The Eyes of a Killer

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Serial Killer, Jack Marley, has a good life. He has a hot, dumb wife that he loves, A good job that he loves to do, and a ton of money from that job. But, when he finds out his wife and his brother were hiding an affair from him, he goes berserk and murders them. After that, it got him thinking, Why doesn't he just go on a killing spree on all the people that he hated ever. So, look out Exs, backstabbers, and Cops. Jack has one question to ask you. "What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone?"

Submitted: April 03, 2015

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Submitted: April 03, 2015



The Eyes of a Killer

“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?” Jack Marley thought to himself when the hotel’s elevator’s doors opened and he walked inside.  He smiled, knowing that his wife is dead and it was his fault. Jack doesn’t feel guilt ever since he first killed his best friend, Barry Dewitt, for snitching on him when Jack stole a pair of glasses. He smiled, knowing that his wife is dead and it was his fault. Jack doesn’t feel guilt ever since he first killed his best friend, Barry Dewitt, for snitching on him when Jack stole a pair of glasses. Jack murdered Barry mercilessly and with no regrets. The elevator’s doors opened again and Marley walked out to the corridor. He walked down to room 849 and knocked on it. A man opened the door and looked at Jack. “Yeah?” The man asked in a low tone. Jack smiled and gripped his carving knife. “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?” Jack asked him. The man looked at Jack, confused with his sentence. Jack takes out the carving knife out of his long trench coat pocket and stabbed the man once in the abdomen then stepped back, releasing the blade from his abdomen and smiling. The man’s expression changed from a glare to a shocked gasp. He slammed into the ground hard and lay there, motionless with the same expression on his face. Jack picked him up and threw him inside on the ground. Jack smiled and yelled, “Honey! I’m home!” and Jessica Ashford runs into the kitchen. She almost fainted at the sight of the man, bloody and cut up. Jack walked towards her and kissed her neck. Jessica couldn’t move because she was frozen with fear. Jack stabbed her in the throat and dropped her onto the white carpet. Jack smiled and watched her struggle and squirm. Jessica pulled out the knife and tried to stop the flow of blood but it doesn’t work. Jessica died on the dark red carpet and Jack took the carving knife back. He cleaned it and put it back in his pocket. Jack walked out and walked to the elevator. “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone, Jessica? I know, you broke up with me.” Jack said to himself. Jack laughed and walked into the elevator and it closed. Jack smiled and checked off “Jessica Ashford” of his death list

Jack turned on the TV and sat down on the recliner. He switched on the news and saw the bodies in the room. Jack laughs and points. “I did that!” Jason exclaimed. He grabbed a beer and took a sip of it. He smiled as they hauled Jessica and her boyfriend out of the room in bags. Jack grabbed a notepad filled with names and turned on his laptop. Then, Jack types in a couple of names on Google and sees their Facebook accounts. He smiles as he looks at their posts. “Their practically giving their location away to strangers.” Jack wrote down their addresses and typed more names in Google. After 2 hours of looking for locations, Jack had all his soon-to-be victim’s locations. Jack finished his beer and threw it out the window. Jack opened up a closet and opened up a trapdoor in there. He walked in and started packing for his journey. He started grabbing a bunch of weapons. Knives, guns, explosives, and fake I.Ds and drivers licenses. Anything he could use to make sure his victims feel the most excruciating pain in their lives. Then, he grabbed a couple of credit card with half a million dollars on them, all together. He stepped out of the closet and walked outside. He walked to his car and got in. He drove to a house out in the county. He smiled as the mid afternoon sun gleamed on the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 he was driving. When he pulled into the street, he parked in front of a three floor house. “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?” Jack whispered as he got out. He walked up the steps on knocked on the door. An old man answered with his gun drawn. “I said I’m not payin’!”  Jack smiled at him.

Jack gripped his combat blade, which was in his pocket of his black trench coat and spoke softly. “Don’t worry Sir; I’m not from the government, just need to talk to your daughter.” Jack told him. The man put the gun down and scratched his head. “Well, she don’t live here anymore. She went to a fancy college in, um…” The man told Jack. “Florida, Jacksonville, I think.” Jack wrote it down and stabbed the man with the blade. The man fell on the wood ground and Jack walked inside. “Stupid old man, I know she’s here.” He whispered to himself. Jack looked around at the old house. He walked over to a picture of a young woman, early teens, smiling to the person looking at the picture, her blonde hair brushed down. She has on a dirty, white T-shirt, probably from working in the barn. She’s pretty, for a country girl. “What went wrong?” Jack asked himself as he put the picture down. Then, he yelled. “Bonnie! I’m here!” A woman, late 20s, ran down the stairs to see her father, dead on the porch, lifeless. She yelled and started to cry. “You Psychopath! Why did you do this to me!?” Jack only smiled and walked up to her. She started to back up, until she hit wall. Jack walked up close to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. She was paralyzed with fear and the kiss had confused her. She gave in and Jack backed up. “See, am I a psycho now?” He asked her. She shook her head and smiled. Then, Jack stabbed her in the arm and sliced down until there was nothing but bone. Jack smiled as she screamed in pain. Jack stabbed her in the trachea and watched her drop to the old wooden floor. Jack laughed and walked away. “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone, Bonnie? Cheat on me!” He whispered to himself. He walked to his Bugatti and sped away.

Jack went to Queen of Hearts, a huge bar with a dance floor and an arcade. He walked in and sat at the bar. A female bartender walked over to him, her big, blue eyes, greeting him. “Welcome to Queen of Hearts, what do you want, Hon?” She asked Jack. Jack smiled and looked into her eyes.”I’ll have a beer for me, and for you, a Margarita.” Jack told her, softly. She smiled and walked away to make the drinks. Jack looked at the dance floor and sees a bunch of 20 year olds dancing stupidly, childlike almost. Jack was thirty-two, but he looked like in his mid 20s with his long, blonde hair. She came back with two drinks. She placed them on the ground and smiled at him. “Here you go.” She said. Jack thanked her and took a sip. He watched her as she took a big sip from her drink. She looked at him and smiled. “So, what brings you to the county?” she asked him. Jack shrugged and took a sip from his beer. “How did you know I’m not from here?” he asked her. She smiled and took a big sip. “Nobody from here has a Sports car, that isn’t broken into pieces to sell.” She told him. He smiled, feeling like a big shot which he was, and asked her. “Did you hear about those murders uptown?” She nodded. “That killer is a madman. Running around, cuttin’ people up and leavin’ them.” She said. He hated her accent, very much. He looked at his watch and looked at her. “Do you think you can help me to my car? I’m very lightheaded.” He asked her. She nodded and walked out from behind the bar. She put his arm around her shoulder and they walked outside to his car. Then, he opened the door and before he got in, he stabbed her in the abdomen, quickly and swiftly. He stabbed her about 30 times before letting her drop. He got in and sped away in his car. “What’s the worst thing you can do to someone, Tess? Break up with me!” He whispered as he drove faster.

Jack got home around two, two thirty in the morning. He frowned, knowing those crimes won’t be noticed but, he had to get revenge. He opened the door and sat down on his chair. He turned on the TV and watched the news. He saw his earlier crime scene and smiled. “Thank god, they found it. Those pigs found it.” He said as he grabbed a beer. He cracked it open and took a big sip. He watched some more as they wheeled out Bonnie and her father on stretchers and in bags. They said that the murders from before were most definitely linked to the murders these ones. Jack clapped at the reporters findings. “Good job, Lisa. All that from behind yellow tape.” He exclaimed, sarcastically. He loved to talk to the TV and all the hot, dumb women reporters that report the obvious. He loved anything that made him crazy. He felt like he had the word “Psychopath” tattooed across his forehead, and he loved it. He finished the last of his beer and threw it out the window. He smiled as he got up. He looked at his blade, now stained with two women’s blood on it. He walked to his closet and climbed into his secret stash. He washed the blade and put it away. He grabbed his peeling knife and put it in his pocket. Then, he grabbed a big backpack. He packed a P80 and two clips, a Desert Eagle and three clips, three M83 Smoke Grenades, five M84 Flashbangs, four C4s, and 10 M67s. He also packed Airplane tickets, Fake I.Ds, Fake Passports, Credit cards with about half a million dollars altogether. After he packed, Jack went back out, closed and locked the door, and walked to his new Teewave AR1, he stole from a man while driving home. Jack turned it on and it started up and purred like a beauty. “Starting to love the rich life.” Jack said as he slammed the gas pedal down and drove down the road at 180 miles per hour.

Jack got to a huge three story house and parked in the huge driveway. He got out and knocked on the door. An old man opened the door and gasped. “Jack?” The man asked. Jack smiled, nodded, and took out his peeling knife. The man’s mouth dropped. Jack stabbed the man many times in the throat and then let him fall onto the cement steps. “Too bad Daddy, I was starting to like my elders.” Jack said to his father’s lifeless body. Jack walked into the large house and yelled. “Oh Mother! I’m here!” Jack’s mother walked downstairs and saw her son, all grown up. “J-J-Jackson? What are you doing here?”  She asked him. Jack kicked his mother in the leg and the kick sent his mother to the ground, hard. “My name is Jack! Not Jackson! Jack! J-A-C-K!” He screamed at his mother. His mother tried to get up but, Jack kicked her down. “Jackson, please. Don’t kill me; I’m sorry for mistreating you. Please.” His mother said to him. Jack took out his P80 and shot her in the leg. She screamed in pain and held her thigh. Jack leaned down to her level and smiled. “My name is Jack, Mother. Not Jackson!” He screamed. He stood up and kicked her in the gut. “Now, what’s the pass code for your bank account, I want my allowance now.” He asked her. She climbed up, leaning on a staircase. “It’s 1986.” She said. Jack pretended to wipe his eye and act surprised. “The year of my birth? That old man used the year of my birth? I almost feel bad for piercing him on the doorstep.” He said. She looked at him. “He loved you. More than I ever could.” She told him. Jack smiled and shot her 30 times with P80. After, she leaned on the staircase and fell over. Jack leaned to her mother’s ear and whispered. “Almost, Mother. Almost.” Then he walked out to his car and got in. He turned on the car and sped down the driveway, down the street. Jack smiled, knowing his mother and father are in a worse place now. “Oh dear parents, what’s the worst thing you’ve done to someone. I know, mistreating your own son and shipping him away!” Jack said to himself. He had a list, and everybody who was on it, was going to die.

Jack only had 3 people left on his list. Axel Greene, Rebecca Stone, and Lizzie Thomson. Jack knew they were all friends and he decided to go after them. Jack got a black Lincoln, knowing Axel would get the message, and drove all the way to Seattle, Washington to get them all. When he got there, he drove to a runway where his old army partner sells military vehicles cheap. Jack went to the back where there were three kinds of helicopters waiting for him. An M-27 Buzzard, a Black Hawk, and an AH-64 Apache. He took the AH-64 because the missiles had a lot of gunpowder in it and it could blow up a whole one story house and then blow up. Jack knew how to fly it and showed it. Jack strapped on a parachute and packed two backup ones. He got in and turned it on. He flew the helicopter towards the skyscraper where Rebecca Stone and Axel Greene were. He steadied the heli and fired the missiles at the building. Jack could see Axel running with Rebecca through the window. Jack smiled and moved the heli towards another side of the building. He fired the missile at the side of that building and laughed. “I’m coming for you, Greene and Stone!” Jack yelled. He moved back to his original position and saw them on the floor above him. He moved it up and saw them zoom into a room. Jack moved around to the other side and shot a missile at it. Jack saw the building lean and fired one more missile to be safe. Then, he flew away, laughing away the time.

Jack walked into his house sat down on his chair. Jack turned on the TV and watched as the coast guards tried to lift the humongous skyscraper out of the bay. He smiled and grabbed a beer. He cracked it open and took a sip. Then, Jack heard something that made him flip. Lisa Case, the female reporter on channel 6, said something that made Jack go berserk. “Detectives, Axel Greene and Rebecca Stone were two survivors in the disaster. They witnessed it and experienced it with their own eyes.” Lisa said firmly. Jack started pacing around his room. “They should have died! I made sure that they did!” Jack screamed. Jack grabbed his beer and smashed it on his floor. He hated to make mistakes. And he never did make mistakes, until today. Jack stormed outside to his car and drove to the hospital, knowing that one of them has to be there. He had a fake I.D that had the name “Alexander Stone” on it. He taped his picture on it and put it in his wallet. He drove to St. Mary’s Hospital and walked into the administration desk to get into Rebecca’s room. The woman behind the desk asked me for my I.D and Jack gave it to her. She checked the I.D and gave him a thumbs-up. He looked at her and asked. “What room for Stone?” She looked at her desktop and typed in something. “Room 207.” She told him. He thanked her and walked to the elevator and pressed the button to go up. Jack waited for three minutes and then it dinged. He walked into the empty elevator and pressed the “2” button. The elevator went up and in 2 minutes to the second floor. Jack walked out and walked down to room 207. He walked inside and saw them. Rebecca Stone, in a hospital gown, and Axel Greene, past out in a chair and with a blanket. He looked around and saw the clipboard that said “Patient’s Cause of Hospitalization- Coma (For unknown amount of time). Jack smiled and looked at Axel. He walked over and whispered in his ear, “I’ve missed you.” and walked over to Rebecca and whispered. “Rebecca… Rebecca, Baby. It’s me, Jackson. I’m here to kill you.” Jack chuckled silently and walked out of the room, letting the people he hated have a fair chance to fight back. “Just wait, People. You two will be dead. Besides, the worst thing you’ve ever done to me was push me away.” Jack walked out of the hospital and drove away and went into hiding. He couldn’t wait for his chance.

To Be Continued… 

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