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Submitted: April 26, 2014

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Submitted: April 26, 2014



Goodness sometimes can be weakness

Thus the head of evil is rising tall.. to engulf us all

That was the night

When I was sitting against the light

Me and my mind were singing along

What could have gone wrong?

What could have gone wrong??

Working hard and expecting the best

Getting worst and bloated from stress

Why am I always facing the west?

I love everyone more than my life

My harmonies lack sudden strife

Also I'm not evil (I guess)

than what could have gone wrong?

Me and my mind were singing along.


"Everything's not the way you see.. Everything's not a mystery".

(a Dark figure.. appeared from nowhere)
"Let out all the viciousness you have

and see what wonders you can make

Nobody cares who you are

Until you rise and start a War

Your life is filled with lies

Take my hand andreach beyond the skies".


"Lucifer is my name

I'll give you everything

Wealth, Fame.. Power, Aim.

You're holding a broken glass

You're not the first; nor you're last

I'll mend your open sores

Things beyond your imagination will be yours

I lives inside you.. just like I lives in every other

Let me out.. and I'll vanish all your doubts

Stronger then ever I am

Take my hand and be my friend

I'll come the day.. when there will be no light

I'll give you a new vision.. a new sight".


Then He dissolved in thin air

Just like the way He appeared

Leaving me there shivering and confused

Shall I say yes or shall I refuse?

Tempting his offer might be..

and indeed I'm bruised

Shall I say yes or shall I refuse??


That was the night

When I was sitting pretty tight

Me and my mind were singing along

Where does my heart belong?

Where does my heart belong??


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