Empty Swings

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A pretty long poem..

Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Submitted: May 03, 2012



There's a cold seat beside me

There's an empty space inside me

There's a hole where my heart should be

There's a darkness stuck under my feet

You said it could not make sense

That there was no life or cleanse

But you abhorred life's shallow stage

You didn't want to turn the page

You left the book to be unwritten

Death has spoken

The world lost its colour and taste

I feel every night going to waste

It's cold, so cold without you

The talent from your veins, you drew

It's all grey and lifeless

They buried hope

When they buried you

"Rain will wash away what's passed"

But it only makes the sorrow grow

Like grass, it springs up

And feeds on tears

They tried to cover you with snow

So that you wouldn't catch fire

But they didn't know how cold it was

They did it pretty damn well

I guess they've gotten what they wanted

Take me to the place where we belong

Where there's a garden on fire

Nobody's there to wreck it

We don't have to live

We can just be

It's a wide open field

Where there's no cages

There's an empty swing beside me

I guess they've gotten what they wanted

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