The Imaginative fisher

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A fishing pole, the moon, an imagination, and a boring summer night all come together in this fantastic short story told from the eyes of a young boy.

Submitted: August 03, 2009

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Submitted: August 03, 2009



A bobber sways over the gentle ripples in a pond just outside of a country town in Wisconsin. A young boy lays in tall grass, and watches a fishing pole stand proud like a knight amongst dozens of unsteady Cattails. The green lilypads visible still, floated alone, though thick croaks could be heard in the distance. The boy examined small bugs dancing across shining blades of grass. A beautiful ballet strewn across a lifetime, but so small and fragile; its tiny thespians never get the chance to shine. But on this quiet night, the moon kindled and polished their stage for a single spectator.

Starting with a small act, the ladybugs fluttered above; dragging colorful fabrics along behind them. Spinning and twirling the ladybugs climbed higher so the cloth could bend and snap in precise ways that have practiced for years before. The red and black stars strutted above and gleamed as the moonlight displayed another purpose for the colored fibers. Beams from the sky reflected on the cloth and presented a lightshow around the boy; as shades of pinks and blues shot around the valley anothers performance began. A crew of crickets flooded the stage and took a bow before they started. Each one began to rub their wings together creating a small chirp. As the whole troupe began to play, the chirp faded and turned into a full-fledged orchestra. The harmony so simple, but established in such a high manor,  stopped the entire valley. The frogs bowed out and quietly listened amongst the rest of the creatures hidden within the grass.

The boys eyelids grew heavy as he layed in the middle ofthe performance. The echoes all around blanketed his body with a meditative state; and struck him temporarliy paralyzed as his mouth stuck open in awe, held it's breath. A rude interuption broke the boy free from his steady relaxation. The long forgotten fishing rod was now pivoting violently and caused the band to scare and scatter across the lawn. Hurridly, he rushed towards the pole. His fingers wrapped around the hard wood and ripped the pole back away from the shore. The water began to splash around heavily. Waves splashed onto the boy and caused the pole to slide from his grip. The rod began to slide into the water. The boy knew that once it was submerged, it would be gone.

Fierly determination would not let the boy give up just yet. He dove at the pole quickly and unrationally. Diving over the rocks he passed the pole on his way down and instead landed right in the water. Headfirst, he sunk into the waves and delved into a hidden world that man had never seen. Fish stared at him as he examined their erie bodies. They no longer had a blank stare and sleek scaley bodies. Instead, they were large and elongated, covered in flesh just like his own, but swaying across their backs were large green fins. Women and men both greeted the boy, they waved their hands towards him and smiled. Quickly they swam towards the bottom of the pond. Now inside, it was much deeper than before. Below him, a large coral table was set and coated with delicacies he had never seen. Sand dollars stood in the place of plates and mollusks for  bowls. The fish creatures danced and laughed below, they dipped and rolled through the water as others eyed the table and filled the their makeshift plates.

Unwary, the boys lungs began to give way and he lunged towards the surface. His legs couldn't kick fast enough the bring him above. But another force threw him out of the pond. He could feel handsletting go of his waist and legs as he was thrown through the thick liquid. The grass bent and snapped as he landed abruptly on it. He lurched over and coughed violently, small piles of water spurt out of his lungs as his throat heaved. After a moment of deep breathing, the boy layed back down. The sky began to brighten up as the sun creeped from the west. His mind raced, his imagination had went wild and sent him on a journey that he could never had wished for. His stomach churned, grabbing it tightly, the boy began to laugh hysterically. Tears rolled across his face as he rolled from side to side.

Sorry it ended so suddenly, this is my first story I've written. Please, let criticism be gentle, but still be criticism. Thanks to all who read my story and help me make improvements.

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