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"AROMA LASSIE", a perplex poem is an excellent blend of hyperbole, symbolism and is an allegorical poem. In a parabolic form the poem reveal a story of "AROMA LASSIE", the protagonist of the poem. The girl spark the power of fragrance that grasp the mind of flora and fauna. She even made plants and animals to sing with her fragrance and her blood possessing a reviving power. The blood revive a "Wicked man' and extra intelligent mind of the man leads to the deterioration of the fauna. At last she regret on her decision of love with wicked man that results in the death of muke creature. We all are on the materialism sword and neglecting our nature, our rapid development inducing an intensification in the pace towards the dumb world of our own blood.

Submitted: May 03, 2014

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Submitted: May 03, 2014



Aroma Lassie

Descended from the "Cluster of stars"
 Petals of flowers embraces her soul
Fragrance hatched on Earth
 Tint of touch induces her soul......

"Aroma Lassie" creation of MIGHTY
  Girl ascended from the flower world
Knows her power after crossing puberty
 Fauna mesmerized by her fragrance as a marigold....

Soothing Damsel enforce even plants to talk
 Animals to sing 
Animal kingdom always there
 Like a loving heart seventh layer.......

Always seeks a "Wicked man"
Extra intelligent person with hided mind
"Lassie Blood" with revival dynamism
 Rejuvenate wicked man in brisk lad......

Firm bond foster
Love a layer of ocean for them
Fell in love with each other
"Holy Matrimony" was there........

Fragrance suffuses at night
Day after, Black clouds wandering on her life
Aroma beauty seems to be diluted
 Loving fauna deteriorated by her choice.....

Extra intelligence retrograde the muke creature world 
 Wicked man developing technique strangle natural plant
Aroma regret
 Why her love decision was so bold
Fragrance only seeks animals and plants dead soul......

My fragrance never revive my friends(Flora and Fauna)
My blood is my death
I expose at the end
Let me to soothe innocent tears by my flesh.....

Materialism intensify within all of us
My selfishness made earth red
Innocent blood is a sign of our malicious 
We still are not well civilized! 

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