Waiting by the door

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it duznt matter how far way 2 ppl...or 4 how lng dey hv been apart...vat does matter iz dat how close dey still keep ach other..

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



I know it’s been a while since you walked out of the door

And left me shouting your name behind you

But baby I still have my front light burning

In case you change your mind

And come running back home


I know there is a lot to do out there

People to meet and places to see

But boy I believe in what we have

And I know that at some point of the night you’d be thinking of me


I don’t give a damn to what people think

I know what they want, I hear them talking

They want me to move on

But how can I? With your memories stalking..


So I close my eyes and remember the time

When you said that baby believe me

No matter how hard it gets, we’ll make it through

Fight all the odds to be together till eternity


  So I keep looking out of the window

Because I have faith in what we had

And I keep the light burning at my front door

In case you turn around and come running back home

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