The Importance of Asking for Forgiveness

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Seeking forgiveness from Allah sunbhana wa ta'ala is extremely important, and every Muslim should take time out of his/her day to reflect upon the his/her sins and ask for forgiveness.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

“The best of sinners are those who frequently repent.”

-- Hadith --

In these modern times, the age of computers and other technology, it’s considered a good idea to routinely rid one’s computer of unused or old files. This allows the computer to run more smoothly and prevent disasters such as crashes. In the same vein, it’s common practice to clean out one’s email inbox, deleting any outdated or unimportant messages which are rather useless and simply take up space.

Although we often spend a good deal of time clearing our computers and inboxes, we often neglect our hearts, which are far more important. With each additional sin, they become more and more malnourished, further tarnished. The Companion Abu Hurayra radhiallahu anhu relates that Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wa salam said, “When a believer commits a sin, a black dot appears on his heart. If he repents and seeks forgiveness, his heart becomes purified. If he advances in sin, the black dots increase until they overcome his heart. These black dots constitute the encrusted pollution that Allah subhana wa ta’ala refers to in the verse: ‘No, indeed! But encrusted over their hearts is what they have earned.’” (Qur’an 83:14) (Tirmidhi)

If one simply allows these black dots of sin to encase their hearts and form a crust of pollution, their hearts become blind and impervious to spiritual realities. For example, a sinner who chooses not to seek for forgiveness may simply shrug off the mention of Hellfire and its terrors, while the one who seeks forgiveness fears even the mention of Hellfire, never mind mention what horrors lay in wait for darkened souls.

So why do we spend so much time caring for our computers when we should be concentrating on our hearts? We can ignore the buildup for only so long, but as time passes, the black dots spread until every inch of our heart is covered. Then we realize what we have done and become weighed down with sin and guilt, both heavy burdens to bear.

But there is an easy way to avoid the affliction of a heavily polluted heart, and that’s to cleanse the heart regularly. Cleansing the heart can be achieved through four different avenues: remembrance of Allah (dhikr), repentance (tawbah), seeking forgiveness (istighfaar), and by turning to Allah in penitence. Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wa salam himself did this 70 to 100 times a day – and he, like the other prophets before him, was without sin.

When a believer makes genuine repentance for his sins, Allah subhana wa ta’ala purifies him. It does not matter if the sin was severe, such as committing zina or backbiting, or if it was minor. No matter how severe a sin is, if it is His Will, Allah subhana wa ta’ala will forgive the one who comes in sincerity to Him seeking forgiveness. And indeed, when a sin is forgiven, it’s as though it never happened; even the angels are made to forget about it.

Yet, why is it such a bounty that we are able to turn to Allah subhana wa ta’ala and ask for His forgiveness? Turning to the Almighty in penitence provides a release, the release we need when we are feeling beleaguered by the burden of sin. It’s a way out of sorts, a way to receive another chance. It fills us with a sense of joy, lightheartedness, hope, and the inspiration to better ourselves and start afresh. Through forgiveness we can gain so much hope that there remains no reason for us to despair of His mercy. Allah subhana wa ta’ala tells us not to run away from Him in fear but to run toward Him like a young child runs to his mother.

Many desire to seek forgiveness and enjoy the thought of being purified, but have no idea where to begin or how to go about it. They may not know what words to use or what even to seek forgiveness for. They may have forgotten about many of the sins they committed or consider some trivial and not worth mentioning. They may even feel there is no need to seek forgiveness. And if they do ask for forgiveness, they may do so superficially or without sincerity, using simplifications such as “Oh Allah, forgive all my sins.” The Blessed Prophet sallalahu ‘alayhi wa salam once said, “When one of you asks Allah…he should ask earnestly, for Allah does as He wishes and there is none to compel Him.” (Bukhari)

So I challenge all Muslims to try and take some time out of their day to both reflect upon their sins and seek forgiveness with sincerity and earnestness. Yes, you may be busy; you may already struggle to do everything that needs to be done. But let me ask you this: what will pay off more in the end? Time spent reading your favorite romance novels, watching a cricket game? Or time spent cleansing the heart of sins? Personally, I love the feeling of peace and joy that fills me when I’ve finished a session of penitence…there is nothing better in this world. In the end, we’ll have only our souls, so it makes sense to care for them now instead of waiting until it’s too late.

“Say (to humanity, O Muhammad): O my servants who have harmed yourselves by your own excess, do not despair of Allah’s mercy. Allah forgives all sins: He truly is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. Turn to your lord. Submit to him before the punishment overtakes you and you can no longer be helped.” (Qur’an 39:53-54)

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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HEYYYYYYY guess wot 2days my bday make dua fr me!!

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happy birthday! may Allah subhana wa ta'ala bless you and grant you peace and good health! ameen!!
hope you have a great day :D

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ma shallah keep up the good work:)

Tue, February 15th, 2011 10:06am


sweet angel

hey great writing :D i love the way you write for our religion :) im so proud to call u and me, of course MUSLIMS :D

Sat, July 23rd, 2011 10:29am

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