Torture By Azaezel part 2

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The second part of the Azaezel story

Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014



Azaezel smiled slightly the girl showed remarkable resilience . . . especially for a human. But she would break, they always did, this is how his father had made him and how he had made his brother and how him and his brother had made the rest of the heavenly host.

Azaezel looked down at his tools and selected a broad flat bladed knife and walked over to the girl . . . she was now led face down on a metal table her arms secured in front of her by large iron spikes hammered through her wrists then flattened so she couldn't pull them back off.

Azaezel looked down at her and took one of her hands, closing all her fingers except her index into a fist, then took the knife and very slowly, pushed the blade under her fingernail deep into her nail bed then in one swift move flicked the blade upwards prying her fingernail off.

Her head flew back her mouth wide open, for a few seconds her scream was beyond human hearing, then it was audible then silence as she slumped back to the table shuddering violently. Azaezel waited for her body to cease it's movement then reached for her next finger. Only nine more nails to go.

Azaezel looked out of one of the windows at the tree's noting the golden hue of the leaves Autumn had once again come to pass he turned back to the girl who sat slumped in a wooden chair her wrists and ankles fastened to the chair.

He stepped up to her and reached out taking a finger squeezing slightly then in a quick sudden movement snapped it smiling as she made no movement but to look at him calmly no emotion or pain.

Azaezel smiled slightly, it had been three years since he had brought the girl to this lair, three years of torturing the girl, and finally he had broken her body and now it was Lucifers turn. . . for what they intended for her, her mind needed to be broken as well.

The sound of wings furling informed Azaezel of Lucifers arrival and he turned to look at his brother, shielding his mind as soon as he saw him. The three years hadn't been good to him.

Lucifer had once been the most beautiful of all his brothers now his wings once glorious to behold were now burnt and blacked, as was his skin burnt and scaled black with patches of red as if fire still burned upon his skin.

His eyes were crazed black irisis set in cornia's of red and now they were fixed on Azaezel, his voice dripped with hate and venom, not for any one specific person but for a universe that had doomed him to this "You called Brother?"
Azaezel smiled at him "Welcome Lucifer . . . it is time, my arts can do no more" He stepped forward and hugged his brother quickly "Take her to perdition brother." Lucifer smiled and disappeared. Azaezel turned and walked back towards the girls body he would need to maintain it whilst she was gone.


Sarah's mind couldn't comprehend the emptiness she found herself in when she awoke, she was floating in complete darkness, there was no sound, no smells, nothing to taste, her mind screamed against it as if that could help, then there was a voice there, a quiet calm soothing voice "Remain calm dear no harm will befall you"

Sarah paniced and her mind began to expand outward seeking for the source of the voice "I wouldn't do that dear, your mind wouldn't have anything to hold onto and it would fall apart into nothingness."

Sarah calmed herself as she felt a presence wrapping itself around her mind "Now listen to me . . . In a moment I will release my grip on your mind and you will once again feel the emptiness off the void . . . do not panic, you must learn to ignore the void to bend it to your own will, few beings have the strength of mind to bear the emptiness of the void." The voice paused "You must create a perception of it that will help you maintain your sanity within it."

With that the voice was gone as was the presence around her mind, instantly the emptiness of the void rained down upon her mind, it was the most painful experience of her life, more painful than anything the man in the dark had done to her.


Azaezel smiled slightly noticing the blood dripping from the girls nose, he stepped forward and wiped it away . . . whatever Lucifer was doing was working.


Once again the void rushed inwards, crushing her mind in a steel vice she struggled against it but it overwhelmed her easily and she blacked out.

"Again" the voice had become less comforting now, more demanding and dry "Do it again." Her mind awoke and once again the void flooded against her and once again her mind folded.

"You are weak . . . you have no name, you have no memory, you are nothing." The voice had no trace of it's former gentleness or kindness "Your mind will overcome this trial or I will awaken you and send you back to the man in the dark."

With that the voice was gone and the void began to crash back down onto her conciousness receeding only to crash down upon her once more.

For what seemed like an eternity the girl floated in darkness, her mind assualted repeatedly by the emptiness. Girl, for that was all she could remember of herself, her name having been washed away by the relentless emptiness, didn't even try to resist the void now, but just let it consume her, washing away everything she ever was, or ever could of been.

Again the voice returned to her it's tone commanding, like a whiplash of anger against her mind "Fight it! . . . neither i nor my brother invested this much time in you to allow you to fail . . . now fight!" with each word the whiplash was repeated galvanising her mind into action, in an act of sheer desperation her mind fixed on the image of a cloud in the sky over a grassy hill . . . and suddenly she was there . . . the emptiness had disappeared and she was stood on the side of the hill the tall grass swaying ina slight breeze.

"Well done" the voice held a hint of pride, suddenly she was not alone on the hill next to her stood a tall man with blue eyes and black hair and a sardonic smile playing across his face. The girl was not alarmed she knew that she knew him.

"Where are we?" The man looked around before answering "I do not know . . . someplace from your past presumably"

"I don't remember" Girl looked around trying to remember. The man smiled at her "The memories will return given time . . . of course they will not be your memories . . . you are not the same girl that made these memories."

"Who am i now then?" Girl seemed worried about the answer. The man laughed a warm happy sound.

"Whoever you want to be, that is what we have given you, you now have no fear, you feel no pain, you are the only master of your mind, what you do now is completely up to you . . . not even god himself could tell you otherwise." The man smiled at her, "and believe me he will probably try, now we have more to discuss but we will do so back in your body, remember how my mind feels because I will not look like this when you next see me" with that he placed his hand on her shoulder and they disappeared.

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