My Short Book of Black Butler Poetry

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Several poems based on the "Black Butler" anime series.

These works are dedicated to all those who love Sebastian.

Submitted: March 30, 2011

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Submitted: March 30, 2011



The First Lesson of a New Demon

by Axel Ingleson

(Based on "Black Butler")

The day that he was born anew
And pain was driven from his heart
And troubles lifted from his mind
A new hunger in him did start.

At first it seemed a simple thing
That he could simply set aside
But soon he just could not ignore
The hunger fierce that grew inside

But not alone, the demon child
A guardian to guide his way
A long time friend, and butler mild
“Your first hunt comes upon this day.”

“To feed upon the human soul
A contract must first come to be
Obedient to this you’ll stay
Until completed flawlessly.”

“But how shall I the contract make
When none have heard of demon me
And all my friends believe me dead
In Heaven for eternity?”

“Turn now your ear to mortal pain
And hear their tears fall to the ground
Then choose the one whose grief is great
Whose pain and need are most profound.”

“Then soul with no hope placed within
Shall make pact with a demon new
And serve a master good or bad
I shall endeavor just like you.”

“Then let us go and find that soul
And make contract that you might dine
And may luck bring you a master
Who is as good to you as mine.”


The Second Lesson of a New Demon

The fires burn in blood-pink eyes
Butler is he and mother, too
The day has come for him to train
The boy he serves, a demon new

“Though you may always count on me
Its time you learned, hear what I say
These words you speak when pact is made
So heed me now, or price you’ll pay”

“What price that be?” asked demon child
“Hunger of the fiercest kind,”
The demon butler eyed him firmly,
“So please keep my words to mind.”

“But you can not a contract make,
Since indentured you are to me
And through a simple quirk of  fate
Shall be through all eternity.”

“I shall not make a contract true
For right you are, I shan’t betray
But show with friend a sample of
How it is done, this very day.”

“And which friend do you plan to seek
For die all my friends would of fright
And William Spears would then complain
Of paperwork he had all night.”

“The one of whom I speak to you
Is midwife to the newly dead
With eyes a shade of piercing green
And tresses long of vibrant red.”

“And clothes flamboyant I recall
Must it be he? His flame still burns
He has not given up on which
His Shinigami heart  does yearn”

“’tis for this reason I have chosen
He with whom to show you how
To make the needed demon pact
So say I to you, “Watch! Learn how!”

And so the pair did travel then
To where they heard the teardrops fall
Down ivory cheeks past trembling lips
Of fairest Death God of them all

“Would you with I a contract make?”
The butler demon asked of him
“To show my charge how it is done
To change his chance to great from slim.”

“I would if it would something mean
And if to me you’d pledge your love
Perhaps we two, should raise this demon
Child you are speaking of?”

“I can’t be shared, It‘s just not done,”
The demon told him truthfully
“’tis just example that I seek.
To show my master how to feed.”
“And I shall not a harlot be!”
More precious tears these words did bring
“I shan’t say yes or no to you
Until the day I wear your ring.”

As demon child heard these word
A smile crept upon his face
An evil thought, yet not so bad
Would keep both of them in their place.

“You shall make contract with this one
And yet I hold you still to mine.
For demon contract we do have
While marriage is a different kind.”

Entrapped then, by those fateful words
The demon simply shrugged and said
“Where shall a demon and a Death God
Go to where they can be wed?”

“I may be young, but as an earl
I have the power within me
To make a law, or marriage pact
Fear not, my friend, I’ll oversee.”

“And when ‘tis done, Shinigami
You’ll never to your job go back
Your work instead shall be to point
The way those sweet souls I lack.”

“And you, my butler, shall obey
There’s simply nothing you can say
To convince me to change my mind
Dear butler, it’s your wedding day.”
The Shinigami then did smile
One of his dreams at last made real
As the butler from his master turned
And before him did start to kneel.

Amusement lit the young earl’s face
As demon then did pledge his word
Though secretly the butler thought
The whole ordeal quite absurd.

“He can’t mean to go through with it
“It cannot happen anyhow
It simply is one of those things
The higher powers won’t allow.”

He waited for the call of “stop”
From either side, which both declined
Perhaps they saw this marriage pact
As how to keep the two in line.

And as the child demon earl
Performed the rites the butler smiled
For he’d trapped two immortal souls
“Not bad,” he thought, “for just a child.”


Ciel’s Lament

I am his master, that he knows
And yet he still forsakes
My demand at half past ten
For one or two cupcakes

He won’t let me just lounge about
He says its bad for me
And that I since I am an earl
Must invite company

He says I must work hard each day
“Appearance to maintain!”
And if I fall he warns that I
Might not rise up again.

He seems to think that he’s the one
Who is in control here
But I forgive him when he’s there
To drive away my fears

Ironic that, demon is he
And more ironic still
He keeps a cat in my garden
He does against my will!

I think this every single day
He loves her more than I
I simply can’t keep them apart
No matter how I try.

He loves her so effortlessly
This is not jealousy
I simply need a butler
Who’s willing to serve me

I see the look that’s in his eyes
It’s love of that I’m sure
He says that of all that he’s met
She’s the most sweet and pure

As demon he can change his shape
That he’d not better do
How can he serve his master
If he’s a kitty, too?


The Tom Cat In The Phantomhive Garden
(another Black Butler poem by Axel Ingleson)

“Sebastian, Sebastian, come answer to me
You’re coat is a mess and just shouldn’t be”

“Forgive me, Young Master, it causes me pain
I look quite untidy, and cannot explain.

I am so very sorry for letting you down.”
“Never mind! Worse than that, there’s a tom cat around.”

“Do not worry, Young Master, he’ll cause you no harm.”
“I am not one who thinks many kittens a charm.”

“So be sure when you see him just to shoo him away.
Or it just may be you who is leaving today.”

“Our contract forbids it, so I shall not go.
And Young Master, there’s something you ought to know”

“I’m aware of the tom cat, though I’ve never seen
And I’ve walked all the places that you say he’s been.

I have petted the soft fur of the queen cat, too.”

“I begin to suspect, that the tom cat was you.”

“I’m afraid that you are right, My Lord, that was me.
And the count of my kittens is seventy-three.”

© Copyright 2017 AxelIngleson. All rights reserved.

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