Way to Madhubani

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Its about a precious relation.

Submitted: April 17, 2014

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Submitted: April 17, 2014



Hei Sunaina ! ,dont tease me like that ; I said I dont like it. 

The way I dress is my way .Stop it dear and suddenly a vigor rouse from inside saying I will kill you if you cut my shirts from sleeves. Oh God stop it! Oh really Ramesh !  said Sunaina in an ironic way. You dont have a sense of style neither you love me. You dont have time for kids , dont you think you love too much Eulers number, Those complex numbers had made my life complex.....

No ....No...... No....... I love you dear;Please dont do this ......... for God sake, he shouted with full energy and when Sunina was just about to transfix the scissors in his stomach suddenly a sweet voice came in his ears , Darling its 7 o'clock, now get up dear; why are you sweating? What happened to your mouth it was just half open with some saliva coming out while sleeping . 

Yes sometimes it does open while sleeping its just a common thing , Ramesh Replied hiding the dream from his wife Sunaina. 

Were you breathing through your mouth? What the hell are you asking about ? How cold I know that I was just asleep. Mathematicians dont focus on the holy shit like that.

Oh really Ramesh ! I know what Mathematicians are all about; taking an inchtape and measuring the lengths of their wifes hair, dont you  think thats a "holy shit".  Forget it! (kissing her husband)

That was the early morning class for a mathematician like Ramesh and he was habitual of it. His wife Sunaina was a homemeker, but not less than a social butterfly. She was really a very charming lady loved public gatherings, parties, children and her Bihari culture . She was very honest lady philosophical, homely, artistic and on the other hand Ramesh was very secluded , not social, emotional and spiritual and God tied him with Sunaina. They had an arranged marriage .They had two kids ;one boy named Shiva and one girl named Rani. 

Shiva was 7 years old and Rani was just 2 years. They lived in Indian state Bihar.They had a house with enough space containing four rooms . A good and happy family. 

Rani was running in and out of the home with hootings and playing with motor car. Shiva was just about to enter the bedroom , he was in half pants and his hair were not combed still, was just about to ask to his mother about hairoil actually preparing himself for school and suddenly he changed his mind to listen the conversation hiding behind the bedroom wall in the gallery. Shiva loved listen to others always not just by hiding, He was a good listener by birth. He spoke barely any words to his friends. He had no friends, because everyone thought him to be egoistic, but he was not.At home he woud not used to initiate talks.He had a separate room God knew only what did he do there whole day ,thinking about things. 

His father was really worried about his skeptical behaviour,.He had gone to Punditji , a reputed local astrologer with Shiva's natal chart , Punditji said that Shiva had a "Mercurial Effect" . What that bullshit means Ramesh could really not understand that saying "Maths and God  arethe  only two True things in the world, whichever way you prefer you will get the answers from both". He hoped one day his son will behave normally. There was not voice problem so he did not prefer doctors.One more thing was there Shiva never Showed his anger. He just looked calm on the surface, but inside there was a volacno , who knows? Perhaps!

Shiva was never good at mathematics His father was a mathematician.Few days later Shiva again heard the bedroom conversation of his parents.Father said ; "I am a mathematician & my son hates maths, What a fate! I have expectations with him but he does not understands my expectations. God bless him! ". That night Shiva did not sleep.Whole night he was thinking about the words of his father and he promises to make feel father proud to himself".Next morning Ramesh and Shiva were taking breakfast. The first time in 7 years Shiva was just about to initiate a talk with is fatherabout his skeptical behaviour and suddenly a harsh voice crumbles his head .

"Show me  your ticket Gentleman ", shaking his hand. A man of age of 70 puts his  left hand on mouth yawns and stairs at train tickcket examiner for few seconds and just smiles , shows his ticket ,puts the light on so that TTE can see the ticket. It was a ticket from Patna to New Dehli .When it was 3: 20 AM. TTE looks his way leaving Shiva unslept for rest of night . Yes he was Shiva , full name "Shivdas Jha" with grey french cut beard, grey hair and spectacles on his nose, fresh skin as if he was just 55 , height 5 foot 11 inches , weight 79.8 kg. Whole life he did not marry any girl that doesnt mean he did not loved anyone. Perhaps it was because of the night  dream of his father that his father told him when he  was 22. Perhaps the Punditji would have haid to his father about the inauspecious planatery combinations. He meditated  for long hours, He was skeptical in his early ages because he did not had a calculative mind but he had a mind who could see the patterns , who could see the beauty of nature , he was extraordinary combination of his mother and father ;and here he was ,going to Dehli because he was awarded "Best National Painter Award" of the year. His Sister locally lived in Dehli and came with her husband to witness the honour.

I am here, in my home in Patna having photos of my Late parents on the front wall and the trophy of National Painter of the Year  is in my showcase just beneath photos of parents. Well I am a painter now, specialist of  "Madhubani style" of India. Father I just kept my promise. Thanking you for everything.

: 18- 4- 2014  , copyrited material ,Shaurya Pratap Singh Somvanshee

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