile, his wife got kidnapped by Ravana and Ram finally killed Ravana and returned to Ayodhya after 14 yrs with Sita mata. Now as Ram is a Hindu God, if you fix 10 days of a year to pray him and Durga mata then it makes sense but what’s the point of spending money on Columbus, Giant Wheel, pizza and other stuff like that. That GOD fought 10 days and instead of praising his determination and heavenly qualities you complain about the extra salt in your dosa!! It’s like the movie is still on and you are buying popcorn and running in the garden like dumb. Let’s understand it this way ‘Rama killed Ravana! Good! I appreciate that, he has got a lot of guts but every year since then you ‘create’ a new Ravana and kill it. Also the effigy burns with rockets and bombs exploding inside it. I don’t think that the real Ravana carried detonators or was inflammable. One interesting fact is that Ram killed Ravana once Dr. Manmohan Singh, a man as gentle as sky and our Prime Minister has brutally ‘burnt him’ 8 times!!!! ‘You may feel that I’m concerned about the air want to stop pollution caused during ‘Dusshera’. Well, yes I’m concerned not only about the air but the ones breathing it too. The people need to be taught that their devotion and happiness is respected but dear! Ravana is dead, the job is done, truth won long ago and you don’t need to give rebirth to cruelty to lose against GOD and truth again and again in a pre-decided affair.

So, let’s let Ravana rest in peace and we pledge to change the picture of Dusshera by replacing the extravagant fair with idols of Lord Rama family and Durga Ma with the atmosphere full of happiness, devotion and healthy minds wishing to learn from the lord of lords.

Now, this was what I think is happening and what should happen but the changes suggested are surely going to be tabooed leave me a mere ‘numbskull’. So, I’m going to say nothing and empty my pockets in the fair as I don’t want to see MY effigy being burnt to ashes.

Oops! I’ve already said it all !!!!(^_^)

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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