Torture by Azaezel

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A short extract from something im working on,

Submitted: January 14, 2014

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Submitted: January 14, 2014



Please note. . . .this story is a work of fiction, it does not in anyway represent the writer's views, it contants gore and violence please do not read if under 18.


Azaezel looked down at the girl, a small smile lifting one corner of his mouth.

She was a pretty little thing; blonde, slim but curvaceous, her hair had been tied up in pigtails when he had taken her, the needle he had used to render her unconcious had slid easily into the side of her neck, and she had collapsed into his arms, her entire body limp, he had dumped her in the back of his van and driven off into the dark.

Azaezel walked slowly around the girl, she was strapped to a metal table, highlighted in a single beam of light, her clothes from outside had been disposed of, they had been a momento of her past, of the outside world, with all its horror and impurity . . . here within this dark room she would be reborn. A servant to his aims, his goals would become her's . . . well his and his brothers.

He checked the watch fastened around his wrist, she would awaken soon, and then it would begin. He turned and walked to a small table next to the girl, upon it was laid his tools, he had always thought himself an artist, and as he drew a large bowie knife from its protective case, he thought to himself, "and these are my brushes."

He turned as he felt the girl stirring placing the bowie knife back down turning to the girl instead, she began to struggle as she realised she was bound, he coughed gently eliciting a slight squeak from the girl, who cranned her head to see where it had come from.

"Good evening miss" Azaezel kept his voice level in an attempt to keep her calm, "Please do not be . . ." any further speech was cut off by a hysterical shriek from the girl

"What the fuck?! What are you?! Some kind of freak?! Let me go?!" Azaezel rolled his eyes towards the ceiling, he stepped forward quickly slamming his hand down over her mouth a low growl emmitting from deep in his throat.

"Listen to me Slut!" the last word dripped with anger and venom "If you remain silent and only speak when I ask you a question we will get along well . . . if not then this is going to hurt alot" He grinned at her "Now I'm going to remove my hand and if you scream then this is going to become unpleasant" He removed his hand slowly and she looked at him for a moment before uttering a skull piercing scream.

Azaezel flinched his face twisting into a snarl and he clicked his fingers the shriek being cut off, Azaezel looked at her smiling, where her mouth had been was a smooth flap of skin. "Now that's quite enough of that" With that he turned back to the small table bearing his implements, he ran his hands over the various handles in front of him before picking a poinard blade as long as his forearm and as thin as a knitting needle, testing it's point he turned back to the girl smiling . . . "Now this will hurt quit alot . . . please stay still and try not to make too much noise" He winked and leaning close to her pressed the point of the poinard against her shoulder, the razor thin and sharp blade sliding easily into the meat of her shoulder, despite the flap of skin across her mouth, her scream made even Azaezels head hurt.


Azaezel stood in the early morning light on the edge of the pier watching the waves, a slight fluttering of wings alerted him to his brothers presence and he turned to look as a nearby shadow resolved itself into the form of his brother. Azaezel smiled and bowed his head slightly to Lucifer "Little brother."

Lucifer looked towards his brother, one eyebrow raised, a small sardonic smile playing across his lips "Brother it's been years" Azaezel smiled again before stepping forward and embracing his brother "Centuries brother" Azaezel stepped back his hands on lucifers shoulders "How's father? And our brothers?" He noticed the small grimace that flashed across Lucifers face "What is it? What's wrong?" He stepped back dropping his arms down to his sides, he could feel it turmoil and anger bubbling beneath Lucifers skin.

"I've rebelled . . ." The whiplash of red hot anger that emanated from Lucifers body, took Azaezel by surprise "I questioned our father and he cast me down" Lucifer looked up at his brother the pain and anger he felt visible "Why brother? Why would he do this? To me?" Azaezel said nothing just watched his brother.

Lucifer sighed and shook his head "I just came to see you one last time . . . i expect where i am about to be sent, i will not be able to return easily" Azaezel blink and Lucifer was gone. Azaezel sighed and headed back inside the warehouse.

The girl was suspended, her toes only just touching the floor, her blood had collected around her feet forming a small pool. She was completely naked, cuts and welts laced the whole of her torso rivlets of blood flowed down her body.

Two meat hooks had been pushed through her shoulders fitting under her collar bone, and were now attached by chains to one of the steel girder roof beams. She had screamed at first, for two days she had screamed herself hoarse now she just hung there limply, silent and unconcious.

Azaezel stepped forward picking up a burlap sack as he walked past the table, he reached inside it and pulled out a handfull of rock salt and stepping close to her pressing the salt into her cuts, she awoke quickly, screaming in agony tears pouring down her face.

Azaezel stepped back "Good your awake, I was worried you would waste the whole day asleep" He smiled at her uncomprehending blank stare, her eyes however livened up when he picked up a small knife from the tabel and stepped closer to her. He pressed the point against her skin just below where the right meathook, she screamed shrilly making Azaezels head swim, then pierced her skin and dragged the blade down her chest towards her sternum creating a large incision, he pulled the knife back and repeated the incision from the left meathook to her sternum before slicing from her sternum straight down to her belly button.

Azaezel stepped back placing the knife on the table before peeling back the flaps of skin and holding them back with a pair of clamps, the girl had screamed and fainted, Azaezel sighed and shook his head, Humans so weak, he picked up a handful of salt and rubbed it into the incision making her awaken screaming. Azaezel smiled at her kindly "You must stay awake my dear . . . what is being done to you is a journey and although the destination is important the journey itself is infinatly more so." She just stared at him confused as Azaezel turned and walked away into the darkness . . .


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