Don't take candy from strangers

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Little Mary Sue loves the candy her mommy gives her just for being a good little girl. Her mom always tells her don't take candy from strangers though, but Mary Sue just loves candy.

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013



Little Mary Sue was sweet tiny girl; her mother dressed her in the cutest dresses and put her hair in ribbons. When Mary would do something good her mother would reward her with candy, and as her daughter gobbled up the candy she would say “Now remember dear child don’t eat any candy from strangers”. She pat her daughter head and send her off to play, though Mary Sue heard this from her mother everyday she couldn’t help but feel that the more candy she got the better it was and didn’t care where it came from.

 One day as her mother dressed her for school and gave her candy, her mother tapped her head and spoke up clearly “Now Mary” her mother sternly said “Hurry straight to school and don’t accept any candy from strangers”. “Yes momma” Mary replied as she hurried out the door gobbling down her candy. As Mary walked to school with her pretty blue bows and yellow flower dress on, she saw a man standing on the side of the road.

 “Hello little girl, I like your pretty dress” the strange man said to her. Mary walked on and passed the man beside her quickly, “What an odd man” Mary exclaimed as she made into her school yard. As she entered her class she heard her classmate Joe exclaim “Look at the candy the friendly man outside gave me, he said that since I was such a good boy I deserved candy!”, glancing over Mary saw that Joe had been given a lot of candy. “Where did you get all of that?’ she asked. “The man out down by the street gave it to me” Joe said as he began to share the candy with his classmates.

Surely Mary thought if the man gave Joe candy and nothing happened to him it would be alright to speak to the strange man. When Joe got to Mary for a piece of candy their teacher Miss Hughes walked in. “Alright class take a seat and no candy in your mouth, were about to begin a lesson” her teacher said as Mary sighed and took her seat. By lunch time Mary went off in search of Joe she wanted candy as well, but as she walked around she couldn’t find him anywhere. Sighing she searched for her teacher “Miss Hughes where Joe?” Mary asked as she gave up her search. “Oh Mary there you are, your mother is looking for you” She exclaimed “Class has been canceled due to kids getting deathly sick”; Mary looked around and noticed very few of her classmates remained. Oh well she thought mommy will give me candy when I get home.

 Mary didn’t go back to school for a while due to the sudden death of kids falling ill and never recovering. Authorities believed it to be a deadly virus going around and all parents were to take their kids in for a checkup. By the time school started again, Mary’s class has shrunk to six kids instead of fifteen. Mary forgot about the strange man and continued her usual path to school lost in thought.

 One day as her mother dressed her in a pink floral dress, with white sandal shoes and red ribbons she told Mary to go straight to school and not take any candy from strangers. Mary nodded and waited for her mom to hand her a piece of candy but she didn’t. “Momma” she said “You forgot to give me my candy” holding out her hands to her mom waiting for her tasty treat. “Mary Sue you’re getting too chunky, no more candy for you, you’re good girl anyway you don’t need rewards” her mom replied as she shoved her out the door.

Mary turned back to the door as it shut in her face, angry at not getting her candy she grumbled and shuffled her way to school. “Stupid mommy not giving me any candy” she grumbled “I’ll just be a bad girl from now..OOF!” rubbing her head she looked up and saw she had run into someone. “Why hello little girl, what a beautiful dress you have on” a strange voice replied. Looking up she saw it was the strange man from before, “You gave Joe candy before!” Mary exclaimed “Because he was a good boy, I’m a good girl to!” giving her best smile to him.

“Are you?” the strange man replied smiling sheepishly. Nodding Mary held out her hand “Please give me lots of candy!” she replied happily. “Oh do you want some for your friends too?” he asked “No, Just for me!” Mary said as she stamped her foot. “Oh?” the strange man replied slowly “Well I would love to give you some but my candy is back in my car, you can come with me to go get it if you want” reaching out his hand he held it out for Mary to grab. “Mommy said I can’t go places with strangers” Mary said as she took a step back. “Oh but it’s okay Mary, were not strangers now are we? See I know your name a stranger wouldn’t know that” stepping towards her he pulled out a piece of candy. “Don’t you want some candy?” he asked, Mary nodding her head grab the candy and stuffed it into her mouth.

 “Good Mary, now follow me and we will go get you some more candy” taking her by the hand he steered her down the dark alley where his car stayed. “Oh mister I can’t be late to school or mommy will be mad at me!” Mary said as she turned back to the sidewalk. “Don’t worry sweetie I’ll just give you a ride in my van so you won’t be late” he said as he opened the door for her and revealed a stash of candy. “Candy!!” Mary squealed and climbed into the van as the door slammed shut.

A few hours later as Mary Sue mom was doing the dishes she received a call from the school asking if Mary was sick and if they needed to cancel her classes. “Why on earth would you think that? She just left for school this morning and was perfectly fine” she said back furiously, “Mam your daughter hasn’t been to school at all today” Mary mom drops the phone and runs out the door screaming for her child.

 Out in the woods a man digs a hole eight feet deep and four inches wide, and drops a trash sack into the earth ground. A little red bow hangs off in his pocket.

The End


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