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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

My death, was sudden yet tragic. I didn’t deserve what happened to me and I wish I had enough time to say goodbye. But sadly, I was already gone. I miss my best friends more than anything or anyone. Kinder and Mags were like family to me. We have done absolutely everything together since we were six. We’d always promise each other that we’d always be together… it sucks that I had to be the one to break it.

They sat together at my funeral in the front row. It breaks my heart to see them so sad. My parents sat next to them but they weren’t close to each other at all. They hate each other. They guy sitting next to my mom, is why they hate each other. He’s her new husband. Before he got that promotion, he was our pool boy. Did I mention my parents were in their 40s? Well this guy is 23. Kinder and Mags got up, holding hands, to view my body. Kinder struggled to look at me as Mags couldn’t stop.

“I can’t believe she’s gone…” Said Mags as she brushed a string of hair out of my face.

“I hope Princeton rots in jail for the rest of his life.” Said Kinder as she finally builds up the courage to look at me.

Mags sighed and looked at her, “Kinder… you can’t hold a grudge over Princeton like that.”

“Why not?” Said Kinder getting upset.

“He was drunk and he was driving. They crashed because of him. She’s dead and he’s not. And to make matters worse, he ran off after the accident. No one can’t even find his ass!”

Mags shushed her and said, “She died on impact and you know that.”

“They were in love Kinder, you know that. They were both drunk and they were both high. If Abigail was in the driver’s seat and she survived, you wouldn’t be this upset and destroyed over Princeton’s death.”

“Well we all know you would.” Kinder mumbled.

Mags eyed her, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Kinder glared at her, “It means that I’m not the best friend who wanted to fxxk Abbigail’s boyfriend since the 9th grade… Maggie.”

“Oh fxxk you.” Mags whispered before returning to her seat.

Kinder gave me one final look and did the same.



After the funeral was over, Kinder and Mags rode over to my house in silence for the reception. When they walked in my mother greeted them with a hug.

“Kinderly, Maggie, thank you two for coming. I know Abigail would have wanted her two best friends here.”

It’s funny. Kinder and Mags are so different and they disagree on a lot of things, but they always agreed on the dislike for my mother.

They smiled slightly then went into the kitchen.

They grabbed a soda and a plate of food then went back up to my room.

My room is basically their room. They spent more time in there then in their own rooms.

They closed the door behind them and plopped down on my bed.

They turned on the TV as they ate.

After a while of silence between them Mags spoke up.


“Yeah?” Kinder said with her eyes glued to the TV.


“Do you think she hates me now? Now that she knows I like Prince?”

Kinder looks at her and chuckles, “Umm… Mags, Abby’s always known.”

Mags eyes go big, “What? She—she did not.”

Kinder nods, “She’ known for years Mags and she didn’t care. As long as you respected their relationship she was fine with you having a crush on him.”

Mags looked taken aback and shocked. “She told you all this?”

Kinder nodded, “When I asked her about it, yeah.”

Mags was about to say something else but a noise from the closet stopped her.

Kinder paused too and muted the TV.

“What the hell was that?” Said Kinder and Mags in unison.

They stood quickly and grabbed each other’s hands.

“Go check.” “You go check.” They argued.

“Same time?” kinder asked and Mags nodded.

They slowly walked to my closet door.

Kinder put her hand on the knob and held it there. She sucked a breath in as neither of them expected to find what they did when they opened the door.



Kinder started to scream, but Mags put a hand over her mouth.

“What the hell are you doing here Princeton?”

Princeton slowly walked out of the closet with his hands up.

“Okay, okay, please let me explain.”

Kinder pulled Mag’s hand away and looked over at her.

“Go lock the door.” Mags hesitated but eventually did.

Kinder and Princeton started a stare down as Mags looked back and forth between the two.

“Kinder I-“

Kinder smacked Princeton hard before he could even get the words out.

“How dare you? You have no right to be here!”

“Please just let me explain!”

“Explain then. Start by why you left out dead best friend behind, while you took off!” Mags pitched in.

“You guys know I already have a record. Abby would have understood. That’s what she would have wanted me to do, and vice versa if she were in my shoes.”

Kinder shook her head as Mags just glared.

“You know I’m right. The most important people in the world to Abby is the three of us.”

Kinder scoffed, “We’re a bit more important don’t you think? I mean, you’ve only been dating Abby for about two years. We’ve been her best friends since the age of six.”

Prince nodded, “I agree, your right. But she loved all of us.”

Kinder rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

“Look Kinder I know you never really liked me. That you just put up with me because of Abby, but you know that I loved her. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. It was an accident.”

“Okay, okay. Whatever. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“Look Princeton, you should probably get going. If anyone catches you up here your dead meat.” Said Mags.

He nodded as he started for the window.

“Wait, Prince?”

He stopped and turned to Mags.


“Umm… did you hear everything we were talking about in the closet?” Mags asked as she tried to avoid eye contact with him.

He looked away as well and said, “Not—not really. It was pretty muffled in there, so—“

“Oh for Pete’s sake!” Said Kinder.

“Maggie, Prince knows you like him, okay?”

Mags mouth dropped.

She turned to Princeton and he awkwardly smiles at her.

“Well does the postman now as well?” She asked nonchalantly.

“Probably.” Answers Kinder and they all start laughing.

They giggled for a while, but got interrupted when a knock came to the door.


It was my mom.

“Kinderly? Maggie? Who’s in here?”

“Hide!” We whispered to Princeton and he dove under the bed.

Kinder went to unlock the door.

“Mrs. Woodland. Hi.”

She smiles at Kinder and let’s herself in.

“Kinderly, you know it’s Mrs. Adams now.” She said looking around.

“Why was the door locked?” She asked.

“You know that old door, it’s always sticking.” Said Mags as she adjusted herself on the bed.

Mom gives the room a once over again.

“I see… look girls, I know you were friends of Abigail—“

“Best friends.” Kinder said correcting her.

“Right.” Mom said continuing.

“But, I’d really appreciate it if you two don’t disturb the things in her room. I really don’t want anyone up here.”

Mags cocks her head to the side. “Excuse me? We’re here almost every day. We know exactly where her all of her things are and where they go. We have every right to be up here.”

Mom started to look agitated. “Even so, she was still my daughter, and I would like it if you two respected my wishes.”

“If you kick us out of her room, you kick us out of her reception.” Said Kinder sternly.

Mom turned to her and smiled a bit. “Then it was great seeing you girls again.” She stood by the door holding it, gesturing for us to leave.

Kinder and Mags looked at each other before Mags got up and walked out.

Kinder began to do the same, but she turned to mom first.

“By the way, your daughter never forgave you for fxxcking your pool boy and breaking up her family.”

With that she slammed the door in her face.



Kinder and Mags went to their homes to grab a few things then met back up at a local beach that the three of us use to frequent. They were still in their black dresses from the funeral, as they walked with their toes in the sand and their heels in their hands. They laid out a towel and sat on it overlooking the ocean. Kinder pulled out a wine cooler and handed one to Mags. She smiled at her and took the drink.

As they sipped their drinks Mags looked over at Kinder and asked, “Are we really doing this? I mean we’re only 17, were just 17. We have our whole lives-“

“If you want to back out, just back out Mags. I’d hate for you to do something you don’t want to do.”

She gave her a look, “Don’t give me that. I was just saying maybe Abby doesn’t want us to anymore.”

Kinder took another sip and said, “Well, she’s dead. So, we don’t know what she really wants. We do know what we promised each other though. Always together… forever.”

Mags nodded and gulped her wine cooler down.

“You guys having a pity party without me?”

They turned to see Princeton walking up.

Kinder rolled her eyes, “I see you go out from under the bed with handcuffs, huh?”

“How did you know we’d be here?” Mags asked.

He shrugged, “You guys are always here.”

He sits down next to her holding a joint. He offers it to her and she takes it with a smile. She takes to puffs and passes it to Kinder. Kinder looked at her and shrugged taking the joint and taking three puffs before handing it back.

“So, what’s the plan now?” Prince says looking from Mags to Kinder.

Kinder finishes her drink and tosses it.

“We are going for a permanent swim.” She says getting up.

She holds out her hand for Mags and she takes it standing up.

She looks over at Princeton and asks, “You coming? I’m sure Abby would’ve wanted you too.”

“It’s either this or prison for life.” Mumbled Kinder.

He thought about it before taking Mag’s hand. They slowly walked into the ocean, fingers clasped together. They walked until they were floating and then they weren’t anymore.

When we were young, we’d always promise we’ll be together forever… and now we will be.

Submitted: December 11, 2014

© Copyright 2021 AwesomeAri93. All rights reserved.

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Miss Melodramatic

Hi there. I think the story is promising, but there's a few things I think you should work on. For one, in the beginning and towards the middle, you wrote the story as if it was from Abigail's POV and you wrote how she felt about her funeral but then towards the end there was no mention of her at all. The story transitioned from first POV to third POV. I think it would be best to stick to either one :) Besides that, there are a couple of spelling/grammatical mistakes. For example, 'they guy' in the first paragraph and it should be 'What the hell are you doing here, Princeton?' with a comma. Besides that, you kept alternating between present tense and past tense. 'They hate each other' and 'they were in their 40's' are two examples. I also feel like the story was a bit confusing in the beginning. It seemed almost like two best friends having a random conversation at a random happening. I only really got it towards the end. Lastly, if Maggie and Kinder wanting to commit suicide was the climax of this story, then I think you should've described their friendship a bit better. Because I'm sure no one would commit suicide after just any friend died. I understand that they're best friends but can't really get a feel of how strong their bond was while Abigail was still alive so when they decided to commit suicide, I felt it was just an irrational, mad thing for them to do and they just did it on a whim. All in all, I think this story is a bit rough around the edges but with some work, it could suck in a ton of readers. Keep going :)

Fri, December 12th, 2014 1:04am


Thk U! :D

Sat, December 13th, 2014 4:05pm

Miss Melodramatic

Oh, one more thing! I think maybe you should change the part where they walk into the ocean a bit because just like you can't die from holding your breath, I don't think you could drown from just walking into deep water. Your natural instincts to live would kick in and you'd be trying your damnedest to get back to the land. Jumping off a cliff or something like that would be more effective because then they couldn't back out so easily.
Oh, and sorry to get all technical on you, but Princeton probably wouldn't be in prison for life for killing someone while drunk driving. The punishment for that could be anywhere between probation with fines to community service for 20 years. It depends on the place though, of course. But he definitely wouldn't be charged for murder. But since it is, after all, a fictional story it doesn't have to follow the laws of the world :) But I just thought I'd share that x

Fri, December 12th, 2014 1:13am


I guess I don't do much research huh? Lol.

Sat, December 13th, 2014 4:04pm


Well that was really sad lol. :( I thought it was a very nice short story though and it was very well written. Good job! :) xx

Fri, December 12th, 2014 2:44pm


Thk U!

Fri, December 12th, 2014 7:35am


Wow!! it's really deep!! i have to admit though, i was really not expecting that at the end :) it's a very good story!!

Fri, December 12th, 2014 9:40pm



Fri, December 12th, 2014 2:40pm


Finally got to read this. And by reading this, I was kind of confused from the starting but I'm not sure if they were committing suicide at the end?! Overall, liked it!! :)) xox, Beth

Sun, December 14th, 2014 3:18am


Yes they were... they were kind of letting themselves drown.

Sat, December 13th, 2014 7:20pm


I was confused about who was in the casket (who was the narrator at the beginning) because at first it seems like a male narrator but yet it's a female that died...and as mentioned before the story does switch POV's which added to the confusion, but now that the negative is out of the way, after I figured out who was who and what was going on I really did enjoy the story, it's very sad and imaginative :). Sorry it took me so long to read this I was taking a break from booksie, but I did enjoy the read and I wish I would have gotten to this alot sooner because it's a very nice story. ~Poetic

Tue, December 23rd, 2014 3:13am


Awe... thx u! I still got a lot of stuff to work on. :D

Mon, December 22nd, 2014 7:57pm

Ever A. Darling

This story was a bit confusing, but towards the end I think I got it. So they were all best friends, and Abby is the one who was the narrator, I'm guessing? And her three best friends drowned themselves in the ocean to be with her, am I correct? Well...damn. That's depressing. It was a good story, love. Good job.

Sun, January 18th, 2015 7:32pm


That's exactly it! Thks!!!

Sun, January 18th, 2015 11:35am

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