Fireball! The Demon Game!

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This is a short explanation of the game Fireball which appears in the story "The Demon Razor War".

Submitted: April 08, 2011

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Submitted: April 08, 2011



Fireball! The Demon Game!


In the game of Fireball, there are two opposing teams who must block their opponents from scoring handbaskets while scoring handbaskets of their own.

Each team of seven players is set up with a Middleman in the front center. Just behind him on the outside edges of the pitch (which is 300 yards long by 50 yards wide), are the two front guards. The center guards stand toward the center of the width of the pitch about four yards apart. The rear guards stand in line with the front guards but at the back of the pitch.

Handbaskets are scored based on the distance (at least 1yard) the fireball is thrown into the catchbasket, which sits in the center of the pitch on a rotating pedestal while the handle of the catchbasket rocks back and forth. This must be done using a throwbasket, which is a medium sized basket at the end of a long handle, similar to a jai alai stick.

Passes must be from a distance of at least 1foot. Score attempts must be from at least 1yard. No player is permitted to deliberately make contact with another player’s throwbasket with any part of his body. Nor is he permitted to make any type of contact whatsoever with the catchbasket. To reiterate, only the fireball is permitted to touch the catchbasket at any time. Any touching of the catchbasket results in a 2-handbasket team penalty.

Scoring is as follows:

01 to 10 yards = 1 handbasket

11 to 20 yards = 4 handbaskets

21 to 30 yards = 6 handbaskets



Catchbasket – The rotating basket that sits at the center of the Fireball pitch. Players must get the fireball into this basket in order to score a handbasket.

Throwbasket – A long-handled carrying/throwing device used in Fireball.

Handbasket – A score in Fireball. Handbasket values are based on distance from the catchbasket when the attempt is made.

Body Bagging – Deliberate physical contact with the catchbasket. An illegal play.

Shadowing – The act of hovering over an opposing player in a manner meant to make any move impossible without physical contact. An illegal play.


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