Fighting Fire With War

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I was told this was good, so I shall post it :) It's a super super super short, not even story. It doesn't really have a plot at all. The old man is based upon Magneto/Erik/Ian Mckellen. I hope you enjoy :)


Finally, after several months of re-constructing the bomb, we were finally finished.

“Here’s to completion.” I said raising a glass of champagne. We had just finished up the paper work this night, and decided to take a break. Ella raised her glass as well, and said:

“To completion.” She smiled and took a sip of champagne, then tucked a loose strand of short dark blonde hair behind her ear. “It’s been so long since we started the work on this, I just can’t believe we’re finally finished.”

“Me neither.” I said. I stood up. I felt out of place for the first time since working here. I was going to miss working together with Ella; she was a smart, competent scientist. “What do you think they will use this  for?”

“Well, I’m not sure, Bill. The military never reveals anything to sci-.” Suddenly a screeching explosion came from behind us. I could barely hear Ella screaming over the sheer noise of crumbling wall. I grabbed her arm and fell to the floor. A booming voice came from the direction of explosion.

“I can tell you exactly what will happen to that lovely bomb of yours.” Ella and I slowly looked up to see a man standing in front of an army. His, and all the others behind him, faces looked mutilated and deformed. “You are going to tell me how to activate it, and then you’re going to hand it over to me.” I was scared half to death and shaking like a leaf. I was sure Ella was no less scared, standing behind me, quivering. The man was unnatural and disgusting looking. I scrounged up some courage and said:

“I won’t give it to you.” As I said it, he looked at me and smiled.

“That was not a question; it was merely a prediction of the future. Now, you will give me what I want, or I will kill her.”

“How? You don’t seem to have any weapons.” He laughed and shot something through his hands which shattered another wall.

“I most certainly do have weapons.” He said and lowered his hand, walking towards me; the short scientist, seeming to drop all hostility. He put his hand on my shoulder and started walking with me.  “In fact, the weapons I have were supplied specially to me from the government of the United States when they set off that nuclear bomb a year ago, Bill.”

“H-how do you kno-“

“That was also a gift from the government, along with these scars. Now, if you don’t mind, I would very much like that bomb.” I didn’t question. I couldn’t sacrifice Ella. I quickly walked to the machine, and entered the activation codes.

“It’s ready.”


“Please, just one question-“

“You forget, I can read your mind, Bill. I am not a terrorist, I am a philanthropist. This bomb - and several others - will not be used for the destruction of mankind, but for the progression of humanity. I am simply giving back to the world, politicians and all, what they have so generously given to me, and my friends behind me. They have chosen their own fate by using their bombs against the world, once so innocent. You see, I have the power to absorb energy, such as from a nuclear bomb, and I we will bring this world to the future. Perhaps we shall meet again.” 

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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