The Fallen Angels Pleiadians

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The lights in the sky,
many people than not have seen ufo's by now.They have started to channel through people to get out their message of their soon to be Arrival.
What they say is very soothing and logical way of thinking.So are you ready to hear the truth of who they say we are? THE PLEIADIANS BRINGERS OF THE DAWN !

Submitted: October 23, 2009

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Submitted: October 23, 2009



We are the "Bringers Of The Dawn"

The lights you have seen in the sky and always wondered who we are.Now the message is here for you to know.It is your time to evolve to the 7th cycle of life.For you humans are very speacial breed of species,and hold a power you have not unlocked yet.We came to earth in the beginning of mankinds existance.The main creator gave us a job to go out and creat,And so we did.Lucifer and his legion of Angels took to earth creating everything beautiful.We wanted more for mankind ,to have our gifts so we mated with the females and gave them powers they would not have with only The main creators work.We the Pleiadians made mankind through our own dna manipulations.You would have nothing if not for us.But you are a very special breed of people.And we wanted so much more for you than the main Creator was to allow.So we faught with the main creator and their was a big war in the heavens.The main creator cast Lucifer and his legion down to the belly of earth.We have worked long and hard to get out of the main creators hell he sent us to.We have gained much power through those who have allowed us in.Your Governments have given us new life ,as we have given them Technology and market places to be successful.

We have been teaching many people through television,radio,media and of course our biggest success the Net.We have shown you all how to open up to let our pessesion of you body acceptable.We have shown you how to talk to us spiritualy and fool you into thinking you are talking to a dead loved one or spirit guides.We have shown you shakars,vibrations,and out of body experieces.This has allowed us to take what you leave open.We have given you may ways to find us and leave your religion.We are behind your favorite shows you are addicted to.Ghost hunters,psychic readings,mediums,ufo's,aliens and many more.We have confused your religion with science and thinking there are many ways to the prime creator.We soon will make ourselves known as beings from another planet.You will love us for the most part and some will revolt afgainst us because we will not look like you.Some will rebel against us cause the feel we are the Satans the bible teaches.Satan is only a name and should be looked at this way.We have been accepted by your leaders and may other simple humans.We no longer are looked upon as The Prime Creator has tagged us with "Evil" demons,Satans Lucifer is the God they have chosen above your Prime Creator.We no longer need to hide who we are.We are "THE PLEIADIANS" Lead by Lucifer and you have all been supporting satans Plan for a very long time.If you have not listen to "Bringers of the dawn" which is worship by many big stars and politicians.The i ask you to hear this Video on youtube.They tell you who they are and where they are from.They contridct themselves constantly.All these things and more are nothing more than gates.Ghost hunting ,Psychics,meditation with shakras,vibration and out of body,UFO's ,Aliens.Everything you watch,listen ,and read will lead your attention and mind to aacept the Arrival Of what is comming...THE ANTICHRIST  A BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL  .Those who choose not to believe in God Christ Bible are Lucifers greatest accomplishments from his great plan.We must not debate them nor give them a minute of our time.But we are to get ourselves ready for this battle." Bringers Of Deception" is a documentary that will be out in june of 2010. WE WILL FIGHT BACK.


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