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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Gut drop feeling, hands sweating, heart racing, shyness seeping in. All of this in one moment on stage. Can Kayla overcome her fear of stage fright?

My hands get sweaty as i held the script in my hands, i glance over at the other actors gathered around and reviewing the script. I look back down at my lines and try to control the deep emotions swirling in my stomach, "breathe" I tell myself out loud. I run through the lines by myself and try to find myself in the character. I never really liked the idea of acting, anytime I get near a stage or do any public speaking i clam up and can barely get a word out. I shake my head and look for Eve, Eve is my best friend and by far the most outgoing person I've ever met. She suggested we do this together since " This is what best friends do Kayla" she said as she dragged me into the auditions.

 I find her in the middle of the group of other actors and gently pull her aside. " Eve i really don't think i can do this, i have horrible stage fright everyone will laugh when i go up there" I whisper to her furiously as she rolls her eyes.

" You're being silly, no one will laugh besides you can get over your stage fright" Eve says as she makes her way back to her group.

 "Eve I really can't do this, I've never acted in my life" I exclaim as I reach to grab her. But Eve avoids my reach and jumps back into the group beckoning me over. I shake my head and go back to my chair, I look over at the other actors and wonder how they do it, how do they stand up on that stage and become someone new. " Alright people lets get this auditions rolling, when your name gets called please come up to the stage!" a loud voice booms, I look up and see a bald man with neon orange sweater and brown trouser. 

 "He's the director for this play" a voice whisper beside me, nearly jumping out of my seat I look over and see a boy sitting beside me. With short black hair and green eyes he held out his hand, " Hi I'm Kyle, what part are you auditioning for?". "Nothing really, I was dragged into this by my friend" I shake his hand solemnly and look up at the stage as a short girl with brown shoulder length hair bellows out some monolog she brought from home. Kyle smiles and watches as the girl dances around the stage saying her lines, "Don't you just love it when you disappear into your character" he says grinning as the girl finishes up. "I've never been able too, I have stage fright" I reply solemnly "This is my first auditions and I've never liked speaking in huge crowds". 

Kyle nods his head and continues watching as the next actor steps on stage. " It's pretty easy to be honest, I have stage fright and I love acting, I love becoming someone new" he whisper quietly to me. I glance at him and wonder how the hell he did that, "Any tips you can give me before I go on and look like a fool?". Grinning like a fool he whisper "Imagine everyone in their underwear". I glare at him and shake my head "Thanks for the help" I reply sarcastically. Kyle grins and continues watching the stage, "You know you never did tell me your name" he looks over at me. " My name is Kayla" I reply as rearrange myself in the chair.

 " Kyle Warner your on next" the director says as the last person on stage heads down. "Well Kayla here's my best advice to you" he says as he stands up and stretches "You can overcome your fears and stand up on that stage an do the best you can, or let your fears overwhelm you and sneak off to hide in a corner" smiling he walks off towards the stage. As Kyle preforms his part on stage, I found myself lost in watching him perform. I think about what he said and feel this little tug in the bottom of my stomach. I wasn't a coward I told myself, stage fright is common it doesn't matter if I don't go up there. Yet my heart told me differently, watching Kyle go up there and perform, overcoming his fear I wanted to do that.

  I clenched my paper that held all my lines and began skimming over them, i wanted to show Kyle that I could do it too. When Kyle finished his piece I stood and walked over to the director, " May I go on next?" I asked while my stomach flipped and pulled telling me to run while I still could. "Name?" he asks barely looking up from his paper, "Kayla Turner" I squeak out. "Hmmm, alright you can go on" I thank him and walk up to the stage as Kyle walks down. Grinning at my he says "Remember you can always imagine people in their underwear" I smile back and make my way to center stage.

  The stage lights blind me as I adjust to the brightness, thirty people stare right back at me. " You can begin when your ready" the director says as he glance up at me. I look out into the crowd and my fear seeps in, oh  god why am I doing this I exclaim in my head as I stand awkwardly on stage. I disappear further into my fear and can feel my body shake. "You can do it Kayla! Knock them dead!" a voice yells out from the crowd, I come back into reality and look for the voice calling my name. It's Kyle with his goofy grin giving me the thumbs up with Eve beside him cheering along.

 I smile and swallow my fear, who knows maybe I have what it takes to be an actor i say to myself as I grin back.


Submitted: August 20, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Ayame Ookami . All rights reserved.

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