I fell in love with the Radio voice,

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Kyle falls in love with a radio voice,

Submitted: September 07, 2009

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Submitted: September 07, 2009



The sun was setting on a lovely, warm, light breezy day. Kyle was driving home from work where he is a waiter for his Dad, in his top restaurant, to help with collage funds. Today Kyle is very pleased with himself, he actually talked to Vanessa. Vanessa has light brown wavy hair that falls down to the centre of her back. Kyle thinks she is beautiful - everyone thought she was beautiful.

His shift had happily ended at 8.00pm and he was helping her to sort out the delivers for tomorrow. They were talking about collage. Kyle said that he wanted to be a author, but blushed when he said it. Vanessa laughed at his blush. She said how she wanted to open up her own beauty parlor. That figures, Kyle thought to himself.

"Anything has to be better than working in this dump thought, right, Kyle?" asked Vanessa. How could he answer hat when his Dad owned this restaurant?

"Uh, yeah, I suppose." was his answer. His Dads restaurant was a 4 star. How could she say it was a dump? Unless she didn't know that he was her bosses' son. Whatever he told himself, she worth anything. They chatted about tomorrow, and said good-bye.

The drive home from work to home was 20 minutes. Kyle switched on the radio and put on a new channel that was advertised last week. It was called - 'Bluurp'. It was a chat show for kids around Kyle's age, 17.

"Today we have a line up of 'Talk time with Grace' and music from The Fray. Thanks for listening, and this is John Barrowman, Good bye." said the annoying radio man, what were they called anyway Kyle thought.

"Hello, and I'm Grace, this is a new segment and I - and the team hope you enjoy. First off hers The Fray, with 'You found me'.

Kyle's eyes bulged at the voice of this Grace. It sounded like pure beauty, and perfection. He put up with 'The Fray' in hope of hearing that voice again. When he did, he stopped the car, and practically fell in love with that voice. Grace, was his only thought.

That night when Kyle was asleep, he thought about Grace, and not Vanessa for once. He dreamed of meeting her, and seeing her, his picture of her in his head was that she had long sleek blonde hair, and was just utterly beautiful. When he woke up, he thought of himself stupid, Ive never even met the girl he thought, how stupid. Get her, out of your head Kyle. No actually get it out of her mind, since you've only ever herd her.

"So, what you doing tonight Vanessa?" Kyle asked her hopefully. Her eyes shifted to Kyle, and then back to work.

"Um, I'm not sure." she answered not connected. "Why?" she asked.

"Fancy going out somewhere after work? Well work finishes in like 3 minutes, but umm... Do you?" He asked smiling.

At the exact same time she went to answer me. He arrived. Scott, tall and very girls dream, he came up and put his arm around Vanessa, cuddling her it may seem. "Hey baby." he said. Hey baby? Kyle thought. He automatically was disappointed. "Umm, Kyle, as you can see I'm very busy. So maybe another time?" when she said the very part her hands run up the mans chest. She didn't look at him when she spoke. Simply walked away.

ARRG. He couldn't believe it. How could she do that? Not in the sense she couldn't but, you know?

He slammed the car door as he got in and switched the radio on. Bad idea but oh well. Graces voice came online.

"So, here I am live from Sullvile, on the one and only radio station here. As a new segment since were brand new, any caller can call in and ask us questions, any questions at all. The number is 0899 765 186." Kyle's slammed the breaks down without thinking what he was doing and got out his phone. He dialed the number. He was caller number 8.

"Caller number 8." Grace said. "May I ask who's your questions for, and you have 3 minutes to ask away."

"My questions for Grace. Grace I'm Kyle, and I'm 17. " Kyle said simply.

"Well its my lucky day," she said. "Ask away, your time starts now." she said.

"How old are you?"

"17" same as me he thought.

"What do you want to be when your older?"

"A author, or a magazine writer," Wow he thought.

"Where are you living - sorry if that sounds pervy."he said, she laughed on the line.

"Sullville- church street"she laughed along. "Im sorry it was nice talking to you Kyle. Bye bye now."

Bye he said to a dead phone line. He switched the radio off after that.

That night he had a dream that he was with her again. That he was in Sullvile church street with her, and they were talking. They had a lot in common. A LOT. He felt like he belonged with her, he felt as if she belonged with him. He was the happiest he had been in ages in that dream. In that dream he decided to find her. To skip work and go to that radio station. I must really be loosing my mind, he thought.

That morning he set off. It was a 3 hour drive from here to Sullville, then another 30 minutes until Chuch street. He knew the area well though, his Aunt lived there.

When he finally arrived he knocked on his Aunts door.
"Oh, my baby, how are you?" His Aunt exclaimed. He had rang the other night to tell her about his visit.

"I'm fine, even though I cant breath," he said, for a woman she had a strong hold.

"Oh, sorry sweetheart!" she said and let him go. His Aunt was a very busy woman so, he wianted there for her to rush off to work. " I'm sorry baby but I have to go to work, I'l be back at tea time do dont fret babe," she said and left the house. Great, shes gone, he thought. He hadnt even stepped foot inside the house yet when he closed the door and walked down the street. He asked a passer by for dirctions. It was a 30 mintute walk to get there.

When he got to the radio station he waited outside on a bench. He waiuted for the radio station to finish. After a hour of wiating there a few teenagers walked out. One girl said,
"Grace, its about time you found yourself a boyfriend, your getting to be a work-a-holic!"

"Yeah yeah, okay Sam, bye!" She started to walk Kyles way. OKay he wasnt so sure about this no more, but he had to, he needed to be with her.
"Umm, hello Grace?" he asked.
"Uh.. yeah I'm Gace, do I know you?" she asked shakily.
"I'm Kyle, I uhh, talked to you on that contest thing." I said and rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly.

"Oh yes I remember," she said, she didnt spund so scared no more.

"So, I was just wondering if you, uh, sorry you must think I'm mad..." he trailed off.
"Actually yes I do," she said and laughed. "Sorry if you came all thos way just to see me, but I really must get going home, my dad will be worried about me." she sand looked down and started to walk away. I grabbed her arm.
"Ah, let go of me!" she screamed.
"Look I'm going to say this and you will think I'm mad, or insane, but when- when I herd your voice, it sounded like angels, and I--I fell in love with your voice. With you. Please, I'm not asking for you too love me back, just please," he stepped closer to her, "please give me, us, a chance?" He said. His eyes were soft and she was staring into them

She couldnt believe it, what he had just said made the pit of her stomach have such a feeling, a feeling she hadn't had before. She didnt know who he was, she didnt know who she was no more. She leaned up so their eyes were on the same level. She leaned closer and closer, her breath was on his lips, and finally they touched. Kyles hand played wuith her and hand snaked around her waist to pull her closer, her hands were around his neck. This is so dangerous, kissing a compleate stanger, but it feels so right Grace thought and deepend the kiss by letting his begging tounge in. Neither of them could beleive it, it felt like they were on fire, they needed more of eachother, finally their pasionate kiss came to a end.
"I-I-I'l give us a chance." she answerd shakily. He smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you, Grace." Kyle said with tears in his eyes. She smiled up at him slowly. She joined arms with his and let him walk her home.


Both Kyle and Grace are sucecfull writters. Kyles books were hot sellers for teenagers and many adults. Grace published the hottest magazine that was number one bestseller in America. Kyle and Grace are engaged and are trying for a baby. Vanessa still works at the Resteraunt. I guess this story could of gone another way were Grace did leave Kyle sitting on that bench, but in the end destiny had its way and it worked it magic.

3 years later.

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