Crawling Souls

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

“In the City of Light lays the Valley of Darkness and the creatures who walk among men unnoticed.”

A vampyre hunter was force to give up on his life to save the world from creatures who fought to destroy humanity. All contact to his old life was now no longer allowed until fate brings him back to someone he thought he never see again.

A young boy who’s life is not going anywhere,can never seem to move on from the death of his lover Jack.Mopping on in life,Makutoro finds himself going through a daily cycle till the attack of one girl and a meeting of one boy change all that.

What happens when a boy finds himself running from the law now for a killing of a creature that wanted to kill him.What happens when memories of the past come back to the hunter that he fought to never remember again.And just how does this two fit into each others lives exactly?

Part 1

‘Are you my mommy?’ the small child wearing the black strapless dress asked before taking a seat upon the coaled couch.’ No I am here to save you.’ Axilic said tired-some wishing he wasn’t here doing this. The burned down house house remained standing even through the storm. This little girl seem to have survived it all as her family died. Now  Axilic was called into fix this. Hows that mister?’She ask all cute moving towards the male. He didn’t speak at first at moving his right hand towards one of his daggers. A cold breeze brush against the walls causing the room to moan. Slowly pulling the dagger out,he place it to his side embracing the female in a half hug.”By killing your demon.”he whispered. The small girl looked at him with a twisted dark smile. Axilic moved the dagger across her throat with speed slightly entering her juaggler. Ahhhh!”the girl jump back holding her own throat. “Your going to hell for your crimes against humanity.”he spoke coldly. A piercing laugh echo from within the room as the girl spoke through harsh whispers. “Y...Your one to talk. Are you like me?What make us so different?”Axilic would race towards the female reaching her in short steps placing the dagger within her side ripping to the right. Blood painted the ashed ground with deep red sending  a disgusting smell to  hang into the air turning his back on the now dead corpse he moves his hair from his eyes. “I don’t prey upon the innocent like you. I hope your comfortable in hell.”he said  vanishing into the night.
..... ..... ........... ..... ............ ...... ............ ...... ......

The half naked male rolled over in bed placing his right thumb upon the alarm clock silence button trying to stop the annoying song of Gummy Bears from playing on.”Ug I don’t feel like getting up today.”the male said pushing himself from the bed. He wonder who this client was this time having no memory of last night. It took him a second to notice that this room seem familiar to him yet different somehow. “You hungry babe?” the voice carried from the kitchen on his right side. Descending from the kitchen was a male in his teens wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse pajama bottoms with a clean white beater on. On his left hand was a ring he saw a million times knowing that this man was married. Rushing from the bed to find his clothes, the male spoke in a cold tone not wanting to be rude. “No thanks Jack. I have to get to work. His eyes would dart up to see that the man had vanished from the kitchen archway. The smell of bacon which always linger when he awoke here was  stale mix in with the wash of cheap cologne. He sighed wondering where Jack had vanished to. Pushing the thought a side,he pulled his black shirt over his head,gripping his shoes in his left hand heading for the door. “Today we should be getting rain .” the t.v blare as the male sighs hating the rain. It wasn’t that he hated it cause it was wet,no he hated it cause it ruin his chance to go on a picnic with the jock from his job. He worked at a YMCA as a helper. The jock was a regular visiter to the place always sending the flirt flash to Makutoro. He knew that telling the male that he was a prostitute cause he couldn’t sustain a job would ruin any chance of having a relationship with the male so he never spoke of his second job. Unlocking the door finally,Makutoro step out closing the door behind him knowing that in the end of it all,he would come back to Jack’s place. Closing the door making sure it was lock,he would being to walk towards the elevator stopping when he heard someone crying. Looking towards the steps,the male could spot a young girl maybe 17 or 16 wearing a red salsa dress with red pumps curl up hugging her knees. Searching the hallway for others,he move to her with caution not sure if she was like someone of the other nuts he ran into every now and then. “You ok ma’am?”he ask stopping inches from her. At first the female didn’t say anything nor move to look his way as if he was never there. Stepping a tad bit closer ,the female would stop crying speaking this time with sadness in her tone of voice. “No I am not fine. My mother is dying of cancer and my father just try to kill me.” Makutoro face gone completely grim as he move to her side. Placing a hand on her shoulder,he would pull her in till her head rested softly on his shoulder whispering to her. “I am sorry.” He said looking at her from the corner of his eyes. What was it about her that cause the chill to run down his back. Something wasn’t right all,but he couldn’t place his finger on it. Sighing he shrug the feeling off before turning all the way to face the female. Her mouth now held a evil-some smile. “I want to show you something on the roof.” he voice dance softly. “No I got to get to work. I am already late enough.” Makutoro said standing up brushing himself off. The female follow the same motion then grab his arm tugging on it. “Please it will only be a second. she plead  in the cutest voice she could mustered. He didn’t want to hurt this girls feeling sensing that she was emotional . “Fine,but only for a minuet.” he said watching the female face turn into a smile before she start tugging him up the stairs. Following with no questions the feeling of something just was not right hit him again. Trying to play it off as him just hungry from not eating this morning,they reached the last flight of steps knowing that the roof was just beyond the  tagged door. “Isn’t this fun?” the female ask looking to him. He nod to her actually having some fun. As they reach the last step,Makutoro stop for a moment to catch his breath looking at the female who was not only five minuets again balling her eyes out. “You ok?”She’ll ask titling her head to the right. He nod to her moving with her now towards the door. She opened it stepping outside carefully as Makutoro followed her wondering what she was to show him. “So what was it you wanted to show me?”he ask stepping outside. She didn’t say anything at first moving towards the edge of the building just standing there smiling. “When death is the last place you think your free from all pain there is a whole new world you would never thought to exist. It opens your eyes to a new found safety. Feeding from humans. Up late nights. No care in the world.” she said. He look at her wondering if he the first half of her words. ‘Feeding from humans? What does she mean by that?’ he thought before moving back a step. The female then would step from the edge moving over to Makutoro in a slow dancing way. “Your free to never feel pain or sadness again.” she grip to his arm now looking into his eyes. Lost within the deep blueness of then,he nod like a zombie. A smile spread across her face once again this time reviling the fangs she held. “Join us .” she moves her mouth towards the males arm close to sinking her teeth in them,but Makutoro jerk back in fear. “No I can’t.”he step back again almost tripping over himself. “Why not?”the girl ask moving closer every now and then. He didn’t answer due to the now fear that sunk within his body . Like death was breathing heavily on his neck now waiting for him to answer his last thing before dying in some sick-way. “Your a blood sucking freak who creates choas. I rather died then to join you.” he said turning now  to the door which was still open. He race down the flight of stairs not wanting to look back at the female who he was sure to be following him.

‘No I am crazy. This isn’t happening. I was imagining all of that. Then why am I still running and why can’t I look behind me. Fear that I was crazy after all?’He thought as his right foot caught just upon the last step of the ninth floor causing the male to hit the ground with a thud. ‘Dammit. I am late for work.” he laughs at is his words as he push from the floor finding that he was alone now. He shook his head wondering if in all reality if he was dreaming about what just happen in some day wake kind of way. Casting to his feet ,the male move towards the elevator pressing the down buttonwaiting as he hum a song he seem to remember from his child-hood.  “Dancing Bears. Painted Wings. Thing I almost remember. Soon you'll be home with me. Once Upon A December.”he sang out loud stepping into the elevator as it opened. Pressing the floor one button, the feeling of something not being right stole the males core with a sucker punch. His eyes scan the outside quickly finding nothing there, but the trash left by those who lived within the building. Trying to relax,the elevator closed and proceeded to head down. Annoying music blare from the side causing the male males thought process to muddle ever so slightly. ‘Who was that girl?Was she real?’he thought. The elevators light burst off causing Makutoro to stop thinking realizing that maybe just maybe he was having a day. “Oh no I am real.” the familiar voice spoke as the girl figure could hardly be made out within the dark. Setting the male back a bit,he try to play tuff not wanting to show that he was in the least bit scared of the female. “Why do you want me?What did I ever do to you?” he ask steadily hinting a slight fear in his tone. The female move cross the elevator to Makutoro gripping her hand around his throat lifting against the wooden walls. “Poor poor Makutoro. You been wasting away in your own sorrow pretending that your little boyfriend Jack was still alive. You image his existence. You wish the pain to go away so I am here to offer you a way out. Join me in immortality . To be free from your pain forever.” she said . Silence kiss the room with a heavy intoxicated moment before something was finally said. “No I can never be like you beast.” was all he could muster up. Her grip tighten around the males neck as he face was now inches from his smelling the strong scent of blood in her mouth. “Wrong answer” she laughs tossing him across the elevator into the wall as she walk towards him. Her eyes where now green like a forest almost entitling that somehow she could of had a soul to feel pity. Pressing himself against the wall with his eyes closed hopping that the female would just leave,a wave of sudden calmest appear over him or was it now the deep red which stain his clothes. “You should probley get out while you can. Your in danger.” a male voice would speak causing Makutoro to open his eyes in surprise. The male now which stood before him was about 18 wearing a black shirt ,black jeans and high-heel boots. His auburn hair seem to cover his eyes from view making it hard to tell if he was human or one of those. Well who ever he was,he just saved Makutoro from death. ‘T....thank you sir.” he said now standing to see the female’s body cut in half. “You must go into hiding now. You’ll a now wanted crimal  who slaughter a girl. I best run if I where you.’ And with that warning,the male jump through the hole in the celling vanishing for good. The light came back on not shinning  joy into the subject at hand. He was right someone is going to notice that he was covered in blood and the girl. Sighing Makutoro stop the elevator and press the up key to the ninth floor.

...... ....... ............... ...... .............. ....... .............. ........ .............. ....... .......

Submitted: March 20, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Axilic Deathknight. All rights reserved.

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Kurlz Basheld

That was awesome!

Sun, March 20th, 2011 11:38pm


Thank you alot...Yeah it's going to be a series I am going to write.I'll update ya when I have more.


Sun, March 20th, 2011 4:55pm


Can we save our work on this website?

Mon, March 21st, 2011 7:19am


Yeah..It saves it after you post.

Mon, March 21st, 2011 11:17am


=O!! Nuuu stopping there mister! I need to read more of this! It ish awesomeeeee!! More more more ! Hehe, love yah hun =)

I am now your stalker!

Mon, April 11th, 2011 6:26am


Lol ok I shall write the second one soon.

Wed, April 13th, 2011 2:55pm

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