The Trail of the Golden Sakura

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl who gets into trouble to often for her mother is offered to take on a job by her father. On the way to a meeting she runs into a boy with golden eyes. Ever since that encounter she can't get rid of him or shake what happend in that small meeting.


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The breeze took the petals from the little blossoms in the trees.

I took off down the path. I was going to be late. I decided it was time to take a short cut. I jumped over the fence and ran down a forgotten path that I had found years ago when I had run from the people at school.

The breeze could never take away your worries.

I slowed down when I saw a boy laying in the sun. He looked like he was asleep. His brown hair was messy and had a few petals from the cherry blossom laying in it. I didn’t know someone else knew about this little place other than me.

But if you follow it and find where its heading.

I stared at him for a moment but when he opened his eyes and began to sit up I jumped. His eyes were golden like none I’d ever seen.

You’ll find the golden trail surrounded by the blossoms of life.

He looked at me and smiled.

“You looking for something?” he asked. His voice was pure and gentle. It carried a strange ring with it. He wasn’t like other people I could tell the much.

And there is where freedom shall begin…


My name is Aries. Yeah, I know it’s a star sign. It works out fine cause I was born in this sign. I’m a bit different than your average girl. What I mean by that is…

“Stop her!”

I cause a lot of trouble.

“You can’t run away from school anymore.” My mom tells me I’m an amazing person and that I should take care of thing like this better but I didn’t really have any interest of going to school. I just wanna go and do what I want not what I’m told to do.

“Come on let’s try something else, ok, Aries?” My dad’s a business man who is super powerful and since my baby brother was still born and my mom’s been depressed she’s been hard on me.

“Sure.” My dad showed me a bunch of things I could do and it turns out I’m a huge part now. He’s made me the assistant manager of one of his companies. This branch designs gear for so called government spies. While I have designed created and sold many different things I have been trained to use and fight and other things like a real so called spy.

Today I was running late for a meeting. So I had tried to take a short cut but I got held up by this boy.

“You’re Aries Dorado. Correct?” He stood up, he had Black jeans and a silver tank top with the words control = power in dark blood red. He was tall. I knew I was 5’3’’ and that’s not too tall but he looked at least 6’.

“Yeah who’s asking?” I demanded. He smiled

“No one special, I’ve just had my eye on you for a while.” I didn’t like that smile. “My name is Derik, Derik Redgon.”

I shrugged. “Ok? Nice talking to you but I really have to go now…” I looked at my watch. “Crap!!! My dad’s so gonna kill me!” I started to run past him. “Sorry I really have to go, by-” before I finished my sentence he grabbed my arm and kissed me. I was shocked. His eyes glowed looking into mine. I did the only thing I thought right. I jumped back and kicked him in the side. I stared in shock as he blocked my kick with the back of his hand.

“You may be fire but I’m water.” He said. “And this isn’t the last we’ll meet.” With that he smiled turned and headed back the way I came. I stared after him and when he was out of sight I slumped to my knees.

“Wha- What on earth was that?”

While some people choose to ignore it,

Their soul holds a great power.

Sometimes no matter how much water there is,

You can never put out the fire in someone’s soul.

You can only tame it…

I ran into the conference room.

“Sorry I’m late I got held up.” I sat down at the head seat, and the meeting continued. I couldn’t focus thou. My thoughts kept drifting to that boy. His eyes had definitely glowed after he had kissed me. Worse off, that was my first kiss.

I sighed as I walked out of the conference and to school. I hated still having to go to school. I thought about skipping and sleeping on the roof. I shrugged to myself and walked in past my class and up to the highest point in the building. I opened the doors and looked at the amazing view. My school was 13 stories high. It’s a private school for students who excel at things.

The only thing I excel at is fighting and getting in to trouble. But my dad said this was a good thing. I climbed up on top of the stair case entrance. I looked at the clouds and drifted off.

“Guys we should get back to class!” I heard someone open up the door. I lay still and listened.

“Oh hush. We already took this class last year so why take it again?”

“Cause you failed it last year.” Another voice, a sudden light went off in my head. It was him.

“Shut up Derik. Just ‘cause you’re in all the advanced classes doesn’t mean you get to lecture me.”

“Actually, Garret it does.”

“No one asked you brat!”

“Waa- Derik, hide me.”

“You’re on your own here.” A pause.

“What’s the matter Derik?”

“Hm- oh nothing thought I saw something.” Another pause. “You guys head back first.”

“Alright see ya!”

“Whatever, nap time.”

The door closed. I sat up slowly. Suddenly a black figure used the side of the place I was sleeping as a propel and jumped up in front of me. I stared at the figure.

“So, even you take cat naps up here.”

“What are you doing here?” I asked still shocked someone could jump like that.

“Same thing you are. Skipping class.” He laid down next to me.

I had no clue this is what he meant by this isn’t the last we’ll see each other. I thought he was joking. I felt something weird in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t know what but maybe it was just me getting sick.

“Sure seems like your following me.”

“Maybe, I only follow those I’m interested in.” I sighed and looked at the clouds. “I’ve heard about you from my parents.” I looked at him. “You’re a designer correct, of government spy weapons.” How did he know? “Then you’re also a spy yourself.”

“How do you know all th-” I rembered he told me his last name. The same last name of the people she had a meeting with about the newest technology to create a new kind of weapon. “Your parents. Are they really-” he nodded his head without opening his eyes.

“Well technically their just the people who assign weapons and missions they retired form actually completing them. On the other hand I haven’t yet.”

“Yet?” Who was this boy?

Just as the river flowes

And the fire burns

The end will come again

And when fire and water clash

None is left unharmed

After a few weeks of skipping class and him tracking me down to find me the funny feeling in my stomach wouldn’t go away. So, one day after school I went to my mom with a question.

“What does it mean when you get a weird feeling around someone?” she froze in the middle of drying a plate.

“What do you mean?”

“Like in the pit of your stomach.” I said.

“Around anything specific?” Always with the questions…

“A guy.” She turned and looked at me.

“Would you tell me about him?”

I told her about Derik and how we talk on the roof of school sometimes, I didn’t tell her it was during classes, and how he had kissed me so suddenly.

“Seems like you and him like each other.”

“But he’s just and idiot like every other guy I met.”

“You can’t change the way your heart feels about someone.” Sometimes she can give really good advice but other times I’m not so sure…

While wise men say never play with fire,

Children have too much curiosity

And when the fire burns

Only water will save the curious

And once it’s out

Will it ever regain its amazing light and glory?

Submitted: December 24, 2012

© Copyright 2020 AyamaZero. All rights reserved.

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Two words: dark and deep.

Fri, February 22nd, 2013 8:01pm


Thanks! I try to get feelings to my reader, glad you liked it!

Fri, February 22nd, 2013 1:54pm

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