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This is my entry for Jingle Q's 'Normal Magic' competition. You should really check out her writing XD

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



Eric groaned as he regained consciousness, his head pounded with a dull pain and he could feel tight restraints around his wrists and ankles. He felt cold mental against his back and the smell of dirt and rust filled his nostrils.

He slowly opened his eyes letting them adjust to the semi-darkness surrounding him. Looking around him Eric saw that he was in a small metal container and then realised he could hear the sound of wheels on tracks.

Looking up he saw wooden support beams, the kind used for mine tunnels and such, they looked old and he didn’t think that they would hold for much longer. Out of the corner of his eye Eric saw movement and turned to see the back of a man, he looked familiar but Eric couldn’t place it.

As Eric tried to sit up a sharp piece of metal pierced his hand, he cried out in surprise and pain and the caught the attention of the figure. “Ah you’re awake.” Eric recognised the voice and realised that it was Zander.

The handsome man turned fully around, his eyes dancing in the passing torch light. Eric glared at Zander as he wished he could get to his cards in his pocket.

Zander saw Eric struggling to free himself and laughed at the futility of it. “I’d give up if I were you, you’re not going anywhere.” Zander’s voice was playful but it also had a hint of promised danger to it.

Eric stopped struggling and carefully tried to find the sharp piece of metal that had stabbed him earlier, “Where are we?” he said trying to keep Zander from noticing what he was doing. “An unused mine tunnel,” Zander looked ahead again, his eyes on the tracks in front of him.

“Why?” Eric asked he had to make sure that Zander didn’t notice anything.

With a look of disbelief Zander turned round to face Eric, “Seriously? I thought that it would be obvious,” He was met with a blank stare “I’m kidnapping you.” Zander sighed in annoyance.

Eric smirked as he could feel the ropes around his wrists loosen and fall off, now just to deal with the ones round his ankles. “Shouldn’t you be watching where this cart thing is going?”

Zander had a look of realisation cross his face until it was replaced with fear. “You just shut up and sit there quietly,” He said as he turned back to face the front.

Perfect. Hurrying Eric began to untie the ropes around his ankles. He then carefully stood up and pulled his cards from his pockets.

Zander felt a sting across his cheek and lifted his hand only and felt blood, he turned back to Eric and saw him in a defiant stance. He chuckled to himself “You know I never liked you.”

Eric put his hand to his chest inmock hurt “And here I thought we were best friends.” He sent another flurry of cards out of his deck sending them towards Zander.

Zander ducked out the way just in time looking at Eric with anger in his face and said, “I do not want another suit ruined.” Eric smirked and pointed to the shoulder of his jacket, Zander looked towards were Eric pointed and scowled when he saw a rip.

“I really don’t like you.” Zander growled at Eric who shrugged. Behind Zander Eric saw a low ceiling sign and ducked at the same time Zander was knocked out by the low wooden beam.

When it was safe to stand again Eric moved over to the break lever in the cart and pulled. When it stopped he looked down at Zander and shook his head in pity. Eric then took the rope he was tied up with and secured Zander with it.

Eric jumped out of the cart and said “Sleep tight.” With a smirk he walked back up the tracks the way he came.

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