A Make Believe World

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Melanie was having an awful time on her first day in college. She was depressed and homesick...till she met Sally. But nobody by the name of Sally was enrolled in her batch.... yet she had met a Sally...

Submitted: July 29, 2013

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Submitted: July 29, 2013



It was Melanie’s first day in college. She was scared and tearful. Unlike many of the other girls who chatted in loud voices and laughed aloud, she was reserved, silent and homesick. She did not want to stay there but her family had convinced her to go as it was among the best in her place and she was a good student.

But that was it-a good student. She was very different from the other girls; she was not the loud bossy kinds, she would rather read a book than chat with ten others. She was not a boring girl. She was appealing in her own way. Her cool composed nature attracted people.

That morning she really felt too upset to talk. She hardly noticed which professors were taking class. She was scared of her classmate’s smirks. “ Melly..won’t you talk, there are people staring at you” teased someone. “Mell, I love your dress” smirked a fair haired boy sitting in front of her. Melly turned away disgusted. It may have been a joke but she was too homesick to say anything.

A soft voice behind her made her look back. “Hey Mel, why do you look upset?” asked the girl standing behind her. He smiled at her kindly. Tears filled Melanie’s eyes. She turned away. The girl sat beside her. “I am Sally” she smiled. Melly nodded in reply. “Hello” she replied in a shaky voice.

“Come, I will show you around the campus” she said.

She followed without protest. “How do find the garden” she asked. Melanie looked at the huge garden outside the academic block. There were roses of many colours and sunflowers too. A butterfly flew past her suddenly, startling her. “Are you scared of butterflies?” she laughed. She gave a watery smile in reply. Both Della and she were scared of butterflies. Della was her childhood best friend. Della’s thoughts made her more homesick and she sighed in frustration.

Sally took her round to the grounds. “I always feel the trees can whisper” he laughed. She had a musical voice. “I feel so too” she said. Her mind raced back to her school days when Della and she would make up fantasy stories.

Sally was good. She was not boisterous and uncomfortable. Melly sighed in relief, at least someone like her. Otherwise she would have run away. This place was getting on her nerves. She did not want the best college nor the best students. She wanted a place where she could be herself without any fear. She hated pretence and pressure. It lead nowhere. She missed her family but they wanted her to study in the best institute.

A loud call broke her reverie. “Melanie John Carter!!!! What do you think you are doing??”

Startled she looked up. A professor stood in front of her. She wore huge black spectacles. Her nose flared in anger. Melly looked around in horror. She was in class and not in the garden. Amazed and distraught, she stood up!! “You have been talking utter nonsense for the past half an hour” said the professor coldly. “Sally?” Melly said in a hollow voice.

“There is no Sally in this batch, Miss Carter. Now if we have your permission, can I please proceed with my lecture?” said her professor. Melly stared blankly. A few people around her started giggling and making fun of her. Tears rolled down her cheek.

“Melly,I am right here” came Sally’s musical voice. Melly gave a violent gasp and turned back. Sally was standing there. “Professor, Sally is here!!” she shouted. The professor looked at her coldly. “Leave the room immediately” she said in a strict tone. Embarrassed,shocked and amzed,she dare not look back and protest. Crying softly,she ran out of the class.

Sally’s voice floated to her. “I am with you Melly,do not let these people bother you!!” Melly did not look back. She did not respond. She ran out into the open. She did not belong here. She did not know where she was..

She only knew that she wanted her freedom back... she wanted to be with Della and Sally and her family...


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