Hands! My Hands

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The poem is really a perplexed poem, that deals with some spiritual fact to the readers.
It begins with "O mighty hands" means God....

The finger essence is brought in this poem,
With the excellence of fabrication the poem depict..."How God touches or en-crab a new soul of human being(Finger)..?" and send it in this "materialistic world" to spread the essence of humanity or to spark the feeling of humanity but the "Hands" which one is suffused by God for serving humanity had done nothing but they too get deteriorated by fame, power, possession and wealth of the materialistic world and get deviate from its goal of serving humanity......

The poem ends with a loosing way that grasp the mind and shows the feeling of regret, repent of "Hands" for its failure. Universal truth is illuminated by this poem "How in this modern world everyone pacing in an everlasting way for attaining a lot of money, power and possession", no one is there "Human", everyone grasped by the curse of carnality............

Submitted: February 01, 2013

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Submitted: February 01, 2013





Oh! Mighty hands empower me
Serene parting, engraving me for world glee........
Up most soul with diamond finger,
Mold me in golden creature!

Hands! My Hands
Get Goldy by thy departure
Hands! My Goldy Hands!

Soul fabricated for humanity
Hands get gallant by thy essence
Carnality worlds need you,
not for cruelty......
Hands! My Hands
 Amends for serving humanity
Hands! My Human Hands!

Bloody fleshy frenzied tip of the sword.....
Humble core heart,
  Outright welcome thy hands in the realm of drastic world....
Hands! My Hands
 Sinless, Innocent
Mount for illuminating the doom under the lumpy world....
Hands my sinless hands.

Sex determining, Speculating world touches me......
Warm, Intense cold thy perplex touch
Folded vexed by hard and soft blood of my parents glee.......
Hands! My Hands
 Routed for zeal, intimacy
Hands! My perplex softy Hands!

A year later,
 Ascend to height by my friend(legs)
I bears humanity fragrance up to infant time
 soon get diluted in fame of becoming lofty end...
Hands! My Hands
 Diluted in the poison of grabbing wealth
Hands my materialistic wealth Hands!

  I forget thy soothing touch
Preached me for "humanity"
not for wreath.....
I get diluted
 blue stream "wealthy hands" touches me
Forget fragrance once in heaven suffuses on me....
Hands! My Hands
 Molded by spark of "seven deadly sin"
Hands! My appetite Hands!

"Seven deadly sin" Faustaus, imparted on me
"Seven stage of life" Shakespeare, sprinted by me....
How can I ?

How can I ?

Deteriorate my life for "Helen's beauty" ?
 Bloody myself as "Alexanderian spirit" ?
Head on plate, as "John de Bapist" ?
  How can I ?
Freckled dehumanization.......

I late stood
Now, I am the king of wobble wood.....
Intoxicate soul change my color
From white
then red
Now, I am bleak...  I swear...............

Fabricate "cow-web" as a happiness stream
Power, fame, possession  I dream!
I attained all these forgetting humanity
Spider web wipe away
At last in doom flossy world, I loose my eternity..........

© Copyright 2017 Azitej anand. All rights reserved.

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