Lucifer has A Plan

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Its like we woke up one morning in a virtual reality.We now are watching movies and television shows that put us in the games our kids and unmatured adults play.We are seeing movies that put us in a chair as we live life through a virtual being.How many have often already felt that way evn before the virtual reality life was even a thought ? I know i have way back in the 80's.And now we are getting ready to be fooled in everything we see ,know and feel.We will question what is real and illusion untill we no longer can tell the deference.We are being bombarded by Alien shows and how cool it is to be a demon with super powers.As we move closer and closer to what we have all been warned to stay away from.When i say we have been warned i mean from the B word that often brings out such foul language,name cxalling and hate that you would have thought you were watching an exorcism taking place.But those who turn so hateful never ask theirself the question"why do i fight like the devil"for something i do not even believe exsist.Thousand upon thousand of people are seeing the lights in the sky as a normal sighting now days,including myself.They are getting us comfortable with their presence without harm.Thats when it will all start.We will trust what we see as a God compared to us.Lets face it.If something can do things we cannot we often see them as supernatural or a God.Like micheal jordan,Chris Angel and others who do what we see as phenomenal and supernatural.Now that the Introduction to what im talking about has been done.lets get to the facts and the evil we are starting to accept as cool.

Submitted: October 09, 2009

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Submitted: October 09, 2009



Lets start with our movies that will move us.As we know they are called a movie for they fact they are ment to Move us in their direction of thought."9" the Brittish move to show us aliens have been here.And not to leave out they are in the form of Magog the ancient God from the egyptians. Magog is often associated with apocalyptic traditions, mainly in connection with Ezekiel 38 and 39 which mentions "Gog of the land of Magog,The coming war of Gog and Magog, an Islamic invasion.It might ineterest you to know that George Bush Sr. His skull and bones nickname is that of  Magog..most people are busy in their lives working and paying bills,So they often are in the dark about the cult traditions of our so elected elite powers of Government.

Then we have our new television hit series "Flashforwad' that is very simular to the Brittish mini series" Torchwood' where the children would all black out worldwide for an alien message to get out.Now we have FlashForward where everyone blacks out to see the future.We also have "gamer" where people are the video game being controlled by a kid in an easy chair buying his weapons and armery.Sometimes the innocent bystander of a good looking women,is none other than some fat disgusting transvestite man posing as a beautiful woman in his virtual world.And im sure most of us remember "V' from the 80's right ? well its baaaAck in new form.Or howabout "Surrogates"where everything we do is in a chair living however we want to live,living as thou wilt.yes we are moving fast into a future that will leave us wondering ,"was that real ! or maybe it was just an implant from the game we now live.We have been primed to see evil and hell as just another place to be.In "Charmed"the hit tv series that i loved watching myself.They show hell as demons with powers to come and go in any world they choose to live in.And i ask you ? who would not want to go to hell and party anytime you want and also have powers to rid yourself of people you disagree with.i lost count of all the shows that lead many to wanting and try being a wicken.For they the Charmed ones were of wicken witches.We have been bombarding our children and ourselves with how cool it would be to live as a demon.In our world now ,demons are the thing to be.They stopped playing many movies about Christ even on Christmas and Easter.I have to rent them or buy my own if i want to sit and watch a family movie.

Right when Christians were thinking they were safe.We hide behind Gods Glory and teach our children about God.We even want them to acceot God into their lives so much we gave them Christian Rock and rap music.Now if i was the Devil and wanted to get inside the Christian church as i have the Catholic church many years ago,what would i do.I got it,Give them christian rock and rap.if im the devil,Im thinking all i have to do is start out innocently and work my music away from God and influence them with my own,taking Christ out of every song.Then they will not even know they are singing to me and not Christ.The devil now has Christian youth fighting with their parents over the Christian music that has nothing to do with God but the cover it was sold in.What about people that vote,I have voted from the day i turned 18 till i was 42.Its been two years since i voted last.And last time that will be for me.Cause unlike many others who just let the selling of Senate,Governer and Mayor seats all within the same month ,just fly over their head.That to me was a clear sign our votes do not matter !! unless you have enough dead pPresidents to vote with and can out bid the highest bidder.If the media does not push that 30 million pixels through our mind daily ,the we just will not get it.

Now we move on to " us " the adults.We let the television shows push images to the brain 30 million pixels per second,and are working on one that will push 10 billion.How alarming is that ? if its not alarming at all then you may be to far gone to bring back.How many of you have been turned off by religion because of Preaching evangelist such as Jim and Tammy baker ,Benny Hinn,Pat Robertson,and we can go on and on.I know it kept me away from God for 20 plus years.God came to me and proved himself cause i asked him to.Otherwise i would have fallen for the "Pleiadian" Story and shakras,vibrations and spiritual guides we talk to.Anyone who know the Pleaidian cult will know what im say here.And for those who do not then you have done well,And we who now have stepped from the side of God.Most people who fall for the Pleiadians never even hear what they are telling us.The start out very sothing and speak a logic only the devil could manipulate us with.They clearly state they are the Fallen Angels,the ones God cast from the heavens for disobedience to God.They tell us they serve the mighty Lucifer and want us to know how speacial we are.They contradict themselves over and over again,as they cover it with how we are so special.They say things like "you are a free spirit in charge of your own destination"But they also say as we allow you that destination.They say we are a very special being in the world and have not yet found who we truely are.Then they say But you would not exsist if not for us,for "we made you".Even as they talk about the main Creator making us in the beginning,They then tell us they made us.People will fall for just about anything if they tuely do not trust in the one and Only True God and give their faith whole heartedly without doubt and selfish needs.I am making a documentary called a movie toward Evil.Only fact and truth will exsist in this show. God Please forgive us for not reading that survival book you gave us,And let those who have the wisdom sound the horns to the coming of Christ.So that we may save many who have just been to busy to Get to know you.Amen

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