Criminal Tendency is also Genomic

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crime is related to genes you know so let me explain how :)

Submitted: April 20, 2015

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Submitted: April 20, 2015



XYY chromosme
No He is not XY I think he has XYY chromosome you know the people who possess XYY chromosomes have the criminal tendency at their peak they react more aggresively as compare to the normal persons, they have lack of tolerance, hasted people Dr.ALhena was speakin' frequently and he was just observin' her and listenin' to her each single word with full attention and concentration... So its mean the people who kill the people with such a heart havin' no pain for others they all have this duplets of chromosome Y....
Yeah might be we have to prove this via proper research to take the blood of such people and check their DNA I'm definitely sure that such people have duplets of Y chromosomes...
And what about those who don't contain any duplet of Y chromosomes?? He asked keenly
then circumstances and environment; terms and conditions are responsible for all his criminal approach...
Ahan! Ya may be right Dr.ALhena though still am seeing some other factors as well
for example now she was takin' tea with ease n comfort... 
"evolutionary aspects"......... Dr. Daniyal said
so evolution depends upon environment and circumstances! She emphasized on her words..
Yeah some how! Modifications and changes with the passage of time.. So, these changes and modifications might be positive and negative as well so positive environment creates a positive mind, strength and act on the contrary to negative environments creates a negative mind, approach, and acts... So may be all the persons don't possess the duplets of Y however impact of environment.. She smiled after listenin' him and said did I say some thing different as you said...
No! I just explained your moto that is the taste of discussion..
So what is the conclusion of our discussion? Dr.ALhena asked
simply " both genetically and evolutionary modifications and changes are involved in the criminal tendency... " Dr. Daniyal replied......
'Daaish a group? 
What do you say about them?"................ 
Religious war or criminal tendency?? she asked
Hmmm a long debate... 
"though a muslim have a strong weapon of affinity....... Islam spreads on the basis of affection not on the foundations of war until and unless war is required!" lots of queries were still there and she was tryin' to sort out the problems in the light of Islam and Science....
do you know about 1 male possess this XYY chromosome in 1000 birth of males... so just statistically analyze the population of any specific country and the males having the chromosomes of XYY..........
an other report was about 16 percent population of asians belongs from the ancestor of CHENGIZ KHAN........... she was telling him.......
but really this awful such a men........... they even ready to fight in a womanish 
way...... a man always bears and tolerated the bad things they even don't react immediately...... they see the things so deep, after that analyze, plan and then go for final implementation........ such a criminal tendency of men who are not killing the people though they are behaving non-rationally, immediate reactions, no one can even imagine to live with such an un balanced personalities........ Dr.ALhena was justifying the outline of her research on which she was going to do her further work and Dr. Daniyal was assisting her........ 
any how we have to change our environment into positive one that is the only solution to sort the criminal tendency of XYY chromosomes......... otherwise disaster is not far away........ Dr.Daniyal concluded the discussion........
for sure......... Dr.ALhena smied......
Argument leads to ignorance though discussion leads to Knowledge!!

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