King Lost His Crown

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My poems are based on my experiences; and maybe can relate to other peoples' experiences as well.

Submitted: June 28, 2012

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Submitted: June 28, 2012




A creature, a being, a reason, a fein.

A problem, a lesson, a person, depression.

A hater, a fighter, a lover; this liar. 

The boy who makes all men look the same.

Makes all women fear at the mention of his name.


This charismatic human like an arrow cupid himself lost,

Aiming at not one but all women

Who want to feel that happiness; that love.

That love.

Defined by him as his devine right to live but, 

Claimed he only loves one; that sucker.

I mean that fucker, because that's what he did-

Fuck her.

And when she got attached, the string of obsession began to lash, 

At him. 

Now he's tied, claiming to one of his lovers 

"But I didn't plan it."


But you used sex for your stress, a reliever

Nothing less but he wasn't a believer in the 

Stress in sex itself now Confess!!

And he says he misses her...

Not his mistress, but that one-

His princess.

Too late. 

This priceless being has been un-pressed by your failure,

Re-dressed of her pride,

Now she walks with her head up, 

This princess revived, and is now a Queen. 

Congratulations, to him.

A father to be, but doesn't even know

If he should be happy.



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