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I recently started to write a story about a girl who discovers that vampires are not at all what she used to believe they were. They walked in daylihgt, ate human food, generally to an untrained eye they were human more than anything else. Since I have a tiny problem with writing in order I decided to write scenes as they come to my mind, so I thought to share it with others.
Since I don't have the whole story figured out yet, some things may be unclear, like characters and their history for example, so I'll make a short list of the ones that appear here:
Elizabeth Roslyn - A vampire, also known as an "Elder" or an "Ancient". Born in the 1554 in one of the oldest cities in Ireland.Leader of Teach Ar Roslyn (coven).
Lucas Roslyn - A vampire (Bourne/half-breed). Born in the 1872 in Ireland. Raised by his grandmother Elizabeth Roslyn due to losing his mother while still a toddler.
Rose Ó Cairealláin - A vampire (Bourne/half breed). Born in the 1711 in Ashford, Ireland. Comes from a long lineage of vampires. A former member of Teach Ar Roslyn. She died when Claire, her daughter was 24.
Claire Ó Cairealláin - A vampire (Bourne/half breed). Born in 1980 in Arklow,Ireland. Daughter of Rose Ó Cairealláin. She meets Lucas Roslyn after her mother's death, and is engaged in a series of events that will reveal to her the world of vampires and learns the truth about her mother and herself as the time of her own Awakening is getting close.
Sian Magee - A newly awaken vampire. Member of Teach Ar Roslyn and their guardian. She and Claire become close friends.
Morannon - A vampire (Ancient/Elder). Born in the 1207 in Ayr, Scotland. He is known as the Ablegate - head of all the covens.

Submitted: November 14, 2010

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Submitted: November 14, 2010



~This is one of the short scenes that poped in my head recently. This is how I imagined my heroine Claire, meeting with the oldest living vampire Morann.~

His face was excruciatingly pale, almost white and wrinkled on the forehead, and his grey, curly tresses brushed lightly against his shoulders as he moved towards me. All of them stood there in silence, looking at him, only Lucas had his eyes on me. I felt his stare and it comforted me.

Before I could catch my train of thought, Morann was already in front of me with his hand outstrecthed to greet me, and my hand went instinctevly to his. At that moment I had to look down, whether it was out of reverence or out of fear, it didn't matter, both felt the same. But I could see his hand, it matched the paleness of his face, only, the skin there was more wrinkled.

He seemed nothing like the amaranthine creatures I loved so much. I could never imagine Elizabeth's blushing cheeks next to his, it was a thing unnatural to me. Sian's enthralling hazel eyes could never be compared to his translucent blue ones, hers held more life in them.

It was his voice that made me look up at his face again.

“ The flesh is not immortal, my dear, and time does not seem to spare even my kind of it's toll. “ He said, as if he felt the need to explain himself to me.

“ Does this surprise you? “ He continued, and I was sure that the look on my face kept him amused.

“ No. “ I lied, but he must have known, cause the word rushed out of my mouth too quickly.

“ Come, sit my child. I believe it is time for storytelling. “ He turned away from me, raising his left arm, gesturing me to sit right next to him. I followed. It was then that I realized my breathing was fast and shallow, it was then that I remembered that we were not alone in the room, and as I walked I turned and shared a quick glance with Lucas who stood nearby. He smiled a reasurring smile and under his breath he whispered “ Everything is gonna be alright. “

“ Now, where shall I begin? “ Morann pondered on the question for what seemed ages to me and I took a chance to look for Elizabeth, she was sitting far from me and leaning against the armchair.

“ In this story, there are no demons, there are no terrifying monsters hiding underneath dark cloaks that endlessly roam the streets searching for victims. “ His voice rang through the hall in a high tone.

“ We are not children of the darkness, not the darkness as humankind perceives it, that is. We were not born of some unearthly creature that dwells beyond of all that mind can apprehend. Our magic does not lie there. I would rather say that we were made, each of us with it's own gift and purpose. Throughout centuries humankind conceived so many stories that at times it quite frankly managed to surprise even my imagination. But I found myself indebted; if it was not for their myths and legends, we would not live this long, enfolded in safety. These tales kept balance Claire, between your world and mine, and it would be a folly not to feel gratitude. But it is true as they say, in every legend there is a fragment of truth, but your kind seem much more deluded with deception,if it were not so, they would inevitably find that we are not so much different from them as they think we are. “ He paused, thoughtful for a while. I took a deep breath. In the back of my mind, I was fighting to remember every word he had spoken, and as I waited for the continuation, I prayed that Morann's story remains etched in my memory.

“ There are as many races of vampires as there are races of men; from the ancient Elders, the Pureborn's, to half-breeds, and many others that yet have to be uttered. We have wars and feuds. We have killed many of your kind and many of our own kindred. There are those of us who are good, and those of us who are evil. But our world stands divided, and it has always been so; for one half believes that human life is sacred and should be allowed to live. And yet, the other half, sees them as cattles, subordinated creatures that do not deserve to exist. “ The last sentence was disturbing. For so many times I felt that my own existence was small and meaningless, and for so many times I coveted to protect those who were not of 'my kind' as Morann said, but now my role changed, I wished I could protect the humankind. I could tell, by the way he was looking at me, that he sensed my sudden discomfort and fear.

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