story modeled after a day dream (paragraphed)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
My Paragraphed version of my story. tell me if I did it wrong I don't normally paragraph things. Also i added a couple more sentences.

Submitted: August 01, 2011

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Submitted: August 01, 2011




It was a cold day when the lone soldier Drake walked through his old home town; he had just gotten back from war and was looking forward to hugging his beloved Niray. “It has been far too long” he said quietly to himself. He walked through the town dragging his warn out sword in the dirt leaving a trail behind everywhere he went. On his way to see Niray he stopped off at his childhood friend Hunter’s house. When he arrived at Hunter’s house he walked in. he stood in the door way as the memories of his past life flooded back to him. He stepped towards the insides of the house; he stopped at a mirror hanging on the wall. He turned to look into the mirror. As he looked into the mirror he saw how he had grown in war. He looked at his shoulder length brown hair, his tanned leathery face; he stared into his war torn brown eyes and remembered how war changed him.

As Drake stared into the mirror Hunter came down the stairs. He stopped and stared at the figure standing in the hall way. “DRAKE!” He yelled as he jumper off the stairs. Drake looked over and stepped out of the way as Hunter crashed down where he was standing. Drake looked at his child hood friend; he noticed how much he had grown over time. He noticed that his dark brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail and was easily shoulder length; his eyes had grown a deep green. And his face had traces of facial hair. Drake noticed how Hunter now only stood a few inches shorter than him and was almost as muscled. “How’ve ya been?” Hunter asked as he broke the silence. “I’ve… been better.” replied Drake.

 He then walked over to the window and looked out it. Hunter looked over at his childhood friend and felt sorrow for him, for all of the battles he had seen had made him seem different. “Do you hear that?” Drake suddenly asked. “Hear what?”Hunter replied walking over to the window. When he got closer he heard shouting, and what sounded like swords clashing. Drake wasted no time rushing out to see what was happening. When he reached the cause of the commotion he saw that two rival gang leaders were fighting.  Drake watched in horror as the two gang leaders fought for what seemed control over this village. The longer they fought the more buildings got destroyed.

  “Why isn’t any one stopping this!?” yelled Drake as he drew his sword and ran towards the group.  As the two gang leaders swords clashed Drake slammed his sword down onto both of them knocking them to the ground. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?” one of the gang leaders asked. “I am Drake Lionward and I demand that you leave this village right now or I will be forced to make you leave.”  The other gang leader chuckled and attempted to punch Drake. Drake grabbed the leader’s fist and pushed it out of the way and hit him in the shoulder causing his arm to dislocate and slump down. “GAH, FUCK MY ARM!” he yelled as he stumbled away in fear and agony. The remaining leader picked his sword up, “You seem to have secured my place in this town, and for that I will let you live” he sheathed his sword and calmly walked away.

Drake looked at the leader but decided he had better things to do than to play hero.  He walked over to Hunter. “Who the hell were those guys?” he asked Hunter looked at Drake, “the one whose arm you dislocated, he is Ramses, the leader of the Dragons.” Drake looked at Hunter in confusion. “Who are the Dragons?” he asked. “The Dragons are a group of douches that decided they wanted everything we have.” “Well who the hell was the other one?” Drake asked. “The other one is the leader of the Locusts.” Drake stared at Hunter, “yeah, what’s his name?” Hunter looked at Drake “no one knows what his true name is, but everyone calls him Plague...”  Drake looked at hunter in shock, “why do they call him that?” “They call him that because some people say that he wiped out an entire city much like the plague.”

Drake looked at the clock in the town square, “OH SHIT, I got to get to Niray’s house before she leaves” Drake waved goodbye to hunter as he ran down the road. As he ran he began to notice how much the village had changed, he noticed how most of the buildings that were nice when he was a kid were now run down and abandoned, he also noticed how some of the paved roads were almost in accessible because of all the debris in the road. “Man this place really went to hell” he said quietly to himself. As he approached Niray’s house he slowed down. He stopped at the front door and hesitated; “what if she found someone else?” he thought to himself.  He slowly stepped through the door. He was taken aback by the look of the house; it had looked almost exactly the same as when he left 5 years ago.

  He crept over to the stairs and slowly ascended them.  As he neared the top his fears of her having moved on grew closer and closer; until he reached the final step, he looked up and he was face to face with the most beautiful girl in the world. “Niray” Drake said, Niray’s eyes lit up when she realized who she was looking at. “ DRAKE!” she exclaimed as she jumped up and hugged him tightly. “ I thought I would never see you again!” Drake squeezed her back. “I’ve missed you ever since I left.” When their hug broke drake looked at Niray. He looked at her long blonde hair, her deep blue eyes and her milky white skin, and her soft lips.  He reached out and kissed her.

Their kiss lasted for what seemed like a lifetime. When their kiss broke Niray took hold of Drakes hand and led him to her bedroom.  They kissed again and both fell into the bed, when they hit the covers their kiss deepened, they made passionate love and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning the sunlight broke through the windows and woke Drake. He looked over at Niray who was still asleep, he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. He slowly got out of bed and walked down into the kitchen. Just then the door burst in, Drake wheeled around ready to fight but was hit from behind by something hard.

 As he hit the ground he saw the leader of the locusts, Plague step through the doorway, as he black out the last thing he saw was Plague carry Niray out through the door kicking and screaming, and then darkness. He was woken hours later by Hunters frantic shouting . “DRAKE, WAKE UP!” he shouted. As Drake slowly woke up he remembered what happened, he bolted up in an instant, “Drake, what the hell happened?!” Hunter exclaimed. “That Plague guy came in, knocked me out and kidnapped Niray.” Drake replied.  “Holy shit” Hunter said in shock. Drake ran up stairs, and saw the bed flipped over and the mirror smashed. He quickly ran over flipped the bed right side up and searched for his coat. When he found it he held it up, the long blue-purple coat almost shined in the light as he flipped it around and put it on instantly.

 He stretched his shoulders and the cloth tightened the strange insignia on both of the shoulders stretched to strange proportions. He quickly ran back down the stairs and out the door. “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” Hunter yelled.  Drake looked back “TO KILL PLAGUE AND EVERYONE THAT IS WITH HIM!” Drake ran to his house and kicked the door in. He wasted no time walking to the back room, inside the room there was a lone cabinet. He quickly rushed over to the cabinet and ripped both the doors off to expose a wall of guns, he reached for his signature Ignis and Glacie twin revolvers.  He quickly slides them into his wrist holsters. He then punched through the wall of gun and threw it across the room. Behind the wall sat two swords, he grabbed one the swords and couldn’t help to admire its beauty, he admired how the sword curved slightly and was smooth till the end which was rough and serrated. He grabbed the other sword which was serrated until the end, which was smooth. He quickly put on into the holster on his left hip and the other onto the holster on his right shoulder. While Drake was getting ready for the upcoming fight Hunter walked through the smashed in door, “drake, you in here?” he yelled.

 He walked into the back room, Drake turned around after grabbing his swords. “This is pointless” hunter exclaimed. “You don’t even know where their hideout is!” he yelled at Drake. Drake walked over to his child hood friend, “That’s why you are going to show me where it is” he said grabbing Hunter by the shirt.  He pushed Hunter through the door way, “NOW SHOW ME WHERE HE IS SO I CAN KILL HIM!” Hunter cowered in fear as he saw the anger burn in Drakes eyes. As they walked through the town Drake didn’t look away from Hunter’s back. Until Hunter stopped and pointed, Drake followed where he was pointing and saw in the distance the warehouse the locusts used as their hideout.

“Thank you, now I suggest you get everyone as far away from here as possible, this isn’t going to end well for anyone” Drake said in a very serious tone. He walked calmly forward, as he approached the warehouse he saw five members of the Locusts sitting outside. When they saw him the quickly drew their weapons and confronted him, the bravest of the group stepped forward and placed his hand on Drakes chest, “you can’t go in there bro” Drake looked at the hand on his chest “hey buddy, Its free to look, but it costs to touch” He said as he grabbed him by the elbow. He then picked him up and threw him to the ground, and with a flick of his wrist Ignis flew into his hand, he pointed the gun at his head and squeezed the trigger. In a split second the gun bolted up and the Gang members head burst into flames. He turned around and looked at the remaining  four members, “alright, who wants the second dance?” and without warning bolted forward and pressed the gun into the chest of one of the members the gun barked again and  a whole exploded out of the victims back.

Drake then turned around and with a flick of his other wrist Glacie flew into his other hand, he aimed the gun at the group “freeze” he fired, where the group was standing now stood for ice sculptures, “cool” he said as he walked towards the door. Inside the warehouse Plague sat at a fancy desk in a fancy chair.  He heard the gunshots thundering outside, he stood and looked over towards the door, when suddenly the door was sent flying in towards him, Plague stepped forward and drew his sword and in one swift motion the door split into two.  After the dust settled Drake stood in the now empty doorway Drake looked around “man this party sure is one big sausage fest” he said with an amused smile on his face.

Plague looked at Drake “so you’re the one who is causing all this commotion” Drake met Plagues gaze “your boys don’t really know how to make proper introductions, you know first impressions are key.” Plague looked at Drake and smiled a wicked smile. He stepped into the light and Drake saw him for what he truly was for the first time. He saw the long white hair that reached halfway down his back, his face was half covered on the left by a skull white mask, and his right eye was blue while his left eye was glowing white and dark around the edges. He was wearing a black robe that hovered just about his ankles, his right arm was encased up to his elbow  in what looked like black armor with a glowing white slash through his forearm.

 “I’m sorry” Plague said “allow me to properly introduce myself” as he said that he rushed towards drake with his blade drawn. Drake quickly partially drew his sword and turned slightly, not a second after, Plagues sword collided with Drakes. “They call me plague, remember that name that is the name of the man who will kill you.”  Drake snickered as he jammed Ignis into Plagues stomach. But suddenly Plague disappeared and reappeared behind Drake. Plague then kicked Drake in the back sending him flying forward. As Drake collided with a pillar, he drew both his swords and rushed at Plague. When Drake reached Plague they both swung their swords, sending a shockwave throughout the room as they collided. “GIVE ME BACK NIRAY!” Drake yelled as they stood locked in place by the immense energy filling the room.

 Plague chuckled slightly, “so that’s why you are here, for the girl” he then reached out with his right arm and grabbed Drakes head. As Drake was picked up, he saw the burning white light of the palm and felt the heat as it burned him slightly. Plague then around and slammed Drake head first into the ground, leaving a giant crater. Plague stepped back to admire his fallen foe, when suddenly the ground beneath him exploded leaving a giant scar running to the crater.  Plague jumped back and saw Drake standing in the center of the crater with one of his blades pointed in the direction of the crevasse. “Such power” Plague said in astonishment. And without warning Drake flew forward at lightning speed. The two collided and were suspended in mid air with their blades locked, when suddenly Plague disappeared and reappeared behind Drake. 

He quickly slashed out with his sword and caught Drake in the thigh with the blade. Drake spun around and kicked Plague in the chest sending him crashing into the ground.  Seconds after he hit the ground Drake fell after him. Drake landed on his feet only to drop instantly from the cut on his thigh. Plague laughed an evil laugh as he stood slowly, “what are you laughing at? You barely cut me” responded Drake. Plague smiled slightly as he said “One cut is all I need... Drake.” He then lifted his hand towards Drake, and not a second later he was lifted in the air. And before Drake could say anything Plague threw his hand toward the direction of a nearby wall, and Drake sent flying at unimaginable speed into it, Drake sat imbedded in the wall for only a second as Plague threw his hand up ward sending him flying into the ceiling. Plague chuckled grimly as he threw his hand down, causing Drake the fly at the ground.

 Drake collided with ground and sat motionless on his stomach. “Ah poor Drake, Have you had enough?” Plague mocked as he held his hand back out lifting Drake in the air once again. “Let me make it all better.” He said as he pulled Drake closer.  Drake now floated mere inches away from Plague, “you shouldn’t have come here you know” Plague ranted, “if you hadn’t I would have gotten my money and you would still be able to live.” Drake looked up at Plague, “Money? What the hell are you talking about” he demanded. “Ah, that’s right you don’t know my plan, well you see… your little girlfriend has a rich family…” “What the hell are you talking about, you’re thinking of someone else” Drake interrupted. “It’s rude to interrupt” Plague barked as he punched Drake in the stomach. “Now where was I?” Plague asked, “oh that’s right, my plan, I stumbled into her after you broke up my little quarrel with that yahoo from the Dragons, at first I didn’t think much of it, that is until I saw her necklace. You see on that necklace is the insignia of a rich family that lives not too far from here.  You might have seen it; it looks like two snakes circling around a jewel encrusted sword.” Drake’s eyes widened as he remembered seeing that necklace countless times. “My original plan was to kill her and attack her family” plague continued “but then I thought, that’s too messy. And THAT is when I came up with the brilliant plan to Kidnap her and demand a ransom.”

Drake sat there motionless as the anger built up side of him. Plague continued his rant, “Now if you don’t mind I would like to continue my master plan.” But before he could do anything else Drake bolted up and in one swift motion punched Plague in the chest, Plague was sent reeling backwards as he caught his breath. He looked up and saw Drake cracking the knuckles on his right hand. “How did you hit me?!” he demanded. Drake laughed quietly “I have fought in many battles before, I can get out of almost anything, your little telekinesis power.” Not a second after he finished talking Drake flew towards Plague, his fist collided with Plagues chest once again and sent him flying backwards through the air, he crashed into the wall of the warehouse and flew through it.

 He finally stopped leaving a giant gash leading up to a crater he sat in. Plague stood slowly as the wind started to blow the dust away. A second later after the dust settle Drake stood motionless in front of Plague, “come on and let’s get this fight really started” Drake said as he bounced back and forth ready to fight. Plague stood slowly as he recovered from his impact, “you arrogant son of a bitch, you think that I’m finished just yet?” he said. Plague picked up his sword and waved his hand over it, and suddenly the blade glowed with a light a thousand times brighter than the sun. “What the hell?..” mumbled Drake as he shielded his eyes from the light. When the light subsided Drake looked over in astonishment, the sword that plague held was not the same as before, the sword he now held split at the hilt and ended by shooting straight up and curving back down forming a square shaped blade with an opening in the middle. “Control yan-dana-dotsu” Plague calmly said as he swung his sword at Drake sending a shockwave speeding towards him.

 Drake had only seconds to react as he attempted to jump out of the way, but before he could get out of the way the shockwave caught him in the chest sending him flying back. Drake flew through the air at high speeds crashing through several buildings. He finally came to rest in the middle of town square. “Ow…that hurt” Drake mumbled to himself as he lay in a crater in the ground. Then suddenly Plague appeared right above him in mid air. He swung his sword again sending another shockwave flying towards Drake again. “OH COME ON!!” yelled Drake as he held up his arms blocking the shockwave, before he could move plague sent shock wave after shockwave flying down at Drake. As each shockwave collided with Drakes arms he was pushed deeper and deeper into the ground. Plague stopped swinging his sword and gently landed on the ground in front of the pit where Drake once laid. “Have you had enough?” he asked panting.

Plague stood in silence as he gazed down into the pit waiting for any sign of life. Down in the pit Drake sat completely still as he thought of his next move, “shit..He just got a lot stronger” he thought to himself. Up on the surface Plague grew impatient, “alright if you won’t come up on your own, i'l force you up” he said angrily. He raised his sword in the air and shouted “control!” seconds after shouting that he pointed his sword down the pit and concentrated. Down in the pit Drake felt a sudden sensation run through his body that felt like millions of little knives stabbing into him, and a second later he was lifted up and out of the pit. Drake struggled as he floated up towards the light “ Damn it not this shit again” he said aloud. When he reached the surface he sat suspended in mid air in front of plague, “well, it’s nice to see you again” Plague said jokingly. “Go to hell” Drake spat back, Plague chuckled slightly, and with a flick of his wrist he sent Drake flying towards Hunter’s house.

 As Drake flew through the air he braced for the incoming impact. Seconds before he hit the building he pulled out his revolver and fired three rounds at Plague, the bullets ripped through the air and penetrated plague’s left shoulder and right forearm. Plague’s eyes widened as he felt the sharp pain that followed, “how did he hit me..” Plague thought to himself as he dropped his sword, Plague tried to move his left and right  arms but found that he could not move them. Drake stumbled out of the wreckage of Hunter’s house. He too found he could not move either of his arms, “damn” he said “that impact did a lot more damage than expected.” He stumbled towards Plague hoping to end the fight quickly.

Plague stared at his zanpaktu that lay on the ground, he then looked up at the approaching enemy. “Alright, let’s end this” Plague said as he stumbled towards Drake, soon the two stood only feet apart. “I want Niray back” Drake said as he stared at Plague. Plague managed to painfully smile, “you want your girl, well you still have to beat me to get her back” replied Plague.  Drake and Plague rushed in towards each other. They met in the middle, as the two neared each other they both threw their heads back. When they collided they threw their heads forward and their heads collided in a headbutt. As soon as their heads crashed into each other a sickening crack sound out as Plague and Drake stumbled back a step. “You… beat… me” Plague said as he fell back.

Drake couldn’t say anything as he too fell. They both hit the ground at the same time. As the dust settled from their encounter the towns people were shocked to see them both laying there. All of the locusts stood surrounding the two collapsed warriors. They all had looks of shock on their faces as no one had ever bested Plague in battle. One of the onlookers noticed that Drake was still breathing; he rushed over to deliver the finishing blow. “Stop” Plague said weakly as he stood slowly, “he beat me, he deserves to live.” The locust stepped back slowly as he joined the others. “Sir, what about the girl?” on member asked, Plague looked over at him, “he won, the girl goes free” he said as he stumbled over towards the group. Drake lay on the ground un able to move as he watched Plague wave his hand and Niray was brought forward.

 The last thing he remembered seeing was Niray rushing over to him. “DRAKE! WAKE UP!” Niray yelled as she kneeled next to Drake. She sat there yelling his name for several minutes until Hunter ran over. “Niray, is he still alive?” he asked as he stood over them, Niray looked over at Hunter “I think so, but he isn’t moving.”Hunter walked over and kneeled next to Drake, he placed his hand on Drakes neck checking for a pulse, “yeah, he is alive but he seems to be unconscious.” Hunter picked Drake up and draped him over his shoulder, “well we should probably move him out of the middle of town square” he said as he walked back to Niray’s house.

 When they arrived at Niray’s house Hunter set Drake down on Niray’s bed.  “Do you think he’s going to be alright?” Niray asked, Hunter looked at her “He will be just fine, he just got his ass kicked.”  He said as he walked towards the door “where are you going?” asked Niray “I’m gonna go find his weapons” Hunter said as he walked out of the house.  Hunter walked through the increasingly darkened streets alone, as he walked he grew ever more aware of a presence following him. The suddenly he stopped, he stood still and listened, “I know you’ve been following me” he said out loud. “So you can tell that I am here?” said a voice from nowhere, “it seems I underestimated your abilities” said a shadowy figure. Hunter turned around, “Come on 17, you really should know you can’t sneak up on me, come out of the shadows and talk” he said.

The figure stepped out to reveal a slim, women wearing all black and with a face mask. “Well it’s good to see you again..I guess” Hunter said as he stared down the women standing in front of him. “c’mon now 9 don’t act like that” the women said in response. “Don’t call me that, I am no longer going by that name” Hunter spat back. 

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