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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hisan is in jail for being a thief and a whore. If it's not bad enough the only freedom she can have involve something she wish not to do. What will she choose and what will happen?


The two bodies laying upon the old bed seem to scream out the pleasure which echo from the walls of the room. Sweat dance within the air heavily causing moister to ride the window with a endless kiss of fog. When the bodies had stop, they would move from each other cold and hated. Sex linger in the air with no value of ever knowing otherwise. Words would not be said as one body gets up and leaves the room. Cries can be heard that same-day, but it will be ignored like always. Then blood creeps along the floor with fingers of beaded red giving the eyes of the first body one last look among the life that almost was.....

Hisan awoke pushing herself from the cold floor placing her hands upon her head. The dream seem so real to her that it was as if the body was her. Ever since she could remember this dream plague her every night. But it always seem to change and end the same. Death was the final act. Breathing heavily Hisan shifted her posture looking up to realize that she was still within the dungeon of the castle. A guard had fallen asleep leaning against the wall just across the cell holding the spear in his grasp. Moving to her feet, the female walk towards the bar fixing the white dress she wore only to make herself seem beautiful. Her crimes was simple. She was a common thief which seduce men then rob them after bedding them. The luck had ran out when she try to robe the prince who happen to be visiting the town that day. Hisan sighs before yelling to the guard to awaken him.

‘Guard I am thirsty. May I have water?’ her voice travel against the walls reaching back to her. She step back for a moment hating the sound of her voice. It was not that she didn’t have a lovely voice. It was for the first time in her life, she sounded weird hearing her voice echo back. The guard awoken kicking from the wall shaking off the feeling of sleepiness before approaching the bars slamming his spear upon it. The sound of metal smack upon metal made Hisan jump back in semi-fear wondering if the guard was going to stab her with it. But it was not the spear which had taken her by surprise that much. It had been what was said next. For it was true and she shall not denied the facts that she was in doubt what the guard had said.

‘Shut up you thieven whore. I shall not fetch you water. You can rot for all I care.’ his voice held anger in them. Hisan glare at him before turning around and retreating to the small bed upon the left side of the cell. Her black hair fell upon her slender body as moonlight grace a angelic glow to her look. For the guard instantly and for a moment took pity upon the female. He felt as if this was him and she was him. She would have fetch him water ,but just as the thought can it was interrupted.

‘Ahhh Hisan I see you’ve awaken. ‘ A young man step from the darkness of the corridor bowing to the guard who bow back. His smile seem to plaster his face with a hint of grief then anger. Hisan stood up not moving to bow before the male, but glare at him. He laughs at the action before dragging the chair he had place upon the left side in front of the cell and took a seat. ‘It’s nice to see you up and about my dear. Now I have come with good news.’ his voice gave away to something the female couldn’t place . She nod before moving towards the bar taking a seat upon the floor still glaring towards the male.

‘You are to be freed. he begun seeing her face lighten up for the first time. But.... You must marry me.’ he said watching her sink back into the face of madness. There was a moment of silence for what seem to be hours before the female had said anything more. ‘So to be free I must marry you?’ her tone was one of anger yet softness. The male nod before leaning back against the chair staring towards the bar window to the clouded skies.

‘You see I am to be crown prince since my father died and I have to be married. I thought you. It be a way to give you a home and freedom.’ he spoke. Hisan took all that was said in then stood up to fix her dress. Without looking to him she spoke. ‘I rather met my mother in thee heavens then marry you Sir Haven.’ she lifted her head and spat upon the males face. In her eyes fire seem to blaze giving the female a feeling of power. Haven wipe the spit from his face before standing .

‘Then your execution shall be tomorrow as planned. Good day miss Hisan.’ he bow before he then wonder off into the day leaving her to think. She knew that she had made a mistake by denying the offer. A chance of freedom by marriage only she didn't want all that. If it ment giving herself to someone she didn’t love, then death rather be her second choice. Sighing Hisan sat back upon the bed figuring out now how she was going to escape this dreaded castle. Leaning back against the stiff pillow, her eyes became heavy with sleep. Tiredness came in waves like the ocean meeting the shore. Closing her eyes she told herself that by tomorrow she was to be a free woman once more. And with that she befell to sleep dreaming the same dream.

Next Day
The sound of alarms jerk the prince to reality knowing that something was a missed. A maid had burst into the room beyond fear speaking far to fast for him to understand. ‘Slow down and tell me what is going on.’ he said leaning up reviling his bare chest. The maid explain that one of the cooks was killed by a figure which has enter through the passage door upon the left. She didn’t get a good look to who it was. The prince spoke something under his breath before dismissing the maid. He move from his bed and place his rob on exiting the room to the chaos of the people running around yelling. Just down the hall stood the cloak figure as the maid as described .
‘So Haven we’ve meet again.’ the voice said removing the sword from it’s sheath on it’s back. Haven knew that this day was to come since he had capture the female. A smile cross his face as he spoke back to the figure in awaiting. ‘Yes we met again Axilic. I see you’ve come to free your sister. Well I must say your doing a great job,but you won’t get very far now.’ he said removing the sword from the sheath that hung upon the door of his room. Holding it in front of him, he look to his left then right. Axilic shook his head in disapprovement stepping back into a running start.’ Thou shall never mess with a assassins sister.’ He said kicking from his spot racing towards the prince.

Haven run towards the male as well shifting to his left as the sword came down in a side-way motion. It missed him as he ram his left foot towards the males kneecap. If this shall connect the force that was put into this kick would dislocate the knee. Axilic watch his sword miss realizing the male was trying to kick his knee out. Faster then the prince had instated, he would step back now moving the sword from the point it had ended and move it up in a another sideway attack . The blade would hit the princes low arm cutting him enough to have the prince shot back. Haven scream out in anger as he drop the sword to cup his shoulder feeling the warmth of his blood taste his hand. ‘I shall show you no mercy.’ Axilic spoke stepping to the male . Within the seconds that his body had move to block the male, he didn’t seem to take note that just behind Axilic a much older male had approach the two.
‘Enough Axilic. You are not to kill him. We’re here to save your sister and that’s it.’ the male took the sword and the sheath from the other male before turning his gaze upon the prince still watching the other two. It dawn upon him that the other man was the great assassin Marajit. Axilic friend and lover. Axilic look to the male in a face which said what, but discard the thought and turn to look back at Haven. Bending down, Axilic came face to face with him to a point where the smell of ale hit his face. ‘You’ve luck out Prince Haven. Next time we meet. I shall kill you.’ he said . Axilic stood up and turn on his heels descending down the hall with Marajit leaving Haven to bleed.

................. ................... ...................... .................. .................. ................... ..................

Hisan move her gaze upon the platform from where she would be hung thinking of her brother. She had hope that her death would not have been in vein. She had hoped that her brother would one day avenge her. She hoped. All that hope soon became doubt as her body was lifted upon the platform with a crowd watching her ever move. Her hands were bound behind her back giving less of a chance of escaping. ‘People of Cratevil we have now to execute this female for whoreness and thieving. She shall be hung till dead.’ the man in black had spoken placing the nooses around her neck giving her a look. Then stepping aside the male grab hold of the lever and pulled it. A trap door open letting the female fall before the rope caught her in mid-air. She didn’t try to struggle nor try to get free. It had became no use to her anyway. Looking up to the sky, Hisan whisper something to herself.

Blackness begin to shape her vision as the sound of screams filled her head. The crowd was now running around in panic. Hisan watch best to her ability, but fell short as darkness took over more. Air in her throat begin to close fully up creating the pain within her neck. Her mouth became dry as her voice cracked when she let a laugh escape. The sound of silence now wash among the females ears as she lean her head back speaking . ‘God thou shall forgive my sins. For let me met thy mother in heaven.’ The moment she had said this, the rope had been cut freeing her. As she hit the floor with a thud, a figure approached her smiling. The world around her had gone dark as all sounds drown out.

Submitted: May 06, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Axilic Deathknight. All rights reserved.

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oh my gosh, this is really good!!!!!
i really LOVED reading it, because it was really interesting :)
AWESOME job, please keep writing!!!!
xoxo nix

Sat, May 7th, 2011 12:32am


Will do. Thanks for reading.


Fri, May 6th, 2011 8:13pm


Oooo >.> You make my work look like crap. Carry on with the good work.

Mon, May 9th, 2011 10:35pm


'I love your work!! Will do.'

ps. Lovers you!!

Mon, May 9th, 2011 9:14pm


Loved it!

Wed, May 11th, 2011 8:05am


Thank you!!


Wed, May 11th, 2011 10:23am

Andre Molina

epic writing, it leaves me with chills haha. Nice job
If my work is poetry, yours is its maker.. you've got it. No one ever knows what *it* is.. but whatever it is, you got it =)

Fri, May 20th, 2011 2:29am


Thank you. I am turning this story into a novel which I am working on.


Fri, May 20th, 2011 6:46am

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