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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
What happens when a prostitute, acid, and snow mix? Don't know? Well find out in REVENGE OF THE FROSTITUTE.

Submitted: October 24, 2015

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Submitted: October 24, 2015



(Setting) Late Tuesday night, around 3 am, your favorite prostitute, Lana, visit’s her favorite liquor store to buy a bottle of Jack after going off the clock.


Cashier: That’ll be $12.

Lana: Oh Jeffrey, why are you so expensive?

Jeffrey: (Rolls eyes) Do you have it Lana or not?

Lana: (Pops bubble gum) I guess so, I had a good night. (Hands him a $10)

Jeffrey: (Bags bottle) Have a good night Lana.

Lana: (Smiles and gives him a wink as she walks out)

(Lana walks down the street drinking her bottle, when a truck pulls up beside her. She eyes the truck and stumbles a bit.)

Driver: Hey cutie, wanna ride?

Lana: No. (Rolls eyes and continues to walk)

(They still followed as she took another swig of Jack)

Driver: Oh come on. You must be freezing. You barely have anything on.

Lana: (Glares at them) Why do you think I’m drinking?

Driver: (Shrugs) Dry throat?

(Lana could hear laughter coming from inside the car)

Lana: My throat is pretty wet, so thanks, but no thanks.

Driver: How much do you charge?

Lana: More than you could afford.

Driver: Come on, how much?

Lana: I’m off duty… sorry buddy. Go find another whore.

Driver: How much?!?

Lana: (Yells) Off duty!

(The Driver veered out in front of her, making her drop her bottle. Four doors opened and four guys got out.)

Lana: (Mumbles) Oh shit…

Driver: Fine. If you won’t let us pay you, we’ll just have to get it for free.

(She gasped and in a panic, started to run toward the woods. She ran as fast as she could in the snow. She kicked off her heels to gain more momentum. When she hit the woods a burning smell hit her nostrils. It was foul. She covered her nose and mouth with her hand, but her eyes still burned. The Driver caught up to her and grabbed her by the arm. He hit her hard and she fell to the ground. She tried to stand, but he kicked her in her stomach. His buddies caught up to us and joined in. They took a breath and started to go for her dress. With the little bit of energy she had left, she kicked the driver in the face and started to run again. She could hear him yelling the back, but she didn’t stop until she was tripped by a huge log. It sent her tumbling down a hill, where she hit her head on a barrel. She rubbed her eyes and her vision blurred. She screamed in pain when they also burned. She had definitely found the source of the smell. The Driver and his friends were getting closer, so she tried to stand, but she tumbled back over. Too bad she was holding onto the barrel. As it poured onto her she screamed bloody murder as it burned her skin. With the pain being too much, she eventually passed out in the snow.)


(When she awakened, it was daylight and the sun was shining on her face. She didn’t want to open her eyes. She didn’t want to see how hideous she looked. Lucky for her, it’s December. The cool snow must have cooled her body down from the burning. With her eyes still closed, she slowly traced her fingers over her face and down her arms.)

Lana: (Gasped) (Opens eyes) (Feels skin)

(Her skin is completely normal. She didn’t feel any burns at all.)

Lana: (Sits up in shock) (Looks down at her skin)

(Shockingly her skin in smoother than it was before.)

Lana: (Sighs in relieve) (Runs hand through hair) (Eyes get big when she looks at hair)

(Lana is a blonde… well Lana was a blonde.)

Lana: (Stares down at hair) (Starts to hyperventilate) (Stands quickly and starts to climb hill)

(When she makes it to the top she keeps walking. She stares at her feet when she walks, alone and confused. Something she walks over catches her eye and she bends down to pick it up. It’s a driver’s license.)

Lana: Earl McCoyd?

(She definitely knows the face, but his name is a mystery. He’s obviously one of the guys that attacked her.)

Lana: (Mumbles) The passenger seat… (Stuffs license in bra) (Continues to walk)

(Lana eventually makes her way home. Her roommate, Sam, jumps up off the sofa when she sees her.)

Sam: Where the hell have you been Lana?!? Maxim has been going—what’s wrong with your hair? It’s blue.

Lana: That it is Sam.

Sam: So you stayed out all night to dye your hair sky blue? Maxim is going to kill you.

Lana: Honestly Sam, Maxim is at the bottom of my priority list. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a shower, and then I’m going back out.

Sam: What am I supposed to tell Maxim when he comes over here looking for you?!?

Lana: (Shrugs) Tell him whatever you want. He’s just a pimp, and he doesn’t own my ass.

(Sam groans as Lana runs the shower. She turns the hot water on and as soon as she sticks her hand under, she yanks it out. It burned her.)

Lana: What the hell? I just turned this on… Sam! (She yells)

Sam: (Walks in behind her) What?

Lana: Can you check this water for me please?

Sam: (Rolls eyes) (Sticks fingers under and shrugs) What am I checking for it feels fine. It’s not even hot yet.

Lana: (Sticks hands under again and it singes) That’s it, I’m taking a cold shower. (Turns the hot water off and turns the cold water on) (Sticks her fingers under again and her mouth drops) I am not believing this right now…

Sam: What? (Sticks her fingers under again) I don’t get you… this is freezing. You’re going to get sick if you shower in this.

Lana: It feels—it feels room temperature to me.

Sam: (Feels Lana’s forehead) (Jerks back) Lana, your freezing cold!

Lana: What? (Feels forehead) Feels fine to me.

Sam: Duh Lana, you’re not going to be able to feel it.

Lana: Okay, so maybe I am sick. I was out in the cold weather all night. Still, I need to take a shower. So if it has to be cold, so be it. (Pulls of dress and undergarments as Sam leaves the room.)

(After showering, Lana puts on a blue onesie jumper and white boots. As she’s drying her hair she hears shouting coming from the other room.)

Sam: I don’t know where she’s at! She didn’t tell me!

Maxis: you better not be lying to me! I’ll mess you up so bad no one would ever want to touch you again. Of course then, you’d be useless to me. Now go find her!

Sam: (Walks in with a tear stained face) Maxis is here. He wants to talk to you. (Stifles)

Lana: (Stands up and wipes her face) Why did you lie and say I wasn’t here. You’re just making it worse for yourself.

Sam: He’s mad Lana. He thinks you might be crossing him with another pimp.

Lana: I’ll take care of it, okay? You stay here. (Walks around her and out the room)

Maxis: (Eyes Lana and smiles) Nice hair, now tell me where you’ve been all night.

Lana: (Sighs) I was walking home Chucky’s, the convenience store, and a truck with four guys pulled up on me. They were trying to get a quick one, but I wasn’t really in the mood. Plus, I had already had a fully day. Anyways they didn’t take no for an answer and they tried to rape me. They chased me all the way into the woods where they caught up to me. They roughed me up a bit before I was able to get away again. Once I was up and running, I tripped over a huge log and fell down a hill. I hit my head on a barrel and when I tried to get up I knocked it over and the contents spilled all over me. It burned like crazy and I eventually passed out. When I awoke, it was daylight and my hair was blue. I got up and I just went home.

(He just stared at her with a cigar in hand. After a while his expression changed to anger. He scowled at her and out of nowhere backhanded her hard. She stumbled to the floor, holding my face.)

Maxis: Do you think I’m stupid Lana?!? Huh? There are several things wrong with that story. If you were burned you’d have bruises, do you have bruises Lana?!?

Lana: (Shakes her head no)

Maxis: So how about the truth this time, before I really get mad.

Lana: (Glares at him) I don’t have any bruises, but I’m telling the truth!

(As he’s about to kick her, she grabs his foot)

Maxis: Let go of me you bitch!

(She tightens her grip and he begins to scream. Ice begins to appear around her hand and on his leg)

Maxis: What are you doing to me?!?

(Although shocked at first, Lana begins to laugh)

Lana: Sorry Maxis, it seems you’ve caught a bad case of frostbite! (Continues to laugh)

(She pulls at his leg and it breaks off at the knee. He yelps in pain. Freaked out, Lana drops the completely frozen leg on the floor. Blood spurs from the rest of his leg that’s still attached to him.)

Sam: Shit!

(Lana turns to see Sam behind her)

Sam: What the hell did you to him?!?

Lana: Umm… well, I guess I frosted his leg off. Part of it anyways.

Sam: We have to call 911!

Lana: (Chuckles) Yea, and say what? Hello 911? My roommate has just tore off our pimp’s leg with her frosty fingers. Please send help, even though he’ll probably be dead by the time you arrive. But hey, you can still arrest us!

Maxis: (Starts to cough up blood as it pours from his mouth)

Lana: (Heads to the kitchen and grabs cleaning supplies and a box of trash bags) (Walks back in to the living room and hands Sam the cleaning supplies) (Throws the bags on the sofa) Here’s what I want you to do. When he dies, I want you to start cleaning up. I have some things to attend to, but I should be back in like half an hour, one hour at the most.

Sam: No! Where are you going?!?

Lana: (Pulls out ID of Earl McCoyd and fumbles with it in her hand) Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a jiffy, I promise. Just go ahead and get everything ready so we can dispose of Maxis. (Blows a kiss as she shuts the door behind her)

(It was about a 10 minute drive from her house to his. She pulled Maxis’s car up slowly and turned off the engine. She smiled when she saw the same truck from last night in the driveway. She got out and snuck to the nearest window. The smile stayed when she saw all four of them inside, playing cards and drinking beer. Who drinks beer this early? It’s almost noon. She quickly searched for a way in and got lucky when the back door was unlocked. She snuck into what appears to be the kitchen. They guy with the ID excused himself from the table and went upstairs. She quickly followed him and as soon as he entered a room she ambushed him. She put her hand to his face and he yelped in pain. She closed the door behind them and locked it.)

Lana: Hi Earl! Remember me?

Earl: (Looked at her confused) No way, you’re dead. We saw that acid burn you!

Lana: So you do remember me? That’s great, I thought the blue hair might throw you off. So if you remember me, you’d also remember the two kicks you gave me to my face, right?

(Earl was silent)

Lana: Is that a no Earl? Should I remind you?

(She stomps on his foot hard and when he bent over to grab it, she kicked him twice in the face and he went down.)

Lana: You know Earl? You might be a bit bigger than me, but I fell a lot stronger than you!

(As he stands she jumps on him grabbing him by the throat and freezing it. When he stops struggling she twisted it, breaking it off.)

???: Earl? Early you alright? We heard a noise? You didn’t fall on your ass again, did ya?

Lana: (Rolled her eyes and boldly opened the door)

(They guy on the other end eyes bulged out and he stumbles back)

Lana: (Smiles) Well, look who it is. The back seat rider on the right.

BSROTR: You… you’re dead.

Lana: (Shakes her head) No… you’re dead. (Shoves him to the side and he falls down the stairs)

(As he falls she walks down passing his body as she does. When she gets back to the kitchen she hears footsteps and grabs the biggest knife she could find. She flings it at the door and it strikes someone in the head. It was back seat rider on the left. He falls to the ground as the Driver comes up behind him.

Driver: No way…

Lana: (Smiles) Did you miss me? (Grabs another knife as he pulls out one from his pocket) So glad I saved the best for last.

Driver: (Smiles) Come get it.

(She lunges at him and stabs him in the shoulder. He tries to stab her in the back, but as she pulls her knife out she hears a clinkering noise. She steps back and looks down. Half of his knife lies on the floor.

Driver: It… it didn’t even dent. Your skin is rock solid.

(She felt her harm and realized he was right. What change from this morning until now?)

Lana: It appears so, huh? (Shrugs) Sucks for you. (Stabs him near the heart and he falls to the floor)

(As he bleeds out she takes his cigarettes and lighter. She checks their wallets for cash as she lights one. She clicks on the stove and turns all the burners up.)

Lana: Well Driver, I really appreciate you paying me for my services…. it was fun. (She stuffs the cash in her bra and she walks out she flicks the cigarette at the stove. She speeds off as the house bursts into flames.)

© Copyright 2020 AwesomeAri93. All rights reserved.

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