Death Of A Valentine

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A rivalry lasting for decades... three hearts bound by long-kept secrets... will true love prevail?

Submitted: February 18, 2011

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Submitted: February 18, 2011



Death Of A Valentine

Thomas Harrington leaned against his regal, mahogany-encrusted office chair and sighed deeply. His multi-million dollar business empire, Harrington Tech. Enterprises, is about to face one of its most defining moments throughout the history of its establishment – the unveiling of its position in the market, the power it will either continue to hold after many years of being the most powerful corporation in the industry – or lose to its biggest rival…

Aoyama Matsuo crossed his arms, a winning smile etched on his face while he rose up with a victorious stance, beckoning his associates towards the front of the meeting room… where the projector flashed a repeated burst of colourful “CONGRATULATIONS – to the leading multinational electronic corporation: MATSUO LTD.” The atmosphere was immediately filled with celebration, and the joy was imminently felt in the thunderous laughter that echoed through the metal doors, with the crisp tinkling of champagne glasses while bottle after bottle was being poured… in the moment of Harrington’s first defeat in a decade.

And it has since been Thomas Harrington’s primary aim to lead Matsuo Ltd. to its downfall, and restore his glory once again… by producing a son…


It was Valentine’s Day. Sammie Matsuo lay against the cedar pine tree, a slow smile forming on her small, porcelain, fairy-like face, her beady eyes gleaming as she spotted her longtime boyfriend – handsome, chiseled Dean Harrington, walking towards her in large, confident strides – winking mischievously as he presented her with a pink rose, her favourite flower… edging in closer… and closer... and finally leaning in for a long, lingering kiss. Breathing in his evergreen scent, she clung to him tight… so tight… like he was the only thing left in this world she could possibly hold on to. They moved slowly together, on and on… until they heard a loud ringing, from which they both jumped, shocked by the intensity of the sound and vibration coming from none other than Dean’s cell phone. He then apologized in a rushed manner, quickly gathering his things as he answered his father’s call and ran back into the building… she smiled again, as if she truly understood his situation. Fathers.

In the confines of the engineering faculty dorms, Sammie’s best friend and confidante Ryan Danes hid behind the walls, his eyes glowering in frustration and his ears burning as he listened intently to Dean’s conversation with Thomas. He knew… he’s always had those suspicions, the stirs of his emotions seeing them together… and being unable to do anything about it, as he didn’t want to hurt her… not only because he had feelings for her, but he had also sworn to protect her… even if it will cost him his life… she had to know. But Ryan had never realized that he, too, was being watched… Sammie entered the quaint university coffee shop, her eyes wandering as she searched for Ryan… this was the place where they were supposed to meet – he had something important to tell her, he’d said, and that she just HAD to be there – without Dean, who apparently just… couldn’t be with her tonight… it wouldn’t hurt to spend Valentine’s Day with a friend instead. She then felt a hand on her shoulder, and turned her head to see Ryan standing right behind her, with a red rose in his hand… and a box of caramel chocolates. She laughed while hugging him, a gesture she often showed to express her thanks to the one who had always been there for her. He then led her towards a seat he had reserved for the both of them, with two cups of coffee and a strawberry cheesecake ready on the table… it was just the perfect place to talk. After sitting comfortably together, side-by-side, he smiled, telling her how beautiful he thought she looked, his fingers reaching out to touch the flower on her gleaming, jet-black hair… while she hesitated, thinking about how Dean would feel… maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Meanwhile, a cloaked silhouette moved nimbly across the shop windows, his body fully geared as he carried something in his hand… a pocket gun. This should be sufficient, he thought… He knows. I’ll just need to get him out of the way once and for all… and it will all be over. He then aimed resolutely at where Ryan was seated, his eyes narrowing in focus as he peered through the holes of the gun… taking deep breaths.

“Listen, Sammie.” Ryan sighed, his eyes fixed on Sammie’s confused expression. “There’s something that I want you to know. It’s… uhh…” He then looked down at the ground, his feet shifting uncomfortably as she waited… and finally, with all misunderstandings aside, smiled warmly… You can tell me anything. She then gasped in shock as he pulled out a ring from his pocket… and grabbed her hand, while everyone stared at them, gaping… he then said those three words he had been wanting to tell her for years… I love you.

The silhouette, still transfixed in front of the window with the gun in his hand, watched the scene knowingly… he had already predicted this was the way it was all going to play out. And at that moment, he knew what he had to do… it is time, Ryan Danes, for your demise.

Sammie then cried out in horror as the gunshot fired, knocking Ryan down to the ground in an instant… her eyes bulging as she saw the lifeless body before her, with blood flowing continuously and seeping through the carpets… while holding on to the single rose in her hand... she let out another piercing scream, one now unheard by the cloaked figure as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him through the moonless night…

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