Oh Damn! I'm falling for my ma'am

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Love at first sight. Person of interest- My Teacher!

Submitted: April 26, 2014

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Submitted: April 26, 2014



When I was a child, the thoughts were pretty wild

Fell in love with my maths teacher

But don't blame me, she had splendid features


But love was lost in the air, when I was in despair

The feelings were gone, when I was alone

But what the heck, The feelings are back

I would say it was last Thursday

Went to college; to gain some knowledge

The day was boring; lectures worth ignoring

But then came someone assuring

With eyes that makes you believe

Face that makes you smile

Don't blame me, if I stared her for a while

Oh damn! She's our ma'am!


A little bit insecure, a little bit shy

In a dark night, like a firefly

She's divine and I feel fine

Oh damn!! I think I'm falling for my ma'am!


You know it was okay uptil now

I was ignoring the feeling somehow

But when she blushed, God! I was crushed

That innocence made my heart racing

My teacher looks like a blessing

Like an oasis in a desert

Like a Nirvana concert

And whaamm! I'm in love with my ma'am!


Freebyrd is trapped inside a heart

Like a Canvas caging a piece of art

Wait... What the hell was that?

Does it make any sense?

What’s with this chick flick

What’s with this flimflam?



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