Mr. Parker

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***This short story is very loosely based on the movie Prom Night***

Mariel was so excited to be having her 1st sleepover party. its been a long time since she's seen her friends. As she's preparing for her sleepover it starts raining. She walks over to the window, as she stares at the rainfall she starts to think back to that dreadful night that changed her life forever...

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Submitted: January 21, 2014



Mariel, 14 years old at the time, comes back from the movies with her best friend Jade. As she says goodnight to Jade and her mom, she goes inside her house. As she's putting up her raincoat she says, "Hello?" She looks around in the darkness. Sensing something was wrong she slowly goes upstairs. She whispers, "Dad, Mom, Jake?" When no one answered she figured that she was worrying over nothing and that they all probably went out, but when she hears screaming and yelling downstairs she gets scared and crawls underneath her bed. She soon hears two voices coming up the stairs, one of them her mother's. The other voice yells, "Where is she?!?" Her mom frantically yells, "She's not here!" When they reached the top her mom runs into Mariel's room and falls to the floor. A man stands over her, bends down, and puts a knife to her throat. The man yells, "Where is Mariel!" Mariel covers her mouth when she recognizes his voice. It was her old neighbor Mr. Parker. Her mom starts to cry and says, "For the last time she isn't here! She won't be back for the rest of the night!" Her mom starts to cry more when her head falls to the side and she sees Mariel. Mr. Parker presses the knife harder against her neck. "I'm only going to ask you one more time, where is she!" Her mom takes a deep breath and says, "She's not here.... and you can't have her." Mr. Parker screams, "Wrong answer!" He slashes her neck and blood splatters everywhere, even on Mariel's face. Mariel closes her eyes and covers her mouth harder trying not to scream. Mr. Parker grabs her mom by the legs and drags her downstairs. When she's sure he's gone Mariel carefully crawls from under her bed. She slowly walks out and into her brother's room. When she walks in she cries into her hand and falls to the floor. Jake was laying lifelessly on his bed with a game controller wrapped around his neck. She quickly runs into his closet and crouches down. She pulls out her phone and dials 911. When 911 picks up, "911, whats your emergency?" Mariel sobs lightly into the phone. "My mother and my brother.... are dead. I don't know where my father is, please come and save me from him..." She gives her street address and hangs up the phone. When she hears footsteps coming up the stairs she looks through the blinds and sees Mr. Parker coming in to drag off her little brother. When he takes Jake downstairs. She gets out of the closet and tries to think quick. She glances at the window and starts to open it. When she does she sticks one leg out but a familiar voice behind her makes her stop. She turns around and says, "Daddy? Daddy your alive!" Her dad looks around and says, "What is going on here Mariel? Where is your mom and brother?" Mariel stars to cry, "Dad, we have to get out of- Dad behind you!" He turns and is stabbed by Mr. Parker." Her dad drops to his knees with blood pouring out of his mouth. He stares at Mariel and says, "Run...." Then he falls to the floor. Mariel starts to cry again until Mr. Parker starts to speak. "Mariel, Cupcake is that you? I've been looking everywhere for you." He looks down at her dad then back at her. "I'm really sorry about all this Cupcake. If they had just cooperate with me this wouldn't have been their fate. It doesn't matter anymore now, because I've found you, and I'm all you'll ever need." He starts to walk over to her when she yells, "Don't come anywhere near me you crazy physcho!" Mr. Parker started to frown. "I knew you were going to be like this! Now come on, were leaving." Mariel shakes her head, "No, you can't take me!" She jumps out the window but Mr. Parker manages to grab her by her hair. Mariel starts to scream, "No! Let me go! Help! Help!!!" Just then 4 police cars pull up and quickly swarm the window with armed weapons. A policeman then says, "Release the girl, or we'll shoot!" Mariel yells, "Shoot him now! He killed my family!!!" Mariel gets mad at bites Mr. Parker's hand which causes him to releases her. She falls from a two-story window and breaks her leg.  A policeman then shot at him managing to get him in the chest twice. The police ran upstairs and captured him. Many minutes go by and Mariel is sitting on the back of an ambulence getting her leg checked out. The Doctor says, "Its defintley broken young lady, but from a drop like that your lucky you didn't break your neck. Give me a few minutes and you'll be ready to be transfered to the hopsital." Mariel nodded then turned her attention to two nearby cops. The cop that shot Mr. Parker says, "Poor kid. Her parents and her only brother killed by a crazy ex- neighbor." Another cop says, "He was their neighbor? What happen that made him do this?" The shooting cop begins to tell the story about me and Mr. Parker. "I've worked on the case before. A couple of years ago, Mark Parker, age 21, became crazy about a little girl, which would be Mariel when she was 12 years old. He claimed that when he attended her 12th birthday party that they had fell in love with each other. Mariel admitted to having a crush on Mr. Parker but that was it. He went to her parents and asked their permission to be with their daughter. They of course thought he was crazy and managed to get a restraining order on him. Afterwards he started to stalk her, when he found out they were moving to a different neighborhood. I guess the guy couldn't take being away from her." After their conversation they got in their cars and drove off. Mariel started to sob loudly when it finally hit her, she'll never see her family again.

 Mariel snaps out her nightmare memory when she hears the doorbell ringing. She runs downstairs and opens the door. She's then greeted her three closest friends: Jade, Denise, and Sydney. She invited them in and told them to wait upstairs in her room while she finishes preparing the snacks. A few minutes later she came back with a tray full of snacks just in time to overhear her friends talking in hush tones. So she decided to listen. Her friends got comfy on her bed and clicked on the TV. Denise looks around her room and says, "Its so good to be hanging out again after the.... incident. Sydney speaks up and says, "Try busting into tears after hearing about it on the news two days after it happen at a restaurant. Mariel is such a sweet person this shouldn't have happen to her. It messed up her whole life. Having to move in with her aunt whose barely home and being here by herself all the time. I mean its been 2 years, hopefully we can all just celebrate her sweet 16th birthday next week without any worries." Jade starts to take off her make-up and says, "You guys really underestimate Mariel. She's not a depressed soul, okay? Yea sure, she doesn't get out as much as she should, but she's not as alone as you think."Denise jumps up and says, "Whats that suppose to mean? She's not alone as we think? Do you know something we don't?" Jade smiles and says, "Of course Denise. Mariel is my best friend and she tells me everything." Denise sits back down and scoots over to Jade. "Okay, okay, okay, so what is it?" Jade looks at Sydney and then at Denise. She clears her throat and says, "Well, since its probably going to come out tonight anyways... she's been seeing someone." Sydney and Denise yell out and the same time, "She has a boyfriend?!?" Jade quiets them down and says, "Yes. They've been dating for about 7 months. He knows all about her tortured past and he's so sweet to her about it. A very comforting and protecting guy. He's a black belt too in karate. He's even showed her some self defense moves which has really boosted her self esteem." Sydney and Denise completely awe about all the good things Jade is telling them about Mariel's boyfriend. Jade continues, "His name is James but everyone calls him Break." Sydney gaspes, "Because he's a black belt and he likes to break things?" Jade nods, "You've got it." Jade lays back on the bed and says, "I so want me a karate kid." Mariel, who's still listening, phone starts to vibrate. She sits the tray on the floor and picks up her phone. She whispers, "Hello? Hey Break. I'm at home, my sleepover's tonight remember? Yea. You can come over tomorrow. Love you too. Bye." She hangs up, picks up the tray, and walks into the room. "Okay guys here are your snacks and drinks." She sits the tray on her desk as her friends swarm it grabbing food. She started to sit down when something on the TV caught her eye. She picked up her remote and turned up the TV, the news was on. News lady Monica Marsh starts speaking, "Hello, this is Monica Marsh with tonight's news. A two-year-old case about a murder of three over a teenage girl, named Mariel Stevenson, just got reopened. A now 25-year-old murder named Mark Parker, who was suppose to have life in prison with out parol, has just escaped. Police are already in route to get the young girl into a secure area. This has been Monica Marsh with tonight's news." By the time the news was over everyone was standing by Mariel, staring at her. Mariel dropped the remote as tears came to her eyes. "No.... no, this- this can't be happening again. Why haven't they killed him!!!!!" She picked up a vase and smashed it into the wall. It made everyone shriek. She sulked to the floor and started crying. Jade gets down on the floor and hugs her. " Its- its going to be okay. You heard the news, the police are on the way. We are all going to be fine." Denise starts to freak out, "They better be! Cause this is some Micheal Myers bull-" Jade interupts and yells, "Denise! Shut up." Mariel phone starts to vibrate as she looks at the caller ID. Jade looks too, "Who is it?!?" Mariel stands up with Jade. "Its just Break. She answers, "Hey Break, you saw the news?!?" The other person on the end says, "Have you missed me Cupcake?" Mariel freezes up and walks over to the window,  "I knew you'd call me. Where are you?" The other end answers, "Outside your house." Mariel looks around at her friends who haven't taken their eyes off her. She puts her hand on the reciever and says, "Hey guys, can you give me a minute? Can you make sure all the doors and windows are locked for me?" Just then there was a loud bang on the front door. Everybody shrieked when they heard it. Mariel takes her hand off the reciever and says, "Is that you at the front door?" The other end says, "No, thats your precious ex-boyfriend." Mariel looks at the girls and says, "Guys its Break go open it." Jade looks confused and says, "Wait, if Break's at the door then why is he still talking to you on the phone?" Mariel takes a breather and takes the phone away from her ear. "He just hung up. So go answer it." Jade nods and says, Okay. guys come with me." All three of them went downstairs to answer the door after another loud bang." When Mariel heard Break's voice downstairs she closed and locked her door. She put on a more serious tone and says, "Mr. Parker, what do you want?!?" Mr. Parker smacks his teeth and say, "Why so formal with me cupcake? Call me Mark. Isn't it obvoius what I want? I came back for you. We belong together." Tears started to roll down Mariel's face. "I belong with my boyfriend and you... belong in a straight jacket you crazy freak!" She hung up her phone and threw it on the bed. She stared out the window but didn't see anything. Just then there was a twist of her door knob then a knock on the door. She wiped her face and collected herself before she opened the door. When she did everyone came barging in.  Break was the 1st. When he saw her he ran up to her and gave her a big hug. When let her go he asked, "Why was the door locked?" She shrugged at sat down. "I didn't mean to lock it. Guess I did by accident." Break sat next to Mariel on the bed and said, "Are you okay?" She glared at him and said, "No Break I am not okay! The guy who murdered my family is on the loose and is trying to get to me." Break shook is head, "Well, he's not. Because he's going to have to get through me to do so." Jade snapped her fingers and said, "I knew I was suppose to tell you something. Your cop friends are outside, there are 2 cars. Mariel looked confused and said, "Why haven't they come in yet?" Sydney gasped and said, "What if he got them!" Just then Mariel's phone started to vibrate again. She looks at the caller ID and it says Break again. Knowing it wasn't him she says, "Oh look, this must be one of the cops." She stands up and walks over to the window and answers, "Hello?" Mr. Parker answers, "Its me again Cupcake!" Mariel sarcastically says, "Of course it is!" She rolls her eyes and continues, "So whats up with the case now?" Mr. Parker says, "Oh.... you must be in front of your little friends, huh?" Mariel exhales and says, "Yes, I am." Mr. Parker clears his throat, "Well, listen carefully. I'm pretty sure you have a lot of emotions you wanna get out at me as do I, so how about we both meet up. Lets say, your old house? You know, the place we fell in love? 20 minutes, no later." With that Mariel hangs up and puts her phone in her pocket. Break was the 1st to speak. "So, what did the cop say?" Mariel bits her lip and says, "He wants to take me to a secure location now. He just wanted to wait outside to make sure Mr. Parker didn't show." Mariel started to walk downstairs followed by her friends. Break says, "Okay, we're coming with you." Mariel yells, "No! No one is coming with me. I have to go by myself. This is the best way." She grabs her jacket and puts it on. Break shakes his head, "No way, your not going by yourself, its dangerous." Mariel glared at him and said, "Are you telling me what to do right now Break?!?"  Break looks down then back at her, "Call it what ever you want Mariel, but he could be outside, waiting for you to come out!" Mariel put her hands on her hips, "The cops are outside, I'll be fine." Break got angry and said, "Look I don't care, its too dangerous." Mariel looks over at Jade for support she picks that up and says, "Break, chill out! She's going to be wih police officers, she'll be fine." Break turned to Jade and said, "Stay out of this Jade." Mariel and Jade looked at each other in shock. Jade walked up to him and yelled, "I know you didn't just tell me to stay out of it, when your acting like a overprotective parent!" Break yells back, "Her parents are dead!" Everybody gaspes, even himself. Mariel tears up and then starts to walks toward the door. Break tried to recover from what he said, "Wait Mariel, I didn't  mean-" She put her hand on the knob, opened the door, turned to him and said, "Save it Break!" She then turned back around and slammed the door. Break yelled, "Be careful Mariel!" Jade rolled her eyes and said, "Yea, that made it all better, idiot!"She stomped off back to Mariel's room with Sydney and Denise.

 Outside, Mariel ranned over and took a look into both police cars, both empty. She thought to herself, "He must have killed them..." She thinked fast about what to do. She had to go to the old house so she hopped in a police car and drove there. A few minutes after she pulled up a car that looked alot like Break's pulled up behind her. He flashed his lights at her and she flashed hers. A text message was sent to her from Break's phone telling her to get out of the car.  She texted back, "You 1st." The car door opened and a figure stepped out and walked over to the grass. Mariel took a deep breath and got out of the car. She walked over to the grass a few steps away from Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker smiled at her and said, "Wow.... you look even more beautiful then you did two years ago. I admit that I did some crazy things, but I regret each and every one of them. I wished they'd never happened. I apologize for- Mariel interupted and shouted, "Your crazy! I mean absolutley insane! Are you seriously apologizing to me for killing my family?!? Well guess what? You did murder for my family and for that I'll never forgive you! You deserve everything thats going to happen to you." She started to walk towards him as he says, "What do you mean I deserve everything thats going to happen to me, huh? What about you! You lied, you lied to everyone so you wouldn't get into trouble that day I got the restraining order against me! Do you know how hard it was for me? I couldn't even see you without going to jail!" Tears started to roll down both of their eyes. Mariel stopped walking and stared. "Your right, I did lie to my parents about us. You said you understood though, because I was 11 and you were 21, that no one could know about our relationship. Oh no but you had to go and tell my parents! I was stupid though... being 11 I thought a relationship between you and me was normal, but when you told my parents I found out it wasn't. That you took advantage of me, a little girl! You don't deserve me... you never did." Mr. Parker opened his arms and said, "Please Cupcake forgive me, so we can be together again." Mariel frowned and went over to hug him. While she was hugging him she pulled out a knife from her jacket pocket and said, "I'm Sorry. We can't... because I'm not your Cupcake anymore and your a pervert!" She stabbed him in the back and he felled to the ground. She jumped on him and stabbed him numerous times until she was covered in nothing but blood as his heart stopped beating. She fell over still gripping the knife. She was then startled by noises coming from Break's trunk. She jumped up and put the knife into Mr. Parker's hand. She then ran over to the trunk and opened it. What she found were two very much alive cops and her Aunt. She hurries to untie them and then hugges her Aunt. Her Aunt notices all the blood and says, "What happened to you! Your covered in blood!" The cops sees the body and they call it in. Mariel starts to cry in her Aunt's arms. A few minutes later when more cops and ambulences come Mariel is resting on the back of an ambulence. She signs and thinks, "I can't believe I'm back in this scene again.... on the back of an ambulence, waiting to be taken to the hospital." She lays against the side of the ambulence when she notices her friends running toward her. Jade is the 1st one to reach her and she hugs her. "Oh My- Mariel, what happened? I thought you were going to the police station?!?"  One of the Cops that was in the trunk came over to me and said, "Excuse me Mariel? Do you mind if we ask you some questions?" Break interferes and says, "Hey, don't you see she's-" I interupt and said, "Guys, its okay. Can you give us a minute?" They walk away so Mariel and the Cop can talk. The Cop asks, "While me, my partner, and your Aunt were trapped in the trunk of the car, what happened?" Mariel thought back to what really happened. She sniffled and said, "He told me to come to him and I refused. He said if I didn't go with him he'd kill himself, cause his life didn't mean anything without me. I still refused, he'd killed my family. He doesn't matter to me, he never mattered. He held me down and started stabbing himself right on top of me. Blood got everywhere on me, it was horrible! After he killed himself I ran to the trunk to let you guys out." The Cop nods and says, "So, it was a suicide?" She nodded and the Cop continued, "Okay, we're going to run you to the hospital to make sure your not injured in anyway and then you can go home." She nodded and climbed into the ambulence stretcher. Jade climbed in and said, "Hey, we'll meet you at the hospital okay?" Mariel nodded as she climbed onto the ambulence and laid on a strecher. They then closed the doors and Mariel was finally alone. She thought to herself, "Its finally over. My heartache and pain of my family's death will always be there, but I finally sent that murder where he's suppose to be... to hell. Now, my family can finally rest in peace. I killed Mr. Parker and no one will ever know. I too can finally rest in peace." She smiled, closed her eyes, and went to sleep.

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