Almost Butterfly

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He was an almost lover. I am a broken butterfly. We made an almost butterfly.

Submitted: June 02, 2009

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Submitted: June 02, 2009



Almost Lover

Me and you

We were the sea

Tossing and turning

Like fire, burning and exciting

I have to admit

Despite my resisting

My head strong insisting

I fell for you

On a rainy Saturday night alone, walking in the woods

I fell for you

Almost Lover

Things were going to change

But I was the chance

The broken butterfly,

in your fingertips

Never a sure living thing

You chose a different way

Almost Lover

Why would a young man need a broken butterfly

Why look

Why speak

To a broken butterfly

This question has finally reqistered

There is a new butterfly in your hand

There she stays

Her wings intact

Almost Lover

The broken butterfly


I can't fly away

I can watch

Watch, and wonder

When did the fire die?

When did the sea become to much?

Why did I decide to give in to you,

the eve you decided to give up on me

Almost Lover you be

Lone butterfly they see

Now is the parting

Never again will you care for this brokenbutterfly

When such a pretty, full, girl of wings better is in reach


Whatever you are to me

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