A one of a kind.

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Submitted: June 14, 2012

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Submitted: June 14, 2012



My best friend, in kinder to grade 6.
Let alone she always picks.
She isn't sellfish, dainty at all.
She looks like she came from an annual ball.

No one likes her except for the boys.
But they still play with babies toys.
She has a positive attitude.
Well I should call it battitude.

She's a good friend.
Right till the end.
But you should be annoyed.
But not for herto be employed.

She would pick up a hammer.
But just not a spanner.
You really need to know.
What she wouldn't show.

She liked everyone in grade three.
Except for a nerd called Adam Lee.
She loves rock and roll.
And hates fake dolls.

She is unique, in one way.
Well I'll tell you that another day.
But to have a friend that's weak and strong.
Makes the days way too long.

If she were to read this.
Well, she'd probably will miss.
She'd go skitz.
And don't start me about those nits.

Although the nits are gone.
And although she hates sweet corn.
She's still a really good friend.
To the end.

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